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Sunderland 0 - 3 Fulham - Match Comments

last updated Saturday 14th September 2002, 5:00 PM
Premiership 2002 - 15.00 14/09/02

(0) 0-3 (1)

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17.00 -
Next match is on Thursday in the UEFA Cup.
16.56 -
There we go the whistle is blown and Fulham have won 3-0 away from home.

16.56 -
Ref says there will be 2 mins of extra time.

16.55 -
Steeed takes the corner but the ball misses everyone and Sunderland are able to clear.

16.55 -
Steeed blasts a shot goalward but the keeper puts it round the post for a Fulham corner

16.53 -
Leggy gets in a last minute tackle to thwart an effort by Quinn

16.50 -
John Collins is brought on and Junichi Inamoto is taken off for a well deserved rest

16.46 -
Quinn nearly scores by taking the ball down on his leg, turning and shooting. But Edwin was up to the effort.

16.45 -
GOALLLLLL!!!!!! Steve Marlet finishes off a ball from Inamoto and it is Sunderland 0 - Fulham 3.

16.41 -
Jean Tigana makes his first sub of the game bringing Bazza off for Facundo Sava.

16.40 -
Owww!! Inamoto takes the corner and Zat Knight rises to head goalward but his effort is blocked.

16.38 -
Leggy wins Fulham's first corner of the second half.

16.36 -
We love you Fulham oh yes we do .

16.34 -
The kick is taken and the ball falls to Flo but his shot goes wide.

16.33 -
Quinn makes a meal of a tackle by Steve Marlet and wins a freekick in a dangerous position

16.31 -
Sunderland mount an attack and the ball is crossed into Flo and Quinn but Edwin is judged to have put it over for a corner. Edwin not happy with the Linesman. The corner is taken and it goes over everyone for a Fulham goalkick.

16.29 -
Foul by Stephen Wright on Alain Goma and Wright gets a yellow.

16.27 -
Bazza given a yellow card for an accidental trip.

16.25 -
Sunderland make a tactical substitution with Butler replaced by Niall Quinn and Jason McAteer replaced by Gavin McCann

16.20 -
GOALLLLLL!!!!!! Inamoto picks up a poor kick out and feeds Bazza who holds off the defender and slots it away

16.17 - The rain is still falling and the pitch is becoming very slippy.

16.15 -
Most of the game taking place in the midfield at the moment with any breaks being blocked by the two defences.

The Ref whistles and off we go again.

The whistle goes with Fulham infront by a great goal from new signing Junichi Inamoto

Jean Tigana's Black and White Army.

The Ref says 1 min of added time.

Sunderland coming back into the game but Fulham hanging on at the moment with only minutes to the halftime whistle.

15.34 -
GOALLLLLLL!!!! Inamoto does it again. Sunderland 0 Fulham 1. Sean fed the ball out to Rufus who crossed in to Bazza who just flicked it on to Inamoto who volloyed it into the net.
There's only one Inamoto, one Inamoto
just walking along scoring a goal In A Moto winning wonderland

15.31 -
Owwww Sunderland have charged up field and Piper headed goalward but Edwin flew over to punch the ball clear. An excellent save. Michael Gray crossed into Piper who headed goalward from right side of penalty area (18 yards), fantastic save (punched) by Edwin Van der Sar (Fulham).

Fulham win their first corner of the game. The ball falls to Steed who tries to put the ball through to Steve Marlet but Sunderland are able to block the effort.

Sunderland put in the first on target shot of the game but Edwin is not troubled.

15.18 -
Sunderland are creating a bit of pressure gaining three corners in quick succession
15.15 -
Game is relatively quiet at the moment with Fulham giving as much as they are taking. Rufus has been given a yellow for a late tackle so he will need to be careful.

Line up;
Fulham boss Jean Tigana makes a number of team changes for the visit to Sunderland. Louis Saha and Luis boa Morte are both out injured as is presumably Steve Finnan. Inamoto and Malbranque start together in what is an attack orientated midfield.

Steve Marlet is brought back into the squad after being rested for the Spurs game
Fulham :
Edwin van der Sar(G),

Zat Knight(D), Adeslam Ouaddou(D), Alain Goma(D), Rufus Brevett(D),

Sean Davis(M/D),
Sylvain Legwinski(M), Junichi Inamoto(M/A), Steed Malbranque(M/A),

Steve Marlet(A), Barry Hayles(A).

Subs:Maik Taylor(G), Andy Melville(D), John Collins(M), Andrejs Stolcers(A), Facundo Sava(A).

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