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Coleman disappointed

last updated Sunday 19th November 2006, 9:42 AM
Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman

Fulham manager Chris Coleman picked out plenty of negatives from his side's first-half display, which he described as the club's worst 45 minutes of the season.

Coleman said: "It was not that we lost but the manner in which we lost.

"On our travels this season we've been a lot more together, a lot harder to beat. We're not going to win every game, but you have to lose in a certain manner."

"We are better than how we played today but we have got to play to our maximum if we are to get results."

But although Coleman had plenty to say afterwards, he revealed he left the half-time rant to the players.

He added: "It was never going to be pretty (at half-time) but fair play to them, they were in amongst each other and that is the only positive I can take out of that.

"I didn’t really have to say a lot. I don’t mind a little bit of that because it is passion and it is nice to see how much the players care.

"There were a few heated discussions and I invite that."

“On our travels this year, we’ve been a lot stronger, a lot tighter, a lot harder to beat,” said the Fulham manager Chris Coleman. “The first 45 minutes were poor and disappointing which was a shame, because away from home we have only lost to Man United so far.”

Coleman admitted he did not want to see Manchester again in a hurry.

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