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Everton have week to find coin thrower

last updated Tuesday 07th November 2006, 8:02 AM

The Football Association has effectively handed Everton a week to identify the supporter who flung a coin(s) at Fulham's Claus Jensen in an unwelcome flashpoint during the weekend's Premiership fixtures.

The FA contacted Everton yesterday and will assess the referees' reports from the game, but it has privately expressed the hope that, if at all possible, the culprit can be pinpointed within the next seven days.

With that in mind, Everton have appealed to their supporters for information, with the club hoping to have made progress before the game's governing body returns seeking updates later in the week.

Claus JensenJensen was struck near the corner flag at Craven Cottage on Saturday, the Dane being cut on a cheek, and Everton are confident they will be able to obtain the identity of the thrower from television footage.

They are scrutinising closed-circuit television and videos from Sky's match-day coverage, and club officials spent yesterday in dialogue with the Metropolitan Police, who say no one was ejected from the ground following the incident, to discuss what action will be taken. The fan in question, if caught, is likely to face a life ban.

"As a club we condemn without hesitation the actions of the moronic individual who threw a coin at Claus Jensen," said an Everton spokesman. "We would urge anyone who knows his or her identity to contact the police immediately. We will be studying video recordings of the incident to see if we can firstly isolate and then identify the so-called supporter involved."

The onus is now on Everton to identify the fan in question, with the FA awaiting the results of those enquiries with interest. "We want to see what steps the club is taking to identify who is responsible," added a spokesman from Soho Square. "The key thing is to identify those responsible and make sure they are dealt with appropriately."

Source Dominic Fifield at The Guardian
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