Coleman criticises referee

last updated Thursday 24th August 2006, 11:16 AM
Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman

Following Fulham's draw with Bolton at Craven Cottage which was decided by two penalties Chris Coleman launched a stinging attack on ref Alan Wiley.

The Fulham manager was critical of Wiley for failing to award two further penalties — for a tug by Faye on Papa Bouba Diop and a challenge by keeper Jussi Jaaskelainen on sub striker Collins John.

Coleman said: “We go for these pre-season meetings about referees where we hear the same old things that our players mustn’t crowd around referees.

“Well, they should get their bleeding fingers out — it’s no wonder they get so much stick.

“Wiley is a good ref but he had a poor game. It was all us. We should have had two more penalties and won the game.”







Source Dave Kidd at The Sun
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