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Jol calls on Fulham fans to back the team

last updated Friday 04th October 2013, 7:53 PM

Fulham manager Martin Jol
Fulham manager
Martin Jol
Martin Jol
Fulham manager Martin Jol has called on the Fulham fans to "keep cool" and get behind the team against Stoke at Craven Cottage on Saturday -- even if they are ready to boo him again.

Jol has come under fire following a poor start to the new Premier League season, with last weekend's stoppage-time defeat to Cardiff leaving them in the bottom three.

However, the Dutchman insists when the whistle blows, helping cheer the team on to a much-needed victory is all that should be on the supporters' minds.

"I always feel that they are entitled to have an opinion, but they have to keep their cool," Jol said at a press conference. "Like the players, and the manager, of course, has to keep his cool, and the staff.

"It's not after 30 games, it's after five or six games, and if you see the other teams, they're pretty cool as well. I see my mate [Norwich manager] Chris Hughton getting a win [against Stoke last Sunday], three points so they are on seven points now, and it's not a lot different here.

"I am strong, I feel eager to do well, I feel eager to challenge and to battle and to come out of this situation. And what is six games? I am ready to battle for 38 games."

Jol is confident Fulham have what it takes to soon start climbing the table.

He continued: "I think the club will be fine; we will be fine because we've got some good players if everybody is there, and even when I've got two or three injuries we will be fine.

"As it is now, I don't think there will be a problem but you need the support of your supporters. They don't have to support me, but give us a break, give us a chance to get us back on track. I always put myself under pressure but even when you have a battle on your hands for relegation you have to keep your head cool. You need your supporters.

"That's one thing, but I think we're good enough with our squad - we've got some good players and I'm very proud of having these players on the board. I think our squad is probably better than before, the only thing is we need a break, we need three points.

"We're on four points - if we get three points with a win then we're on seven points and everything looks a bit better. Look at the other teams, they're on seven points. What's the difference? There is no difference, the only thing is we have to get wins under our belt and, if not, then we will struggle.

"I can always come up with solutions and reasons and, of course, there are reasons, but we have to do better."

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