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Cookie in car accident

last updated Wednesday 03rd January 2001, 12:55 PM
Chris Coleman faces a lengthy lay-off after suffering serious injuries in a car accident on Tuesday night.

The Fulham and Wales player is reported to have broken both his legs in the crash which happened in Bletchingley, Surrey. His club Fulham would not comment on the extent of his injuries, though.

"We cannot confirm his injuries until we have had more information from the hospital and we will release a statement later," said a Craven Cottage spokeswoman.

The incident puts his place in Wales' March World Cup qualifiers in doubt and will also be a blow to Fulham's promotion campaign.

Police rushed to the scene of the crash in a tree-lined country road after the footballer's £35,000 Jaguar sports car spun out of control.

It smashed through a 4ft-high metal fence on a grass verge at the side of the road before ploughing into a tree.

A passer-by saw the smashed car and rang the police on his mobile phone. Coleman, the only occupant in the car, was conscious but could not free himself and was rushed to East Surrey Hospital at about 2145 GMT on Tuesday. Police are investigating the cause of the crash and will be speaking to Coleman to establish what happened - a routine procedure with any car crash.

"Police would do this with regards to any accident - and would be particularly keen as Mr Coleman's was the only vehicle involved," said a spokesperson for East Surrey Police.
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