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Boa Morte is innocent!

last updated Friday 26th October 2001, 11:41 AM
Luis Boa Morte is innocent
  Boa Morte did not touch Wilnis!
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Luis Boa Morte may escape punishment from the club after Fulham studied video evidence of his dismissal against Ipswich.

Boa Morte was castigated for his petulance last weekend and particularly for his first booking when he appeared to head-butt Fabian Wilnis.

But Fulham have studied the video from four different angles and found that Boa Morte did not even make contact with the Ipswich man.

Considering his second card was a contentious one given for diving, Fulham may reconsider their decision to fine him two weeks wages.

Fellow striker Barry Hayles said: "I've watched it from several angles and Boa has shrugged the guy off because he pulled his shirt.

"He might have caught him a bit but the guy has done down like he was knocked out but there was no real contact. The video doesn't lie."
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