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Chris Coleman in training

last updated Tuesday 02nd October 2001, 3:52 PM
Fulham's injured Captain Chris Coleman
Fulham's injured Captain Chris Coleman returns to training
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Fulham's Chris Coleman is now jogging in training after his horrific car accident - but is cautious about testing his injured knee by sprinting.

The Wales international is hoping to avoid a cruciate ligament operation on his right knee by strengthening the muscles around it. But he admits it is a nervous time.

He said: "Things are still going well - slowly but well. I've started jogging again on a regular basis but I won't know if I've got to have the knee op until I start sprinting, because that will involve more twisting and turning.

"If my knee is strong enough to hold out then I should be able to get away with not having the op done, which will speed everything up. So fingers crossed."
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