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Ref's go even easier on Fulham

last updated Tuesday 13th March 2001, 10:27 AM
The Football League Referee's blossoming love affair with Fulham continues a pace.

Up to 6 or 7 games ago Fulham players were being yellow carded faster than any team in English professional football, on average a yellow card every 5.1 fouls, which, as can be seen in the graph below, compared to 8.6 for our promotion rivals.

But that's all changed miraculously in the last 7 games our players have been given just 6 yellow cards for 72 fouls or a rate of 12 fouls per yellow. In two games there were no yellow cards at all despite 23 fouls!!
Fouls per Yellow card graph
The Fouls per Yellow card graph above shows the average number of fouls per yellow cards of Fulham, our promotional rivals and the whole of Division One

Against Bolton our players were judged to have committed 8 fouls, excluding Luis Boa Morte's reaction to that diabolical Elliott tackle, but none deserved a yellow and against QPR we had 15 fouls for no yellows.

Amazing stuff. One could be forgiven for wondering if some of the fouls were real or not but nonetheless fewer yellows must be good news and long may it continue.

Hopefully the League is trying to get our still very unfair rate of 5.8 fouls per yellow up to the rate of our promotion rivals at some 8.3. This difference in rate means that at the moment we carry an unfair additional load of 19 yellow cards.
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