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Match Stats - Liverpool v Fulham 17.04.04

last updated Friday 16th April 2004, 7:48 AM
Fulham travel to Anfield on Saturday aiming to create a record, their first win at the home of Liverpool FC.
  • Liverpool are continuing their efforts to develop an attacking style outpacing the rest of the Premiership with attempted shots and shots on goal. Fulham are also above the divisional average for shots but lag some 20% behind the Reds. In recent games Liverpool's superiority on shots made has risen to 50%. The Reds positive efforts, unfortunately for them, does not carry through to accuracy in front of goal or in the rate they convert goal chances into goals. In both these aspects Fulham are clearly the better of the two squads. So expect plenty of goal action from Liverpool but with chances going begging and plenty of defensive work from Fulham, hopefully with effective counterattacks.
  • Liverpool are the busiest team in Premiership when it comes to crosses with an average of 28 crosses a game. In their more recent games this has risen to 40 a game! Fulham's interest in crosses is still very distant with only Arsenal making less. In terms of passing play again Liverpool have been more active than Fulham and were the top passing team in the division during recent games.
  • On the defensive front, even with the so called 7 goal thriller against Blackburn on the weekend, Fulham are managing an increasingly creditable defensive performance. They have conceded 8 goals more than Liverpool so far this season but in the last 6 games the difference between the two squads is just one goal, in favour of the Scoucers. That figure includes the 3 shipped against Blackburn. Even more surprisingly The Cottagers have managed more clean sheets than the Reds with half of the clean sheets achieved away from home. Liverpool have failed to keep a clean sheet for the last two games going down 1-0 at home to Charlton and 4-2 away at Arsenal.

    Fulham are still the top tackling squad in the Premiership despite a slackening off in completion rate during recent games. However tackling has not been a main part of the Liverpool game this season with Fulham making and winning more than 25% more tackles than Liverpool although Fulham's superiority has decreased in recent games.
  • Fulham have been adjudged to have made more fouls than Liverpool this season but not enough to be excluded from a chance of qualifying for the UEFA Cup by way of the Fairplay League. In recent games however this has changed with refs blowing up 20% more frequently against The Cottagers making them the biggest foulers in the Premiership in the last 6 games.
Boss Coleman has expressed his disappointment about the poor defensive efforts in the Blackburn game so expect a tighter rearguard against a hyperactive Liverpool attack. Fulham have often gone away from home with a defensive outlook and it will be much the same at Anfield. The Cottagers will be aiming to get amongst the Reds right from the start with goal machine Collins John being let lose.
Stats from Premiership games
Anfield Stadium
in rainy Liverpool town
Premiership 34
17 Apr 04
Pos Liverpool Fulham Pos Div
Games Played 4 33 33 10 33
Goals Scored 4 48 47 5 44
Ave Goals Per Game   1.45 1.42   1.33
Shots 1 454 354 9 353
% Goals To Shots 18 11% 13% 6 12%
Shots On Target 1 197 169 6 155
% Shots On Target 10 43% 48% 2 44%
Ave Shots Per Game   14 11   11
Ave Shots On Target Per Game   6 5   5
Total Passes 4 13195 11830 9 11918
Ave Passes Per Game   400 358   361
Total Crosses Made 1 929 633 19 784
Ave Crosses Per Game   28 19   24
Goals Conceded 6 36 44 11 44
Ave Goals Conceded Per Game   1.09 1.33   1.33
Tackles 15 886 1122 1 928
Tackles Won 15 651 834 1 677
% Tackles Won 8 73% 75% 3 73%
Ave Tackles Won Per Game   20 26   21
Clean Sheets 8 11 12 6 10
Fouls 19 407 497 6 464
Average fouls per game   12 15   14
Yellow Cards 5 47 58 16 54
Fouls per Yellows 10 8.7 8.6 11 8.6
Red Cards 4 2 3 13 3
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