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Sean Davis talks about club booze policy

last updated Thursday 10th January 2002, 5:51 PM
Fulham have imposed strict measures to ensure their players do not join the growing list of footballers shamed by their off the field misdemeanors.

The Cottagers have imposed a booze ban so stringent that any player abusing alcohol would never perform for the club again.

Fulham midfielder Sean Davis
            keen to avoid big trouble
Fulham midfielder Sean Davis.
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Sean Davis revealed the full extent of manager Jean Tigana's anti-alcohol regime after a series of incidents stained the name of the game over the festive season.

PR-conscious Fulham are determined to keep stories about their players on the back pages, and star midfielder Davis knows Tigana achieves this by being a ruthless disciplinarian.

The 22-year-old, who has played in all four English divisions during the Cottagers' steep rise to the top flight, said: "On the manager's first day at the club, he said he didn't agree with drinking.

"If a player did go out on the lash, the gaffer would know it by the way they train. He's really strict - and if he found anyone going out drinking, they would be in big trouble. I don't think they would play for the club again.

"We didn't even have a proper Christmas party as that is a big period for us. There was no drinking over Christmas whatsoever.

"We're professional footballers, and if the manager doesn't like it, you don't go behind his back and do it. There are a lot of good things about being a professional footballer - but you have to stay focused.

"When your friends are going out, you have to try and say 'no' and stay in. You've got training the next day, so you have to stay in and get an early night behind you.

"If I'm not going to drink, I'd rather not go out. There's a time to have a drink and a glass of wine, but you just can't go out now - as if you get caught by the media or the fans you're in big trouble."
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