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Leicester v Fulham - Text commentary

last updated Saturday 22nd September 2001, 7:01 PM
Livewire match updates for Leicester V Fulham at Filbert St

Fulham line up:
Edwin van der Sar
Steve Finnan, Zat Knight, Andy Melville, Rufus Brevett,
Sean Davis, John Collins, Lee Clark, Luis Boa Morte,
Louis Saha, Steve Marlet.

Res: Maik Taylor, Kit Symons, Steed Malbranque, Sylvain Legwinski
Bazza Hayles.

14:44:22 Leicester line up:
Walker, Sinclair, Marshall, Elliott, Davidson, Savage, Izzet, Stewart, Dennis Wise, Sturridge, Scowcroft,
Subs: Rowett, Royce, Impey, Benjamin, Jones.
15:00:05 Here we go and Fulham kick off
15:02:43 Bright start for Fulham with the extra man up front counting at the moment
15:03:19 Saha breaks down left and crosses into box. Marlet miscues his shot and ball rolls to Boa Morte whose shot is blocked by Elliott
15:05:43 Saha nearly puts Collins through but ball is intercepted by Marshall.
15:07:06 Confusion between Izzet and Davidson leaves Fulham two-on-two but Marlet's intended pass to Saha is intercepted by Sinclair
15:12:30 Saha finds space 20 yards out but blasts his shot over the bar
15:14:47 Sinclair passes to Sturridge in Fulham penalty area but he is tackled by Knight
15:15:25 Davis fouls Izzet 35 yards from Fulham goal. Free kick quickly taken to Stewart whose cross is easily gathered by van der Sar
15:16:40 Sturridge heads Stewart cross just over the bar
15:17:01 Boa Morte slides pass to Marlet in penalty area but is denied by Marshall challenge. Collins corner cleared by Elliott
15:18:48 Finnan moves into City penalty area but his cross is blocked by Stewart for a corner. Collins corner is easily cleared
15:22:12 Scowcroft pass almost puts Sturridge through but van der Sar reads danger and clears
15:23:36 Clark to Marlet who knocks it on to Davis. Sean passes over to Luis Boa Morte but he is tackled by Stewart and Leicester clear
15:25:14 Accidental Marshall header gives Fulham corner. Collins corner headed clear by Savage
15:27:03 Still 0-0 despite some good football by Fulham.
15:28:24 Free kick to Fulham the ball goes in quick to Marlet but Stewart manages to get there first
15:30:01 Luis Boa Morte on the edge of their area and Savage goes in hard on Boa. Luis did not like it and responds fortunately the Ref plays on
15:31:07 The ball is sent up to the Fulham area and Rufus Brevett goes for the ball but Sinclair assaults him. The Ref gives him a talking to but no card. Rufus is limping a bit!
15:32:34 Fulham holding on to the ball but the passes in the last third not as good as they need to be.
15:33:23 Ohhhhhhh Steve Marlet has the ball he crosses to Louis Saha but it goes over his head. The ball drops into the path of Lee Clark who strikes it well but the Keeper pulls off a good save.
15:34:47 The Foxes counter attack and Izzet puts Stewart through whose superb cross is flicked inches over the bar by Sturridge
15:36:34 Leicester are subbing Sinclair with Rowett one defender for another. It would appear that Sinclair is not doing the business.
15:38:24 Fulham playing a good passing game but no goal yet
15:42:22 The Ref has decided that the latest sliding tackle by Luis Boa Morte deserves a yellow.
15:43:55 Sean Davis is brought down by Scowcroft and needs treatment. But he seems okay at the moment
15:44:37 Throw in to Fulham half way into the Leicester half. The throw is taken but Izzet gets there first and scrambles it away
15:46:09 Louis Saha can't do anything with a good cross from Sean Davis
15:47:16 The Foxes counter attack and a Sturridge cross finds Savage on edge of penalty area but his shot is blocked by Zat Knight
15:48:00 Sean Davis tackles Savage who acts as if he has been murdered and Sean gets a yellow. What a dog that Savage is.
15:48:58 A good cross from Steve Marlet but Louis Saha is muscled off the ball by Elliott but the Ref thinks it was alright.
15:49:15 The Ref blows the whistle and half time arrives with the score at 0-0
16:05:22 Off we go again and Leicester mount an attack straight away
16:05:56 The Foxes win a corner and the ball is crossed in but Steve Marlet gets there and heads it clear for a throw on
16:06:46 Luis Boa Morte was subbed at halftime with Sylvain Legwinski
16:07:30 Leicester taking control at the moment with another attack ending in the ball going off for a goal kick
16:09:41 Leicester win another corner
16:10:47 The ball comes in and Sean Davis and Sylvain Legwinski clear
16:11:37 Steed Malbranque starts to warm up on the sideline
16:12:40 Freekick to Fulham. It is taken quickly to Rufus Brevett who crosses into Steve Marlet
16:13:27 Owwwww Steve Marlet tries an overhead kick but the Keeper manages to block the shot.
16:14:45 Fulham have the ball in the midfield and Louis Saha tries to pass the ball to John Collins but the ball is deflected and Leicester clear up field
16:15:57 Fulham attack again and the ball drops to Sean Davis in the Leicester area and he shoots. Ahhhhhh the ball ends up in the side netting
16:17:10 Leicester counter attack and the ball is crossed into Savage but Edwin van der Sar gets there first and punches it clear
16:19:07 Free kick to Leicester in a dangerous area. The kick is taken and Sturridge goes down under Edwin van der Sar but the Ref waves play on.
16:20:51 Sturridge collects the ball in our half and passes across field to Savage who crosses into the Fulham area but Edwin van der Sar rises and collects the ball with ease
16:22:19 Kit Symons is brought on for Zat Knight who has had a good game
16:23:20 Crowd given as 18913 which is bigger than my prediction at 17671 drat
16:25:28 Rufus wins the ball from Wise but the ball falls to a Leicester player who crosses the ball in towards Sturridge. Owwww Edwin van der Sar gets there first.
16:26:54 Sylvain Legwinski seems to be injured and is going off in favour of Steed Malbranque
16:28:04 Fulham attack again and a shot from John Collins ends up going wide
16:28:42 The Sylvain substitution is Fulham's third and therefore the last one.
16:29:17 Aghhhhhh Leicester cross the ball into our area and the ball is headed just over our bar by Scowcroft
16:30:13 Fulham getting back into their normal passing game
16:31:03 Owwww Rufus crosses the ball into John Collins but the Keeper saves on the line.
16:32:23 Leicester get a throw on after Edwin van der Sar over hits a clearance.
16:33:29 Leicester getting back into the game putting Fulham under pressure
16:34:06 Stewart gets a yellow card for tripping Steed Malbranque
16:35:08 Under 15 mins to go and it is still 0-0. COME ON YOU WHITES
16:35:47 Leicester attack again and Wise shoots but it is blocked and falls to Savage who pile drives the ball well over the bar.
16:37:44 Ahhhhhhh the ball falls to Steve Marlet in the Leicester area but it just runs too fast for him.
16:38:37 Jordan Stewart has fallen badly and seems to have hurt his shoulder and is being subbed by Andy Impey
16:43:56 Lee Clark wins the ball in the midfield he knocks the ball on to Louis Saha who surges forward. The ball goes to Rufus on the wing who crosses in to Steed Malbranque but Impey gets there first and clears again
16:48:30 Just about 5 minutes to go and Sean Davis is penalised for a foul. The kick is taken but Edwin van Sar gathers up the ball with ease.
16:49:03 Steve Finnan surges up the wing and crosses in to steed but Leicester knock it off for a Fulham corner
16:51:01 The kick is taken and the ball reaches Lee Clark but before Lee can shot Savage smoothers the ball and clears
16:51:55 Lee Clark has the ball on the right and crosses into Louis Saha but the Leicester defence cope and clear
16:52:42 Steed Malbranque looses the ball in midfield and wise tries to cross into Scowcroft but Rufus Brevett clears
16:53:54 The 4th Official says there are four minutes of added time.
16:54:30 Sturridge cons the ref and wins a freekick in the Fulham half. The kick is taken but it is a poor kick and Fulham clear
16:55:48 Fulham win a freekick in a good position but the effort by Steed Malbranque was not as good as normal and goes straight to the Keeper
16:57:15 There goes the whistle and the final result is 0-0. Another away point to Fulham. Well done the Super Whites.
16:59:20 Our next game is at home to Chelsea next Sunday at 12.00. High noon at Craven Cottage.
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