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F. A. unfair to Barry Hayles?

last updated Friday 11th January 2002, 2:04 PM
Disciplinery charges being leveled by the F. A, against Hayden Foxe of West Ham United and Barry Hayles of Fulham raise a serious question.

Fulham striker Barry Hayles
Fulham striker Barry Hayles in trouble with F.A.
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If the F. A. are committed to maintaining discipline in the game why have they taken so long to charge the two players for events that are alleged to have taken place on 3rd November 2001 over 2 months ago.

The match referee, G Barber of Tring, was obliged by F. A. rules to submit a match report 2 days, not including Sundays, after the game which would have placed it in the F. A. on the 6th November 2001.

If the matter leading to the F.A. charge was in the referee's report why have the F. A. waited until now to bring the matter to a head?

If the referee's report did not contain a reference to the alleged clash between Foxe and Hayles what has led to the charges being brought forward?

Surely the Foxe/Hayle charges have not been formulated as part of the investigation into the Everton situation?

Is it possible that F. A. officials reviewed past games to see if Barry Hayles could be charged with anything else?

If that did happen it would be grossly unjust on both players unless the F. A. intends to revisit all past matches to look for any disciplinary matters missed by the match official.
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