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Chairman Al Fayed to save Wembley

last updated Saturday 12th May 2001, 8:20 AM
Mohamed Al Fayed
Mohamed Al Fayed has offered to move Fulham into Wembley

Mohamed Al Fayed has offered to move Fulham into Wembley in a bid to save the national stadium.

Fulham's owner revealed a plan to refurbish Wembley and save the famous twin towers.

He says he would finance a complete refurbishment of Wembley and base Fulham at the stadium for two years while Craven Cottage is being renovated.

"Wembley must be preserved as the historical monument of English football so that major games can again be played there like the cup final, semi-finals and other international matches," he told The Mirror.

"To even think about knocking it down, to demolish the twin towers, is sheer madness.

"All it needs is modernisation, and I'm certainly ready to help and would definitely take Fulham there for two years while we are rebuilding Craven Cottage.

"I am ready to make this work, to modernise Wembley, make it safe, make it viable and to keep the twin towers.

"The FA Cup final should be played at Wembley, and it still could be a great venue for concerts. Surely it is not inconceivable that we could build a state-of-the-art new stadium in the next 12 months.

"It should be open again, not left to rot, and I'm quite happy that all the revenue would go back to help rebuild the place."
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