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Citroen the new Sponsor?

last updated Thursday 24th May 2001, 4:54 PM
Following the mail shot to Fulham fan's introducing a new Fulham FC team badge there has been fierce debate between Fulham fans. Some have gone so far as to liken the new badge to the Nazi swastika symbol!!

At Fulhamweb the preliminary results of a poll asking what people think of the new badge, indicate that 86% of those polled believe that the badge fails to encapsulate the Fulham spirit

Bad Idea & Bad Badge 53%
Good Idea & Bad Badge 33%
Good Idea & Good Badge 13%
Bad Idea & Good Badge 0%

Of course the new design may simply be a further development of the French connection as it looks remarkably like a Citroen badge.<% =display_QuickPoll() %>

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