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Referees to clampdown on simulation

last updated Friday 16th April 2004, 10:15 AM

Referees are to launch a clampdown on diving next season after a series of high-profile incidents during the current campaign.

Referee Graham Poll
Referee Graham Poll

The Premiership panel of officials are to re-address the policy as they aim to cut down on `simulation' - instances of players faking fouls and making the most of the slightest contact.

Top-flight official Graham Poll suspects many players work at their diving in training to help their side gain the slightest advantage in closely-fought matches.

'Players are very good at simulation. I'm not saying they do practise but I find it hard to believe they are so good at something without practising,' he said.

'We have to issue more [yellow] cards because it is the only way we can stop simulation spoiling the game. It is a cancer.

'The pressure on players to win matches is immense but while we understand why they try to deceive us, we cannot condone it.

'We have probably erred on the side of caution, because if we caution a player for simulation we are effectively calling him a cheat and that is the worst thing you can call anyone.'

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