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Baird expecting a good kicking

last updated Tuesday 12th July 2011, 10:11 PM

Fulham defender Chris Baird
Fulham defender
Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Fulham defender Chris Baird expects Thursday night's welcome home in the Europa League to take the form of a good kicking from Crusaders defender Colin Coates.

The Fulham right-back and 6ft 1ins Coates clash in the quaintly named Seaview ground, although Baird reckoned the only view he will probably is his pal from the Northern Ireland set-up bearing down on him.

"We're reasonably good mates when playing for the country," said the Fulham man, "but I bet won't that stop him trying to kick us silly if he gets a chance."

Baird's tongue was only half in cheek as he and his team-mates expect a harder game than the breeze past NSI Runavik in the Faroes Islands last Thursday.

He added: "It will be nice to go home to play - but it will be tougher. There will be a lot of local pride there, so we're going to need to make sure we concentrate at all times."

Before Fulham clear a passage to a comfortable home leg next week, part-time Crusaders launched an appeal for fans to clear up the ground in time for the tie.

The club's web site has put out a call for anyone with a '.brush, shovel, cleaning rags, bucket, black bags (or industrial bags) to help in the clear up and make the ground ship-shape.'

Source Paul Warburton at Fulham Chronicle
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