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Chris Smalling caught in a wild party

last updated Thursday 03rd March 2011, 1:04 PM
Former Fulham defender Chris Smalling
Fulham defender
Chris Smalling
Chris Smalling
Former Fulham Manchester United defender Chris Smalling was caught in a wild party right after their 2-1 loss to Chelsea.

What will worsen the situation for the defender is the fact that he was the one who conceded a late penalty which gave the Blues their win at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday.

Smalling has already been banned for the hotel where he hosted the shindig, according to reports in the Sun, which involved drunken girls and lasted all the way till 4.30am.

This latest news will not please manager Sir Alex Ferguson, especially in light of their crumbling title challenge after the loss at Stamford Bridge.

There were so many people in the room Smalling had booked that a manager in the Mayfair hotel was shocked, and subsequently abused when he asked the crowd to tone it down.

According to further reports, Smalling agreed to pay for the room of the guest who had complained about the din.

A source said: "The suite was damaged but that wasn't the main concern. He was banned over the guests he brought back.

"These were not the sort of women who are welcome and some men were aggressive."

A Manchester United spokesperson had denied the player had thrown a party, but admitted that he had friends with him in the suite at that time.

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