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Bullard feeling better

last updated Monday 11th September 2006, 9:37 AM
Bullard feeling better - Peter ORourke at SkySport
Jimmy Bullard
Jimmy Bullard

Injured Fulham star Jimmy Bullard remains upbeat despite suffering a dislocated kneecap in Saturday's win at Newcastle.

Bullard sustained the injury after a sickening collision with Magpies midfielder Scott Parker.

The former Wigan star is expected to be back in action in two months after X-rays showed no break to the bone.

Bullard is now looking to make a speedy recovery after enjoying an excellent start to the season with his new club.

"I am not too bad today, I feel a lot better actually.

"I have seen it a few times. I just remember the tackle as my leg got caught under me.

"I was looking at my leg and then the pain came on and it was all a bit of a shock to be honest, a bit of a blur. It was not a good feeling.

"There was loads going through my mind (when it happened); how long it would be until I was back?

"I knew it was a bad injury. It is just one of those things and I have got to get on with it and get as fit as quick as possible and get well."

Bullard attaches no blame to Parker for the injury which he picked up during the first half of the The Premiership fixture.

"What I can remember of it is that I gave a short pass away and the ball came back to me then Scotty came through and I took the full force of his weight on my right knee and my right knee came out of it's socket and gave way on me really," he said. "That's all I remember.

"I don't blame Scotty at all. I know he was struggling (with the incident) and I have heard all the comments. He is a good friend of mine and I don't blame him one little bit.

"I am sure we will get in touch soon and have a chat, but it isn't a problem."

Bullard is set to undergo another scan on the injury on Monday and he is hopeful of being back in action in two months.

"I have been told it could be eight weeks," added Bullard. "I had the X-ray yesterday (Saturday) and there was no bone trouble so I am looking at eight weeks.

"I have the final scan on Monday and I will know a lot more then.

"I never had an injury like it, I have never hardly been injured in my career.

"This is my first injury I just know I have hard training coming my way and I have got to get my knee as fit as soon as possible."





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