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All Fulham manager Marco Silva wants for Christmas is three points

last updated Friday 22nd December 2023, 5:35 PM

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Marco Silva
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Only three points against Burnley on Saturday will allow Marco Silva to consider it to be a successful Christmas for Fulham.

When it was put to our Head Coach that it’s already been an excellent festive period for the Whites, he replied: “It's been a good December month.

“Christmas hasn’t arrived yet and for us to have a really good Christmas, we have a game tomorrow to win, and that is our aim really, our vision.

“I know that it’s a family moment to enjoy, it's not a big time that we have together but the time that you are with your family you should enjoy, but for sure all of us are going to enjoy a little bit more with a good result tomorrow.

“To repeat again, it’s been a very good month for us so far, but we want to have a better Christmas and just with the three points can we have that.”

In the pre-match press conference, a journalist referenced that Burnley have the second worst attack and defence in the top flight, while acknowledging that it still represents a dangerous challenge for Silva’s men – a sentiment he agreed with.

“It's a really dangerous game, I don't have doubts about it,” he responded. “Of course, everything you said there are facts, even though it's not for us to look really for that.

“When we analyse a team we analyse their strengths, their weaknesses and their organisation, and what I can tell you is that, even without the best results, they are a really well organised team.

“They are a team that really knows what they want to do on the pitch, you can see in all the moments of the game that they know really what they want to do – their organisation on and off the ball, what they try to provoke in the opposition side, and for us it's clear how we are going to prepare.

“We are preparing already the game, looking for their qualities, for their strengths and of course something that we can exploit, it’s always like that. For sure our players are going to be on the pitch knowing everything about the way we can control them, and the way we can exploit some things.

“To be honest, in terms of organisation, I'm seeing very good things. Of course, the results speak louder in football and all that stuff, and of course they are not in the best position and the position that they wanted to be, but you can see straight away in Vincent Kompany, the way he’s handled the situation, the way he speaks about ambition, the way he really believes in the process.

“You can see a process inside the pitch every single time they play, and it’s up to us to be stronger than them. The respect is going to be the same as our last game against Everton, or the game against Newcastle, or the game against West Ham.

“When you analyse games, you don't look for the table, when we analyse the opposition side, we don't look for the table. We look for other things that are more important for us.

“We are going to face and play a Premier League game, and in the Premier League you know always how difficult it is to get good results, and we have to be at our best to get it.”

Source Geoff Pruce at Fulham FC
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