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MST (Moderator)

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Thursday 20th February 2020, 9:04 AM

The game against Derby tomorrow night is a real chance (win, lose or draw) for the players to show some real mettle and go some way to putting things right for last weekend.

I always attend this game and over the years have seen good, bad, VERY BAD and indifferent but tomorrow will be a tough game methinks. Since arriving, Rooney has practically taken Derby single handedly from about three points off relegation to play-off candidates and he ALWAYS scores against Fulham.

I just hope that our lot don't stand in awe of him but get really stuck in and show him and his team mates what playing in the Championship is all about. We need to press high, run for 90+ minutes and hit them with pace on the break in my opinion.

A draw would not be a disaster but another defeat so soon after last week's debacle would definitely send waves around the top 10 that FFC has a soft under belly and I can see us tumbling down the league as a result (although I really hope not).

It will be interesting to see what team Parker picks and what tactics he employs because, make no mistake, this is going to be a very, very tough game!
Wow MST a very OWENesq sort of post...
posted by Hints - Thursday 20th February 2020, 9:19 AM
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Dickson Docksend (Guest)

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posted on
Thursday 20th February 2020, 8:54 AM

We lost 4-0 to Man City. West Ham lost 2-0. We are twice as bad as West Ham and they are 18th. We stand no chance next season if we were to get promoted. The proof is in the pudding. ;) Want more proof? I have sore him on a image.
Hmmm daft analogy to be honest. We beat Leeds at home and lost to Barnsley at home and away - what formula would you use to explain that one ;0)?
posted by MST (Moderator) - Thursday 20th February 2020, 9:05 AM
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David (Guest)

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posted on
Wednesday 19th February 2020, 5:26 PM

Just seen he was inducted into the football hall of fame. For those who don’t know, he was the first, and only, top flight player to come out as gay in his playing career and the first black player to Demand a £1m transfer fee. Also, for those that don’t know, he killed himself after facing racist and homophobic abuse. Very very sad indeed. But a huge moment for the LGBTQ community and perhaps a catalyst for change. I hope you all see this as something positive and not a chance to bully and name call. Anyone have any fond memories of watching him play at any point in his career?
why did you have to make those comments at the end I got to that part then lost the desire because you brought racist and gay culture into it if he was white you would not have bought that up, and for the record he was a good player .
posted by d (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 6:26 PM
In the usa in 1998 he was charged with sexual assault on a 17 year old boy . He then fled to England ! As it’s a Fulham fc message board what’s the score prediction for Friday , COYW
posted by Mel (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 6:50 PM
Mel, interesting. Had no idea. d - it’s a huge part of his story. In fact it’s a huge moment in the history of football. I’m sorry it winds you up so much, it really shouldn’t. He was a very good player, hence the price tag and the induction to the hall of fame. Not denying that. If he was white, he wouldn’t have faced racism and if he was white and gay, I’d still mention LGBTQ. Your comment makes little sense.
posted by David (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 7:12 PM
He's been inducted into the hall of fame because of his abilities as a footballer. What has his colour and sexuality got to do with it? Can't see the relevance of mentioning that in the context of his induction?
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:04 PM
Either that or you don’t want to see.
posted by David (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:08 PM
Like I said, I was hoping you’d see this as a positive thing. It is not negative so why be so hostile.
posted by Dabid (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:11 PM
Don't want to see what? Why do people have to be labelled, black, white, straight, gay? I don't care, it's irrelevant. He was inducted as a footballer, not as a black gay footballer! When you look at the winners board of fame at Wimbledon tennis, it doesn't say Martina Navratilova the lesbian champion (and nor should it).
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:15 PM
Dav but what about the other side, who dont fall in to the LGBT group? Can they have there say in black & white.
posted by Snow flakey (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:17 PM
suppose you had to describe somebody in a crime like yes officer he was white and sounded camp voiced and had a crooked leg...
posted by limbo (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:20 PM
Why does this make you so angry? It is a tragic story and it’s news. He is getting recognition in an industry that was intolerant to him. As soon as he came out, he was no Longer judged on his ability as footballer and was sold down the leagues. So to now get the recognition he deserved at the time is important. Especially as he was treated so badly.
posted by David (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:20 PM
It doesn't make me angry and I am not hostile David. I just have a different perspective to you in that I think he should be judged as a footballer and a person without the need to bring his colour and sexuality into it. I don't judge anyone on the basis of colour or sexuality. No offence intended.
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:26 PM
No offence taken. I agree you should be inducted based on football ability and he was. I think the point is, he has been inducted into the hall of fame and as such his story is Being discussed. A sad one that is still relevant today. Just like gazzers induction and George bests’ inductions would have mentioned their ability as well as their sad stories of alcoholism. They wouldn’t be listed as ‘gazzer, alcoholic’ either but I’m sure it was discussed in the process. So what’s the problem.
posted by David (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:35 PM
Have to agree to disagree, I don't introduce any of my gay friends as "meet my gay friend Ian" in the same way as I would not introduce another mate as "meet my alcoholic friend Ian".
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:45 PM
No one would do that. That would be crazy haha. Either way, the point of my post was actually asking if anyone had any memories of watching him play. After all he was a footballer wasn't he?
posted by David (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:51 PM
I remember the goal he got which I think was voted goal of the season. He was playing for Norwich at the time. He had his back to goal received the ball, flicked it up with one foot, turned and volleyed into the back of the net with his other foot from outside the box. What a wonder goal it was.
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:55 PM
It was goal of the season, you're right. Was it better than Bergkamps turn goal which was incidentally goal of the season too? I personally preferred Bergkamps.
posted by David (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 9:02 PM
Both decent and hard to separate imo. Mind you, the Kasami goal away at Palace beats both for me!
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 9:08 PM
Only Fulham goal to be nominated for a Puskas award I’d imagine. Dempseys goal v Juve had something special and is my favourite Fulham goal though.
posted by David (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 9:14 PM
Dempseys goal v juve was a mis-hit cross !
posted by Pete (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 9:19 PM
Now that's heracy Pete!
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 9:36 PM
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Ain’t knowbody (Guest)

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posted on
Wednesday 19th February 2020, 1:12 PM

Hi everyone, I’m renting out my car space on match days. It’s directly behind the hammy end of craven cottage in a secure private car park which is perfect on those cold days. Please feel free to contact me if interested. Cheers.
Are you an old person?
posted by Roland (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 4:52 PM
You the same guy trying to flog this parking last year - 50 quid per match day??!!!!
posted by Marbella White 1 - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 4:52 PM
Mr Knowbody, where does your car go ?
posted by Ted (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 5:22 PM
No, I have never posted on this site before. Wouldn’t even consider charging that much to a fellow fan. I’m offering it for just £15 as I have recently sold my car and have a spare space which thought could help someone getting to games as it’s at the cottage. Thanks.
posted by Ain’t knowbody (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 5:31 PM
Hi, I would be very interested in using your parking space occasionally if it is available, sadly I don't get down often now as I now live in Norfolk. Lifelong Fulham fan, father ,Grandparents also. My e-mail is paul@oakbank0.demon.co.uk or my phone number is 01508 532188. It would be great to be able to park so close on a match day but as I said I don't get down as often as I would like, but look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Paul.
posted by Paul Nunn (Guest) - Thursday 20th February 2020, 5:06 AM
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Jeffrey (Guest)

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posted on
Wednesday 19th February 2020, 11:23 AM

Now, I've written a song to be sung on the Fulham Terraces, Hammersmith End: Come to Fulham, why don't you? Come to Fulham to see the club of dreams. No, we don't wear blue. We're black and white, just as it seems.
Seek help ;))
posted by Marbella White 1 - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 11:51 AM
Jeffrey, did you know Zippy and Bungle?
posted by Chris of Jokes - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 11:56 AM
A terrace is a standing area , the Hammy end is all seater , get it right !
posted by Pete (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 5:24 PM
It was going sort of OK until you got to that final punchline, trying to find a word that rhymed with 'dreams'. Needs some work. And how does the tune go?
posted by Bacchus (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 11:35 PM
.. Just like Tim Reams?
posted by Fred (Guest) - Thursday 20th February 2020, 3:40 AM
.. they make me scream?
posted by Fred (Guest) - Thursday 20th February 2020, 3:51 AM
" wear the black and white, that's our team"
posted by lyric writer (Guest) - Thursday 20th February 2020, 8:35 AM
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Clydebank (Guest)

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posted on
Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:38 AM

Is famous for deleting perfectly good posts.
Shame you're not famous for writing any..
posted by Fred (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 9:21 AM
How do you know what moderator does what. I don’t always agree with MST but find he always explaines himself if asked and must be fed up saying when it’s not him
posted by Badger (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 9:48 AM
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Bill@us (Guest)

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posted on
Tuesday 18th February 2020, 10:32 PM

Arriving Monday Ap13. How are the busses on Easter Monday and what are my chances of buying a ticket to the Cardiff game? Any reasonable hotels? RIP Jimmy C.
Busses Bill? Who knows but the tube's fine. Try the Premier Inn on Putney Bridge. Highly rated, affordable, next to a good pub and the underground station and a 15 minute stroll along the river through Bishops Park to the Cottage. What's more to like? Tickets I can't help you with. Good luck mate.
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 4:07 AM
Ari: a stroll ALONG the river? Bill@us must be the 2nd coming
posted by Marbella White 1 - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 1:04 PM
Indeed. All praise unto him.
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 3:33 PM
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OWEN (Guest)

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posted on
Tuesday 18th February 2020, 9:15 PM

Every club is guaranteed 12.3 million for being involved in 10 prem league matches on Sky tv each year for starters, not to be sniffed at. There is an extra 1.1 million shared out for each game on top of that, again' luverly-jubberly! Each step and improvement by position is again worth 2 million. Most recent parachute payments for relegated teams are worth around 48 million in the first year after relegation and an extra 38 million the following year unless they win promotion to the premier league. I am sure there are lots more in financial benefits to be added for just being a part of the premier league. With all these jollies dangled from a golden carrot stick, what 'Eejit' wouldn't want any part of the premier league? Seriously, there can't be many Fulham fans who wouldn't want promotion this year. I suspect that if we had a count of say, 1 per-cent out of 1000 Fulham fans would hands up to no promotion which i guess that eqatates to 10 or more smucks around the planet talking down Fulham. That is a horrible thought and anyone with these negative vibes should see a doctor immediately! Can our mish-mash out of form and out of sorts team even beat Derby County on a friday night at Pride Park which is supposedly a fortress impregnable and almost impossible to win at? 'Er yes' if we go back to this years form and the beating we gave them back at the Cottage. Can Scott Parker the rookie manager who might have more skills burrowed deep inside him, much more than Bobby Robson according to someone on this forum, can we raise our game even higher than when we last played Derby? This is what it will take to win Friday night in the midlands on a cold night, with Wayne Rooney marshaling his troops on. I would,not be surprised if we raised our game come Friday and win after our embarrassing loss to Barnsley. Equally, i would not be surprised if we win promotion back to the prem. I say if we do,we should worry about the state of our team when we get there. My deep worry is Scott Parker and his tactical blunders and that might put a spanner in the works. Choosing Steve Sess over Odoi is plain stupid because Sess is a terrible right back and worse than Christie. Neskins Kabano is showing some glimses of form for all his 60 seconds or so of game time against Millwall. He almost won it for us with a header against the crossbar, then to be dropped against Barnsley. Parker needs to get the basics right firstly, and i suggest he uses our game against Derby at the Cottage has a reminder in how we set up that day and go fronm there. Rocket science it is not, and there is no reason to revert back to plain stupidity when we have players like Mitrovic, Cavaliero, Knockheart, and Cairney who teams would wish for...
So it's all about money then? You're posts are getting more and more illogical, if that's possible.
posted by The Arizonan - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 9:45 PM
The only reason l want Fulham to go up is financially it’s good for the club. But l feel it is now bent and refs and even VAR bend over backwards to help the top clubs
posted by Badger (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 10:06 PM
Owen - as you live in Derby, can I assume you will be leading the chants from the Fulham faithful from the stands on Friday night? Or will you be watching it from the comfort of your armchair?
posted by Keetch54 - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 9:30 AM
OWEN - in short. you are saying. Big reward for promotion to the prem., a few so call fans don't want to see us promoted, the players need to sort themselves out for Derby and Parker must not be stupid again and stop playing Sess and start playing Kabano! What's your point again?
posted by John (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 4:53 PM
Keetch' i am working too late to go up to Pride Park for this one, it has to be a Sky one. My mate normally offers me a free season ticket when his brother can't go for one reason or another. I have some good friends who are Derby fans, unfortunately, so it can get a bit awkward. John' our players need marshaling properly and sometimes i am not too sure if Parker is our man to it. Slavisa would get the best out of these lot no problem, especially him being around Mitrovic. Kabano looked like he was pushing for a 45 minute game-time don't you think? Not many opposition team will give us much space to play our football now so it is important more than ever to take advantage of the very few chances we create. Derby gave us plenty room to roam and make some good runs at the Cottage but i doubt they will do the same back at Pride Park. I just think that a part of management is instinctive, and maybe Parker could have slotted in Kabano. He looked sharp coming on at Millwall and he might have nicked it for us at the end. It is up to Scott Parker at the end of the day, and he makes those calls. Not convinced some of his are the right ones? It is so vital at this stage of the season and the position we are in, it would be sad to blow our chances...
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 6:01 PM
posted by
Drago (Guest)

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posted on
Tuesday 18th February 2020, 4:40 PM

The ongoing documentary the club is doing about the Europa League run is excellent, they’ve got interviews with Bobby Z, Brede, Roy, Hughes, Davies, Baird, etc. I’d been a casual football fan since the 90s, as a American who followed McBride, but that group of players really made me fall in love with the game and the club. The solidarity and discipline was unparalleled, but also when you watch the highlights you realize the skill these guys all had. Flicks, worldies, chips, saves. For me, that Fulham team sets the bar, even as exciting as Slav’s side was that went 23 unbeaten and won at Wembley. Roy got the best out of every player, they were all peaking in their careers at the same time, and they bled for the club. When fans get angry at Parker, I think it’s because we remember what real Fulham football looks like. At the time, I remember some were down on Roy for his conservative style, but history has proven that’s how you stay in the Prem, and even go to Europe, while an open style with flair players gets you relegated.
Fan of Fulham since 1960 and that was the best team best manager
posted by Badger (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 5:59 PM
Fulham 4 v 1 Juventus agg 5 -4 best game ever
posted by d (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 6:08 PM
LOVIN’ this post along memory lane Drago with happy Fulham memories indeed... that Dempsey dink-goal v Juve has to be one of best ever for me. TRUST we can build some more SPECIAL memories before too long in our new extended stadium! ....COYW!
posted by #ChrisFromCornwall (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 6:11 PM
Remember this?:

London calling to the faraway towns
All over Europe, the challenge is down
London Calling there’s nowhere to hide
The white tide is coming, the world’s greatest side
London calling to the Banks of the Nile
The Son of the Pharaohs, has made London smile
London calling, you’d better believe
Fulham will win the Europa League

We’ve been to the Baltic, we’ve conquered the Steppes
The Romans have fallen we’ve won in Donetsk
The white wave is rolling, the tide’s on the rise
The waters will lift us ‘cause we, Live by the river.

London Calling to the crowds of Turin
The Old Lady’s had it, she’s been done in
Were you there, at the Hammersmith End?
On the 18th of March Two Thousand and Ten
London calling generations to come
Fulham have beaten Juventus 4 – 1
London calling abroad and beyond
The Blues have been banished, the Whites carry on

Wolfsburg is waiting, then Hamburg is next
The Germans will crumble in SW6
The white wave is rolling, the tide’s on the rise
The waters will lift us ‘cause we, Live by the river.

posted by MST (Moderator) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 7:42 PM
Have to agree Drago, one of Fulham's finest times!!... MST Any chance you could sing it & post it on utube ??
posted by Will (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 9:53 PM
Yeah, c'mon MST you old crooner you. You and Fliss could do a duet. I'd pay to see that.
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 2:40 AM
I regret that, it's not my work but something I lifted back in the day (from TOOFIF I think). It would be good to see that person post on here.

Sadly my crooning begins and ends by shouting "I live by the river"!! In reality, I live beside Cinderford brook lol :0)).

posted by MST (Moderator) - Thursday 20th February 2020, 8:37 AM
Ah I remember that post from ten years ago, probably the best post I ever read on a message board. Wonder if it prompted the club to play London Calling at the beginning of the second half?
posted by Old Bloke (Guest) - Thursday 20th February 2020, 9:01 AM
posted by
pointless (Guest)

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posted on
Tuesday 18th February 2020, 2:13 PM

Seems another post has gone away into orbit in fact 2 i think, one from some one lazing on a beach in jamacia, one line and a comment on a derby county ex players take on black players i said i thought its down to confidence and whats wrong with that, he thinks they think they have made it already,so he was sacked, no idea why post was deleted
Not me, I promise!
posted by MST (Moderator) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 7:43 PM
Not me either.
posted by BAZ (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 8:50 AM
Well played
posted by Ipitombi (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 11:21 AM
If you scroll down far enough, you will see that it is still there so you are living up to your moniker ;0).
posted by MST (Moderator) - Thursday 20th February 2020, 8:38 AM
posted by
Will (Guest)

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posted on
Tuesday 18th February 2020, 1:51 PM

We have 4 day's to kill before the serious stuff starts again!..old or young. What are your memories of Pro footballers you have meet ? Ari had a lock in with Jimmy Conway & Jonny Haynes Great start (see below)
My greatest FFC player was Gordon Davies, “Ivor”. After his career was over he became a pest controller and I did some of his training with him. That’s was weird training one of your heroes but I found him to be an all round down to earth good bloke.
posted by JohnFFC - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 1:57 PM
JohnFFC Family member played in 1975 FA cup final, is a black driver & still is & as you say down to earth good bloke.
posted by Will (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 2:27 PM
Sorry black cab
posted by Will (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 2:32 PM
That'll upset those who will be nameless...
posted by Marbella White 1 - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 2:56 PM
I have posted this before but way back in 1967 me and my mate Pete blagged our way into George Cohen's private hospital room (St Georges Tooting) when he had broken his leg. We knocked on the door and went in and there was GC with his leg up in the air on some pulley thing and sitting next to him was Tommy Trinder complete with pork pie hat. He could not believe we had the balls to get past security which he found really funny! He was really pleased to see 2 young fans in our black and white scarves, he signed our programmes and said "thanks lads really appreciate you coming to see me"!! After we left Pete and I hugged each other shouting yessssss we had met our WC winner and FCC hero!! Never forget it happy days!
posted by Marbella White 1 - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 3:09 PM
I remember meeting Louis Saha at the club shop. He was late for the signing and as he pulled in to park his Porsche, knocked down a motorcyclist in front of a shop full of people. Must’ve been a Fulham fan as he didn’t seem to mind too much.
posted by David (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 3:16 PM
On a Tuesday night in October 1976 I remember going to Redhill fc to see Fulham play in a friendly, after the game the Fulham players were going to , I think the opening of , a nightclub called Busbys , well me and my mate thought we would try an get in but to no avail, we weren’t suited and booted ! Anyway, we were there so long that we missed the last train back to London , oh s**t we thought , but had the bright idea of jumping on the players coach . When the players came out , which included George Best , Rodney Marsh and Bobby Moore , to our surprise , we were allowed on as long as we sat at the back of the coach , subsequently I found myself sitting next to Bestie, can’t remember too much of what was said but at least I got home in time for work the following day ! On a side night Jimmy Tarbuck and Cilla Black were on the coach , happy days .
posted by Satnav (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 5:29 PM
MW that don't suprise me as GC is an icon in English football & a true Fulham LEGEND !! only last year he signed a shirt for a friend who had a massive stroke & GC is not a well man.. If we had 11 G Cohen's. We would be playing Champion's lge not Championship footbal.
posted by Will (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 6:06 PM
Great Story Satnav
posted by Will (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 6:11 PM
Satters, was that Viv Busby's place?
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 4:12 AM
posted by
Just Wonderin' (Guest)

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posted on
Tuesday 18th February 2020, 1:34 PM

Just thinking, if I was a Man Utd fan I'd probably prefer to finish fifth than fourth this season
The way VAR looks after them, could be Champions league winners soon Should be called VOR - very occasionally right.
posted by Dave (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 4:50 PM
posted by
Malcolm Macdonald (Guest)

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posted on
Tuesday 18th February 2020, 12:07 PM

can't stand them... anyway, great to be alive and well.
Try them when you're sober
posted by AA (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 12:09 PM
posted by
Old People (Guest)

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posted on
Tuesday 18th February 2020, 12:05 PM

For all the old people on here that remember the good old times in the 60s, 70s, 80s... the ones who were going way before the youth, the ones who brag about being on the terraces against an Oldham or a Hartlepool on a cold wet night... just remember, when you're gone, six feet under, all the youth now will still be there, going to the games. Matches you'll never see. So eff off with your bragging about the old days, being able to 'claim you was there!' is nothing.
It comes to all of us thicko
posted by Tom (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 12:10 PM
And the point is??
posted by John (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 12:13 PM
Maybe with hat attitude he won’t grow much older.
posted by Reality (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 12:47 PM
Tommy Trinder had a hat attitude big time - it's very Fulhamish
posted by Marbella White 1 - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 1:21 PM
See You Next Tuesday, IDIOT
posted by Will (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 2:07 PM
get off this site if you have a crooked leg!
posted by limbo (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 4:09 PM
When your write pathetic posts as per " old people" reckon you'll be a joy to be with if and when you grow old.
posted by John (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 4:56 PM
Congratulations to the idiot using the tag old people to spout vile nonsense on this site. You have just posted the nastiest post I have seen on this board. What is your excuse for spouting such venomous spiteful garbage. I am one of those old people you refer to in your disgusting rant and I have supported our club from the mid 60s onward. I was lucky enough during these years to meet and mix with many wonderful people while travelling up and down the country. Sadly some of those real characters of the Fulham family are now 6 feet under as you so callously put it, they are sadly missed and still revered by many, they will never be forgotten. There is no excuse for such nasty bile so please don’t even try to pretend it’s just banter. Do yourself a favour and try to lose some of that arrogance and do the rest of us a favour by staying away from this site.
posted by Eddie (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 5:46 PM
Eddie your reply is definately the reply of an old and bitter man. Look guys please do not get old!
posted by roland (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 7:17 PM
I am old Roland but never bitter I have great memories of this club and am continuing to make fresh ones. If you are on the same wavelength as that other callous idiot then you are clearly just as bad. I won’t waste any more of my time trading words with people as callous as you both appear to be. After all I am probably going to croak it soon so that’s one less oldie for you to worry about.
posted by Eddie (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 7:49 PM
What silly twats named a kid Roland?
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 4:14 AM
Sounds like a rat to me !
posted by Rod. Ent (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 5:06 AM
You will be old one day suspect you won’t cope to well (if you ever make it )would not put money on it you sound like a rather bitter young person who thinks the world owes him something
posted by Len (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 7:34 AM
Just don't get old if you don't want to be laughed at! That's all i,m saying.
posted by Roland (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 11:23 AM
How do you stop getting old , apart from topping yourself ?
posted by Rod. Ent (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 11:48 AM
I am guessing you are not old Roland but also that plenty of people laugh at you despite this. And not in a good way.
posted by Eddie (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 4:07 PM
posted by
John (Guest)

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posted on
Tuesday 18th February 2020, 7:34 AM

I hope some of you have calmed down and reflect, and those who called for Parker to be sacked can now see that would not be a good idea. No one can defend last Saturday’s display nor the relatively flat performances in the past weeks, despite the wins. Look on the positive side, many teams lost points last weekend so we didn’t lose much ground, albeit we could have build a bit of gap, but the last time we played and lost like this, against Hull at home, we went on and won the next 5 games!! If we can do that again, we will almost guarantee our playoff position and probably overtaken Leeds. So let’s not panic and hope all the players wake up for the next game!!
Well said John just simple common sense and I agree completely.
posted by Ken44 (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 8:09 AM
When you are highly paid for doing your job the least you can do is" turn up" for every game don't you think?
posted by David (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 10:16 AM
Yes David. Next question please.
posted by louis (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 10:37 AM
What’s done is done! Manager and players apologised! Let’s move on!! If we want to blame someone - that’s got to be Rodak but none of us want to do that.. so time to move on! Same performance against Derby then I’d be worried!
posted by John (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 11:31 AM
If and buts are ok but the teams around us snapping at our heels are not just going to roll over,they will be fighting fo the crock of gold that playing in the premiership offers.
posted by KUNYE (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 11:33 AM
Yes it was bad Saturday good teams and managers respond Friday will tell us if we’re still in battle to go up or fade away
posted by Badger (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 11:52 AM
its not only about last sat Huddersfield we just got over the line -Charlton display so poor-reading poor-luton poor- brenford poor preston poor Bristol city poor-hull poor luton at home poor stoke poor-forest poor we have well maybe 3 times at most millwall - leeds -villa so parker is responsible for managing and tactics , one of the worst mangers we have had with fairly good players SO PARKER IS NOT UP TO IT
posted by d (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 6:19 PM
Hope you enjoyed that rant. What's your point (see yesterdays questions)?
posted by The Arizonan - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 9:49 PM
posted by
Will (Guest)

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posted on
Tuesday 18th February 2020, 5:35 AM

Jimmy Conway are not talked about more on this site when they pass.. A true gentleman & Fulham through & through.. Gave up his time to try and train idot's like me at the scrubs. Sorry if I missed people talking about JC. Quote from FFC Website...Due to his decade-long spell in SW6, Jimmy was offered a testimonial, but turned it down as he felt that the Fulham supporters had given up enough of their money keeping him in a job over the years..RIP. JC.
I remember him Will. Got locked in after hours a couple of times with him and John in a pub in Wandsworth, both times on a Friday before the match. They were both lovely people, on and off the pitch at a time when Fulham continued the tradition of having characters in the team, blokes who probably wouldn't get a look in in today's game. Thanks for the prompt; he's not forgotten.
posted by The Arizonan - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 5:48 AM
Sorry Plese add, would put mosed modern players to SHAME.
posted by Will (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 5:51 AM
Them were the days Ari. could not happen now.
posted by Will (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 6:00 AM
Dont worry Will,Jimmy Conway will always be remembered with the utmost respect and affection by all true Fulham supporters.
posted by GEZZA (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 6:21 PM
Hope so GEZZA.
posted by Will (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 9:30 PM
posted by
bigboy4650 (Guest)

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posted on
Monday 17th February 2020, 6:44 PM

I neither like or dislike MST as I have never met him, know nothing about him and certainly am not a follower. However, the gentleman is articulate, appears intelligent and the majority of his comments are constructive and well reasoned. I cannot understand why some posters have decided to make him the whipping boy when he makes sensible and valid comments which, from the recent replies that I have read, he doesn't know what he is talking about. May I suggest some of you engage the brain and read what he is saying before accusing him of ill informed comments when he is just expressing his own opinion which is why this site exists. No doubt I will be accused of some heinous crime but don't waste your energy as it will be water of a duck's back. I will now return to my sun lounger and enjoy a long cool drink with the temperature in the low 30's.
Don't embarass the man like that.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 6:52 PM
What a guy.....
posted by RedDwarf (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 7:54 PM
I've engaged my brain and came to the conclusion, that 30"s temperature might explain your long & very articulate post :)
posted by Fulham (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 8:06 PM
That and a jug of Sangria.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 10:06 PM
For the benefit of those who are not familiar with Jamaice I advise that Sangria is a drink associated with Spain and former Spanish colonies. The temperature here is ideal and suggest you try the Malayan jungles in Summer and the monsoon season if you want something to have an adverse effect on both your body and mind.
posted by Bigboy4650 (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 11:13 PM
Sorry, thought you were on a cheapo in Spain. The CAribbean after all is so yesterday. As for Malaysia I've patrolled the northern borders with the RMP. I suspect you know that part of the world too.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 11:49 PM
I suspect we are like minded Ari I was out there as well but on HMS Victorious.
posted by Ken44 (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 8:17 AM
Sri when did you last go to the Caribbean. I normally go to Antigua in November or February for a break from the English weather and as for being naff I totally disagree with you. Unfortunately, places like Jamaica and St.Lucia have been colonised by Americans over the past decade and that has lower the tone. They turn up to restaurants wearing headgear, mainly baseball caps, have not mastered eating with a knife, which evidently goes back to the 17th century, so they just use a fork and are extremely noisy and care little for other people. However, when I have been to America I have found the natives to be kind, helpful and extremely considerate. I suppose now the younger generation have realised there are other countries they behave like some of the British youths who go to Magaluf. Trust you use a knife when eating.
posted by bigboy4650 (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 1:17 PM
Went over too the Carib last about five years back; Belize and St.Lucia. Agreed abut St.Lucia; Belize remains a bit Wild West; Jamaica so-so. All nice if you get off the beaten track.
posted by The Arizonan - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 4:05 PM
Hi Ken. Were you aboard for the Bismarck malarky?
posted by The Arizonan - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 4:14 PM
Ari.rmp !!not the mob from church st ken high street,garrisoned in 50s/60s?stn? in malaysia as well,the whole hog ,i only made west drayton.
posted by the real arch bishop (Guest) - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 1:40 PM
Hola amigo, como estas? RMP, the Royal Malay Police. It's a long story, too long for here.
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 19th February 2020, 3:41 PM
posted by
Ken44 (Guest)

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posted on
Monday 17th February 2020, 5:26 PM

I in common with others was disappointed in Saturdays result including the Manager however I refer to one of my other posts Re Sir Bobby Robson who started his management career with us but was not given the time to learn his trade and was very successful at Ipswich and other clubs so when we get a merry go round manager who has been a failure at most clubs some on here will get what they deserve.
You aint the only one, left an excellent post this morning saying that it was a non-show by our boys and the fans ouhg to get their money back etc. Message deleted a few hours later! So no free speech allowed on this service.
posted by Rich of Cambridge (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 5:47 PM
remember it well but have to say in my opinion suspect Scott is no Bobby but could be wrong of course.
posted by brian longhurst. (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 6:01 PM
posted by
bigboy4650 (Guest)

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posted on
Monday 17th February 2020, 1:44 PM

An excellent article by MST and I concur with his comments. However, a considerable number of our posters have been extremely pro Parker despite the visible evidence of his inability to produce a settled team, to obtain the best from the players at his disposal and his lack of experience. The Khans, in particular baby Khan, are responsible for appointing a coach with no experience which is almost akin to appointing a passenger to pilot a plane on the basis that he/she had flown on planes in the past. I suggested many moons ago that he should learn his trade elsewhere or as an assistant to an experience coach. This is not 20/20 vision as I have said this on a number of occasions dating back to when we were in the Premier. Unfortunately, this will not happen and he will continue to praise our opponents in the run up to matches, express surprise and disappointment when we lose to inferior teams and is in denial about the root cause of the problem. Results against teams in the lower echelons have been disastrous and the lack of goals, despite our possession football, is an embarrassment. Until the supporters make a concerted effort to display their displeasure at his lack of experience and voice their ire at the Khans then Parker will remain in charge. I am sure that Parker does not read the comments on this site or he would have done the honourable thing and resigned. I disagree with MST on one thing only when he states Barnsley was an accident waiting to happen. Stoke, Luton, Barnsley away, Brentford and one or two other games were also on the accident list and a club of our "quality" to have so many accidents is totally unacceptable.
You can protest,shout and scream till your blue in the face, it will make not the slightest difference to how this club is run. Mr Khan owns the club and I wouldn't imagine he even bothers to visit this site and even if he did our likes and dislikes are of no importance to him whatsoever.
posted by Dave (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 6:24 PM
posted by
Pez (Guest)

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posted on
Monday 17th February 2020, 12:57 PM

Just want to say fair play to Cauley, he didn't celebrate either of his goals. I don't think anyone on here would have wanted him out of the club but just wouldn't have got a look in ahead of Mitro. It would have been good to still have him as a squad player - not because of hindsight, just wish we could see more kids come through the system into the first team
I have to say that one of the things that really gets my goat is players not celebrating goals becuae they once played for the opposition.

That would be like me telling my sales team not to approach their previous employer's customers.

Absolutely ridiculous!

Rant over!

posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 1:03 PM
If he didn't respect the club I believe he would have been giving it the biggun. Just shows you how he enjoyed being with us. That's class
posted by Pez (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 1:06 PM
He also did 'approach his previous employers customers'- he scored two and made one, just didn't run up to the employer and rub it in. MST do you agree we are trying to win games by getting away with it when we should be working much harder than our opponents?
posted by Pez (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 1:11 PM
I don't think players aren't working hard necessarily, I think they are just no cohesive plans that ensure that they are in the position they could or should be with or without the ball.

At this level players should be able play the ball to a team mate without even looking up because they know where a particular player will be positioned at any particular time (being pulled out of position occasionally excepted).

Most teams work on passages of play going forward and in transition but our lot just seem to always be out of position and are so far from where they should be that busting a gut to be there late is not worthwhile. Sometimes that can give the impression of not trying I guess....
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 1:21 PM
So MST and your followers you know which players are carrying small knocks etc. and who needs a rest when most of us do not and no good manager would divulge his teams problems to the opposing manager just saying.
posted by Ken44 (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 3:20 PM
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 3:49 PM
What he said MST.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 4:54 PM
a) I don't have followers - I'm not Jesus Christ or Martin Luther King or even young Greta ;0)

b) I've not menbtioned anything in any post (ever) that I know which players are carrying knocks, need a rest, etc. or even alluded to it in any post now or in the past.

So don't understand the post by Ken44 I'm afraid....c'est la vie
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 5:05 PM
The post was self explanatory MST.
posted by Ken44 (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 5:12 PM
Interesting logic to say the least. West Brom & Leeds are having bad spells, but Fulham are just terrible & naive. Maybe today is a joke day :)
posted by Fulham (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 5:13 PM
MST is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 6:05 PM
Maybe he is the messiah. Just confused or multitasking :)
posted by Fulham (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 7:58 PM
He could be a messiah if he got a Handel on it ...
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 10:56 PM
I knew Cauley Woodrow would do well at the Cottage if only he had a fair chance.
posted by BAZ (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 11:27 PM
posted by
Jim (Guest)

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posted on
Monday 17th February 2020, 12:56 PM

Here is a thought I don’t think the Khans are bothered about promotion until the stand is finished. That’s why Parker is in charge. Cheap and interim.
Hmmm, not sure Jim, a promotion would go some way towards paying for the stand....
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 1:04 PM
Could it be they’re just inept when it comes to football? BTW, when we don’t go up, FFP is gonna bury us mark my words.
posted by Californian - Monday 17th February 2020, 4:28 PM
Here’s another one for you. What if the goal is promotion through playoff final. Supposedly the game is worth £250m. Not sure what the ‘worth’ bit actually means but let’s take it at face value. Since the khans took over we have been in playoffs twice and destined for a third. If we go up via play offs again, that’s half a billion they have brought into the club in 3 years alone. Few of us have faith we would stay up so why not target promotion via the play offs again... the khans are business men and unless we are at the top end of the premier league, it’s unlikely we will be turning over that sort of money. Just a thought
posted by David (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 8:31 PM
David, exceptional conspiracy theory.
posted by Stammers (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 8:39 PM
One of the best. Like I said, just a thought and seems to tick some boxes.
posted by David (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 8:44 PM
It does. I've never understood though where the 250k price tag came from but it may well be the winners purse plus the guaranteed minimum payouts for the following year in the Premier League. To Cali's point it factors into the FFP algorithm which, if we earn it this season, could mitigate the risks of falling foul of the arcane FFP rules.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 11:14 PM
So does the winner of the playoff final make more than the two automatics? If so that’s crazy!
posted by Californian - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 1:01 AM
Doubtful but there is the gate money and TV to be taken into consideration. It's all a bit murky waters.
posted by The Arizonan - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 1:13 AM
Californian, that’s what I’ve been led to beleive. Most expensive football game in the world they say. I dunno about intentionally doing this but sure the khans won’t mind if we go up and down like that.
posted by David (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 1:54 AM
Surely the best thing for the Khans is to get promoted and immediately relegated. 250 million for going up followed by a truckload in parachute payments. easy money, perhaps they ain't so stupid after all....
posted by Hints - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 7:45 AM
Hints ,not sure you can become a billionaire by being stupid!
posted by John (Guest) - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 7:35 PM
posted by
MST (Moderator)

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posted on
Monday 17th February 2020, 11:23 AM

Barnsley was an accident waiting to happen in my opinion.

There isn't a pundit or commentator that doesn't think Fulham have one of the (if not THE) best squads on paper in the Championship and with the players that Parker has at his disposal we should be running away with this league.

It is quite clear that Parker's naive tactics are not suited to most of the players in our squad and the Board should never have tasked a rookie with getting this club back into the Premier League.

We have been scraping lucky wins and draws all season and on more than just a couple of occasions, Mitro has got us out of jail. Losses to teams we should be putting to the sword are disappointing but they are happening far too often for it to be a blip as is suggested by some players and Parker himself.

If it weren't for Leeds and West Brom having bad spells of form and the teams behind us throwing points away, we would not be anywhere near the position we are in right now.

When was the last time that we beat a team by more than one goal? I would think it was months ago.

You cannot expect a coach to "learn on the job" as well as get us promoted. His team selections are like a six year old football team chasing the ball all over the pitch. He tries Johansen and that works for a while and then doesn't so he changes to Kmac and that works for a while, he tries five at the back, plays Caireney left, right and middle, Bobby the decorator on the left wing, right wing, center forward false nine, Cav left wing, right wing, Knockaert all over the pitch, Odoi at right back, centre back, midfield, Sessegnon right back and right midfield and all the time Onomah is running around like a headless chicken, not passing to anyone and not hitting a barn door, etc., etc., etc.

We will not make automatic promotion this year in my opinion and if we make the play-offs (with it being so tight 3rd to 10th) it will be a minor miracle let alone any false hope of winning it again.

So what's the solution? In my opinion, it is to drop any thought of playing in the Premier League next season with Parker in charge because he just does not have the experience to know what to do next and he needs better advisors and coaches around him. Parker will not be fired so best he sees the season out with a near miss, we consolodate at the end of the season and either bring in more experience around Parker or change the whole regime.

If by some mistake, we do get promoted that could be even worse because it will be seen as a success, Parker will keep his job, we'll have the likes of Seri and and Aguisa back and we will, for sure, bounce straight back down......again.

Some may say a negative post but look back at our season and find the last time we really put on a performance for 90 minutes. I think you'll find that Millwall at home would be the only time you could say that for sure we looked dominating for the whole game.

As indicated previously; why the surprise? Barnsley was an accident just waiting to happen!

Agree totally. I said ages ago that I'd sooner this team didn't get promoted as given the current squad/management we wouldn't have a prayer in the Prem and we would be humiliated. Best thing imo would be stay in the Championship another season, get rid of dead wood in all areas and re-strategise and re-invest in a cohesive well led team both on and off the field and then take the div by storm in 21/22. Get promoted with a strong team likely to stay up and with a spanking new stand to boot! The only spanner in the works would (ironically) be that we get promoted this season!! Which would be great...or for the reasons above wouldn't be ....er, great. Dilemma?
posted by Marbella White 1 - Monday 17th February 2020, 11:59 AM
But MST …Could this result be a blessing in disguise and they put in a performance agst Derby and going forward!!
posted by AH (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 12:00 PM
AH, do you know what I had exactly the same thought Saturday as it may have been just the boot up the 'arris we needed, and then I thought nah as per my post above.
posted by Marbella White 1 - Monday 17th February 2020, 12:04 PM
I agree, Parker is becoming the new Tinker Man. I don't think he knows what his best 11 is. Bringing Sess in for Odoi? Err, why? Not even having Kebano on the bench who is one of the few players that can do something different and actually beat a player with quick feet - err why? My posts have been generally positive in the past, but after Saturday, I had to stay off this site as I may have posted something that would have sent me and possibly a few others over the side of Putney Bridge!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Monday 17th February 2020, 12:06 PM
MW...per your post apart from the Millwall performance at home the performances have been far from convincing. They call it the entertainment business I have not been entertained at all!! That must go back to the coaching !!
posted by AH (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 12:24 PM
MST ...Well summed up also I think we are fooling ourselves when we say we have the best squad in the division far from it in my opinion. .
posted by Fulham supporter (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 12:41 PM
Where Sheffield United scared about promotion? why are we incapable. 2nd rate Owners Management and Supporters.
posted by denny (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 12:58 PM
Speak for yourself Denny, I don't consider myself as a second rate supporter though.
posted by Chris of Jokes - Monday 17th February 2020, 1:00 PM
I agree with us not giving performances for 90 minutes, if we want to win games we have work harder than our opponent for 90 minutes, not hold back and hope a moment of magic wins the game. I want the players stumbling off the pitch after the match cause they have left everything out there. I'm not seeing that at the moment
posted by Pez (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 1:03 PM
Ask Brentford, Millwall, QPR Charlton fans if they want to go up.
posted by denny (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 1:04 PM
.....and then ask them would they want to go up if they thought they would come straight back down again ;0).
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 1:23 PM
MST, how lovely to read your article above, and although I do sometimes disagree with some of your comments, in this case I am 100% behind you, and I feel that if we did manage promotion this season, it would be a complete disaster, both on and off of the field. Unfortunately it will probably mean losing Mitro, although he has stated the he loves the club, and is happy here, so he might just give us one more shot. I have been blowing hot and cold with Scott Parker, but I now feel quite cold towards him, and MST you summed it up well about his chopping and changing on a match by match basis, and it just isn't working. In my humble opinion, I don't think that we have a cat in hells chance of winning at Derby on Friday, and it would be almost terrible if we did. We should have been romping this Division, but we are not because of the way Scott Parker has messed the squad around. Me thinks it's time for him to go now.
posted by Malden Mick (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 1:44 PM
Fulham fans are the only ones that dont want promotion, wrong time, wrong year, poor manager, lose every match, cant cope ad nauseum. Success will not wait for you. Survey. Please reply YES or NO for promotion.
posted by denny (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 4:36 PM
posted by Chris of Jokes - Monday 17th February 2020, 4:49 PM
YES of course but not to see us fail miserably again and sit at matches watching us lose four games out of five.

Football for me is not just about supporting a team because it's in my blood or because generations before me might have supported the same team or because I'm B&W through and through. I want to attend matches with expectation and excitement, to see the team I follow play well and score goals, to see them have a chance of a result before a ball is kicked.

What's the point in me driving a 300 mile around trip to home games expecting my team to ship goals and lose most weeks. Where's the fun in that?

I'm not a lemming, I don't just go for the sake of being an FFC fan, I go as a hobby that I've enjoyed all of my adult and some of my formative life. Losing one in three or four is expected for a club of Fulham's stature and resources and I can still enjoy the games when we are winning and drawing a few but losing most weeks and just awaiting the inevitable - what's the point?

posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 5:19 PM
If you play well you can avoid relegation, but you if you play really well you can't avoid promotion. I think we will get promoted under Parker and I believe all your fears will come to pass. That we would end up in this dilemma is a direct result of having no strategy for success. In military terms it's not enough to win the battle, you must exploit that win. We didn't exploit our success last season and we're on track to repeat that mistake again. Still, as Jim alluded to, the new stand is going to look nice and in all probability that might well be the pacing item.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 5:54 PM
posted by
denny (Guest)

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posted on
Monday 17th February 2020, 10:56 AM

As per my previous posts, in recent years enjoyment of our style of play has been under Tigana and Jokanovic. If he is available he should be employed again with increased ability to monitor transfers. Would the owners be willing to eat humble pie, of course not. Still we may be in the play- offs, we may finish in the top two, that is how weak this division really is. Coaches improve players, if they are good coaches, Kamara has pace and potential, but he is still unable to control the ball or cross effectively, what is being doing to improve this. We have exciting wide players who do not run past their defenders.Possession based football, must have quick options for ball movement to unlock teams. We have a 21 goal centre forward who struggles to receive the ball in any space. With the offensive players at our disposal we are underperforming. Scott Parker does not seem to have the ability to solve these problems as of yet. Jokanovic has achieved these before in this division.
your correct football is about coaching,the best coaches get that extra 10% out of players e.g.Roy when with us.
posted by brian longhurst. (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 11:08 AM
posted by
Badger (Guest)

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posted on
Monday 17th February 2020, 10:31 AM

As bad as we were Saturday Barnsley or Woodrow we’re not great they worked hard we’re better side we were poor and helped them Rodak was at fault for all goals hope the young man gets over it should he be given rest
Don't agree about giving Rodak a rest. It's like when you fall off a horse you get back on again otherwise fear sets in. Best thing is to pitch him straight back in, he knows he screwed up and will be 2000% keen to give an error free performance. You drop him and he may never recover his confidence. Just sayin...
posted by Marbella White 1 - Monday 17th February 2020, 10:53 AM
Falling off a horse is easy; done it several times. It's bouncing off the ground that's hard.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 3:12 PM
Unfortunately Bettinelli has cost us more points than Rodak's mare on Saturday. I've more confidence in Marek than I ever did in MB and I think the defenders have as well. Tim Ream also played his part in the first two goals but has escaped the critics . With no Kongolo it seems he and Odio will be the only options at CB. Lets hope Hector stays fit or we will be in the mire.
posted by mwk (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 5:12 PM
posted by
Bacchus (Guest)

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posted on
Monday 17th February 2020, 9:24 AM

Can’t believe Parker is still in charge
Very very poor Saturday but we’re 3rd not saying we’re go up after last performance but sack the manger would be silly unless fans can name a top manager who would take the job . Anyway we need to consolidate not keep changing Manager . And if we like the passing round the back or not by getting Jokanovic side kic to help Khan and the club to play that way threw the club
posted by Badger (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 10:04 AM
posted by

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posted on
Monday 17th February 2020, 5:50 AM

Hello everyone, I hope this is okay to post here – if not, moderators please move or delete as appropriate. I’m part of a team at the University of Sheffield, led by Dr Chris Stride. We've published a number of academic papers and magazine articles relating to football history, on subjects such as statues and replica shirts (see, for example sportingstatues.com, and https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17460263.2019.1578255). Our current project is investigating the music that football teams have run or walked out of the tunnel to over the years. We are looking for the music that Fulham have run out to for as many seasons in the past as you can recall. We are simply interested in the title of the song, the artist who recorded it, and for which seasons Fulham ran out to this. Any help you can give us to piece together the different songs that your club has run out to would be hugely appreciated. If you have any personal anecdotes around the reasons for the songs being used, or the changes between them, that would also be fantastic. I should also add that we are not interested in goal music, or a song that is played at the final whistle, but just the song that is on the tannoy system as the players enter the field. If you think someone else may be able to help, or you have any questions, please let us know! We would be very happy to discuss the project. Thanks for your time guys, Joe Headland
On Saturday we ran out to 'Can't be bothered' by Miranda Lambert
posted by Songster (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 8:47 AM
Bolero in first half, London's calling 2nd half.
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 9:10 AM
Bolero ! It’s parker who is skating on thin ice !
posted by Ted (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 9:49 AM
Different Bolero Ted lol
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 10:03 AM
I don't know about the entry music, but going off after it was definitely the 'Death March’.
posted by peterjeremy - Monday 17th February 2020, 10:48 AM
Currently Palladio by Escala. Previously London’s Calling by the Clash. Before that ?
posted by Simon (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 11:28 AM
Must be a STEM course. PhD's all round. Next year specialist subject; Does Ursine Major defacate in arboreal habitats?
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 6:00 PM
And yes I do know my spelling is crap.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 6:01 PM
posted by
Terence (Guest)

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posted on
Monday 17th February 2020, 5:15 AM

I'm not surprised being beaten by Barnsley they beat us home and away. This is typical of this Fulham team they can beat the top teams and repeatedly lose or draw with the teams at the bottom. Can only conclude bottom teams want the win more and Fulham think they are in for a canter. Perhaps we are only geared up for fancy football and not the rough and tough games, but if we don't adapt, forget about being able to hold our own in any division against unskilled teams and that Championship is our level (sadly)
It's always been like this Tel and nobody knows why. It's called being "Fulhamish". We've always done it (excepting odd moments of brilliance).
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 6:48 AM
We even did it last time we got promoted when we went through the play-offs when automatic was a distinct possibility - remember Birmingham??!
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 9:12 AM
posted by
bigboy4650 (Guest)

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posted on
Sunday 16th February 2020, 11:14 PM

In view of the abysmal display of our team yesterday Matt should walk into the team. However, I doubt if Parker will even include him as a substitute. Will Mr Parker explain why he won't play Matt as there does appear to be some form of vendetta against the lad or are the first team players insisting he is not included in case he makes them appear second rate? I consider the fans be told why he is not being played.
Not even on the bench these days. Given one outing as a sub, to excellent reviews, and then subbed himself in the 88th minute. The same resistance applies to the other youngsters. I suspect Parker doesn't have the cojones to take the risk because we're either on a good run (by the skin of our teeth) or we facing a game "we can't afford to lose". Were he to start playing O'Rilet, DLT and Hutchinson it would be an admission that we're rebuilding and not solely concentrated on promotion and that not be what the top floor ordered.
posted by The Arizonan - Sunday 16th February 2020, 11:22 PM
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 9:13 AM
Totally agree said this in previous post,The novice that Parker is, he will only play in his comfort zone,a couple of losses in quick succession may force him to make changes.
posted by KUNYE (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 11:24 AM
Do you disagree with the last sentance MST? Can't tell from your erudite response.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 3:15 PM
Just fed up with reading about Matt O'Reilly for the last two seasons Ari....
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 3:53 PM
I am of the same opinion as MST on this. Yes Matt O seems like a good young player with potential, but is he in the same class as Cairney? No way imo. I would rather see the restrictions taken off of Cairney and see the form that he produced under Slav which was far more progressive than under Parker.
posted by Chris of Jokes - Monday 17th February 2020, 4:16 PM
Unless you play him you'll never know. They shop windowed him for the January window and they keep recruiting journeymen over his head. Funny how Chelsea seem to be doing OK building with their youth. Bottom line, there is no pathway and no strategy for youth development. Instead of yawning perhaps you could explain why.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 5:03 PM
Kind of agree about playing time Ari, but it's a massive gamble if we want to go up. Chelsea are in a different place to us, they have enough other quality in the squad to compensate for playing some youngsters. Also, many of their youngsters have had experience at Championship level by way of loans making it much easier to transition into the first team. Don't forget, Lampard could probably get away with much more from the fans at Chelsea compared to Parker at Fulham, which makes it much easier to gamble on a few youngsters.
posted by Chris of Jokes - Monday 17th February 2020, 5:21 PM
Ari, I've explained why. For over two years now I've read posts about Matt Reilly being Fulham's saviour and being the next Messi and it's boring me now.

I saw his cameo and to be honest, I saw nothing special. He received the ball, he passed the ball. No mazey runs, no special skills on display, nothing that most footballers in the whole of the 72 EFL teams could not have done and although he didn't get the assist for our goal, people on here were raving because he started the move a few passes earlier.

He did not have a man of the match performance, he did not out perform anyone else on the pitch and from what I've personally witnessed and to be patently honest, I don't see a place for him in our first 17 at the moment.

Maybe he'll come good or maybe I'll be right about him like I was about Sess not being the prodigy everyone was raving about - who knows.

One thing I am sure about though, is that I am bored with reading the same old thing over and again and that's why I wrote "YAWN".

Hopefully that satisfies your hunger for detail sir ;0))))

posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 5:32 PM
Everyone's entitled to their opinion but yours seems to be at odds with most others who commented on his performance on the day. Sadly, despite all the pundits praises and prognostications, the Arters, Cavelleros, Knockearts and Onomahs of the current renaissance period have failed miserably, joining the Mawsons and Le Marchands from our previous disastrous recruitment saga. Apart from keeping the medical team in a job none have contributed anywhere near their reputation on paper. And yet, somehow, this is all Parkers fault and talented youth must remain subservient to their journeymen masters. We are truly adrift with no objectives and even less strategy. Ignring the youth talent pool is just one example; there are many more that testify to a complete absence of any managerial nous.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 6:25 PM
MST must disagree re : Matt,you say you are bored with many supporters banging on about him but the lad has only played for what 60 minutes to which he gave more than an average performance,unlike yourself i say give youth a chance not stick with the infirm and under performers which you seem to applaud far beyond their ability.
posted by KUNYE (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 11:47 PM
posted by
The Arizonan

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posted on
Sunday 16th February 2020, 8:32 PM

All those clamoring for a new manager could usefully explain their arguments, not in terms of fantasy name dropping, but in terms of who, as a seasoned campaigner, would come to a club as a glorified coach at the mercy of Khan junior and his absentee landlord father. Why would anyone with a hope of "rescueing" our third place season submit to the indignity and amateur postering of the Khans? Parker got the job because he was in need of his first coaching job and he was here and he was available. His appointment and all that flows from it cannot be construed as his fault. They knew he was wet behind the ears and therefore cheap and compliant and so they appointed him. He didn't appoint himself. Now that Jacksonville are set to play two games back-to-back in London next year (you all knew that didn't you?) how long before the property, team included, are put up for sale so the real money and prestige of NFL and wrestling can take centre stage and the Khan's get the plaudits from two sports they understand. So, as I asked, without name dropping tell me why any manager worth his salt would come to the Cottage, other than yet another chances out to pad his pension fund?
We could ask the same questions in the opposite directions and one of them would be, 'why keep Parker on now? If anyone delusional is thinking that Parker got us into 3rd because of coaching ability, they are mistaken! I repeat, this Fulham team has some ability and talent albeit all over the place. I agree that if we do scrape promotion that we will go straight back down. The idea is to try our best to gain promotion then sort out the wheat from the chaff, this is the way it always will be. My auntie Maureen could have coached this squad into 3rd place also, albeit with the aid of a rolling pin wafted menacingly in any slackers direction. Which sane manager would even think about taking on this job with a team in 3rd place, in London, near a scenic Thames, Harrods next door, Location, Location? There are many i can imagine and if we don't ask we don't get. With Mitro, Cavaleiro, Bobby Reid, etc, i would be thinking there is a sniff of a chance of success, more so than Barnsley or Stoke. Scott Parker is all over the shop at the moment and you know that he is losing it when he brings back Steve Sess who was a disaster in one game i forget, when he completely lost the plot. Sess is not so a growing talent in the defending department and Parker has the audacity to pick him over Odoi? What kind of whizz brain genius coaching is that? Someone suggested Chris Houghton, tick that one! I suggested Slavisa, tick that one! He did get 2 teams up to the prem and we all know about that one. Can he manage in the prem? We should cross that bridge when we come to it, if you get my drift. The Norwich fans will no doubt moan about their misfortunes when they get relegated back down to this division, but that won't stop our Deilia Smith from trying again. How many times has that poor woman put up with Norwich failing to stick to the prem? I think Deilia's fried eggs stick more to many frying pans than Norwich have stayed up in the prem, but that is besides the point. Our Deilia will try again and with another 100 mill added to the bank balance. Why should Fulham accept defeat before we even get there again? We are a great club and we punch above our weight. A new manager in now will not mean diddly squat i the grand scheme of things. Some great managers have been sacked for less. I am hard on Parker for losing to Barnsley and it hurts. If we go up to Derby next week and we give them a drubbing, that will be awesome and the win would be so fantastic. Any manager in this division would be estatic because Derby don't often lose at home. They have the added celebrity player and new coach by the name of Wayne Rooney who will be expecting a Derby win. If Scott Parker can rally our wounded troops and come away with a win? Even the hardened doubters would be happy, that is football and winning is everything....
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 9:26 PM
firstly it was not his first coaching job ,spurs 16 months to carry out first stages of badges ,then followed by a further 5 months at Fulham to carry on with them, he was then made a puppet manger which brings me to weather we go up or no his contact will end this season then there will be another manger in place
posted by d (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 9:27 PM
I'm aware of the chronology d but you didn't address the question. Why would any "new manager" worth his salt come to Fulham for as long as the current management remains in place? Jol was tired and lost the dressing room, Meulensteen was canned after 74 days, Jokanovic succeeded despite of the management burden, Ranieri fresh from winning the Premier League could make no impact and now people want Parker's head on a plate. How many managers do you want to go through before the obvious truth sinks in. Like Owen, neither of you have addressed the question let alone tried to answer it.
posted by The Arizonan - Sunday 16th February 2020, 11:12 PM
Never mind reversing the question Owen, try giving a straight analysis to the question posed. Without worrying about the physical location of Harrods, explain why any decent manager would consider taking on the job. You're the cheerleader for the Parker Out crowd. Cut the crap and answer the question.
posted by The Arizonan - Sunday 16th February 2020, 11:16 PM
For a start, why would FCC owners be looking for a new manager when they have Parker in place? I would suggest an (almost) guaranteed promotion spot is more than likely this season. That should or could be enough to keep him in the job. And secondly, FFC has many positive attributes and a London location that any seasoned manager would see as being a great opportunity to make a mark. I sure would - and I would put my house on probably a shed load of candidates would also relish the challenge if the manager's job was vacant.
posted by stephen terry (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 2:53 AM
You're right, I'm sure they're not looking to replace him but the question was whether any seasoned professional with a promotion-winning track record would be prepared to work under the current management, what changes would be required to allow that to happen and what are the odds of those changes ever taking place. Fulham in its current form is a manager's graveyard, Harrods or no Harrods.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 3:54 AM
I've answered your question. It would be up to the candidate to agree terms with the owners, wouldn't it? For example, Pep would probably require he (and his team) takes sole responsibility for squad management and selection of incoming (and outgoing) players - otherwise, forget it. At the other end of the scale, a seasoned manager like Hodgson could accept the status quo if the owners met his financial terms, and freedom to manage the squad.
posted by stephen terry (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 8:58 AM
Well it is hypothetical of course but Chris Houton does have a record of doing exactly what you describe Ari.

Look at the set up at Newcastle? Pretty much the same as at FFC - meglamaniac CEO, not in charge of acquisitions, interference in team picking, contract negotiations, etc.

Maybe he's once (or twice) bitten, twice shy though ;0).

He wouldn't necessarily be my choice but he does have a good hidtory of getting teams out of the Championship and then getting sacked lol.....

posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 10:24 AM
How can anyone state who would or would not work under the present ownership,there could be many who would jump at the chance,but please no more apprentices.
posted by KUNYE (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 1:56 PM
So, despite the smoke and mirror answers, no one has addressed the question. The question was not about Chelsea or whether there were thousands of suitable candidates out there (???) or whether it was up to the applicant to set his terms and conditions, the question was why any self respecting manager with a promotion track record would jin the current dysfunctional setup and what changes would need to be made to allow that to happen. Seems a lot of hot air is expended on chanting the "Parker must go now" mantra but nobody can explain how that could be achieved and what should then become the plan of action. Keep shouting slogans to your hearts content; without reason they are meaningless.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 6:37 PM
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posted on
Sunday 16th February 2020, 6:41 PM

Rodak was responsible for all three goals yesterday. I wish he had been red carded after giving away the penalty, we would have done better. He wouldn’t have been on to have made a ludicrously timed charge out of the area for the second, and then clearing poorly and failing to stop Woodrow’s shot from the tightest of angles. Since up till now everyone had been thinking that Rodak was quite a find, then we would have to agree with Parker when he says ‘I didn't see it coming’. No team can expect to do well with a poor performance like that.
The whole team were useless , not just Rodak !
posted by Ted (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 7:07 PM
No one there would have been up for the Balon D’or, I agree, though when you go behind you are simply chasing the game. But the other huge problem in Fulham’s performance was the play from the back, where again Rodak featured significantly. And poorly.
posted by peterjeremy - Sunday 16th February 2020, 7:23 PM
Agree with that Ted.
posted by dAN (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 7:37 PM
Two other problems (among many) stand out for me PJ, pace and fitness. We have little of either
posted by The Arizonan - Sunday 16th February 2020, 8:17 PM
Rodak looked pretty fit and pacey when he came roaring out of his goal for no good reason.
posted by peterjeremy - Sunday 16th February 2020, 9:44 PM
Don't know about fit and pacey; more like epileptic and panicky.
posted by The Arizonan - Sunday 16th February 2020, 11:25 PM
Are you allowed to say epileptic? Isn't that epilepticist David???
posted by Fred (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 12:19 AM
Now, now Fred, leave David alone. Actually, I hesitated to use the word epileptic as it's a terrible cross to bear and I am sorry if any readers have to deal with it, but having reviewed the video poor old Rodak's actions were very reminiscent of an epileptic event.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 1:57 AM
Reminded me of an orangutang warding off a predetor from her young lol....

Not sure if that's pc but who cares!

posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 17th February 2020, 10:27 AM
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posted on
Sunday 16th February 2020, 6:30 PM

Is there really any difference between Manchester City getting punished and banned for knowingly breaking the rules, and Russia, having cheated in the Olympics, also being banned? If the Russian athletes were rightly deprived of their medals, why shouldn’t the City footballers be similarly deprived? Why should other clubs who abided by the rules by deprived of opportunities for silverware?
Not sure that the City players realised what the club was up to- the Russian athletes must have known
posted by John (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 6:34 PM
The Russian athletes might have known they were taking banned substances - only might. They did what their coaches and govt officials told them was OK to do. The City players may not have known, but there had been enough whispers in football about the numbers not adding up, and 'creative accountancy’ when they were paid. Anyway, I’m referring to the awards and rewards that the club itself achieved when breaking the rules. We would scream if they sneaked twelve men on the pitch, so why don't we scream if they break the rules elsewhere?
posted by peterjeremy - Sunday 16th February 2020, 6:49 PM
The Russian athletes might have known they were taking banned substances - only might. They did what their coaches and govt officials told them was OK to do. The City players may not have known, but there had been enough whispers in football about the numbers not adding up, and 'creative accountancy’ when they were paid. Anyway, I’m referring to the awards and rewards that the club itself achieved when breaking the rules. We would scream if they sneaked twelve men on the pitch, so why don't we scream if they break the rules elsewhere?
posted by peterjeremy - Sunday 16th February 2020, 6:52 PM
Good point but the powers that be, having let it happen, are unlikely to take it much further. The rules were made to protect the big european clubs. Man City were an anomaly in the current age, as were PSG. Liverpool will be up against it next year.
posted by The Arizonan - Sunday 16th February 2020, 8:14 PM
“ … . the powers that be … are unlikely to take it much further.” My point about the distaste we should all feel, the contempt from other football clubs, pride in the administration of our football authorities, rather than the practicalities of rewriting history and withdrawing Cups from clubs. "The rules were made to protect the big European clubs ...”. Really? "QPR have agreed a settlement of almost £42m with the English Football League after an arbitration panel dismissed the Championship club's claims that Financial Fair Play rules are unlawful. The settlement includes a £17m fine, paying £3m of the EFL's legal costs and the agreement from club shareholders to write off £22m of outstanding loans.” Man City, PSG, Liverpool …. and QPR.
posted by peterjeremy - Sunday 16th February 2020, 9:39 PM
Yes really. Specifically the duopoly of Real Madrid and Barca. The QPR shambles is further proof, were any needed, that the English ruling bodies are as morally corrupt as their european masters. Like Formula 1, there's way too much money sloshing around the game at the top level, leading to essentially moribund leagues and increasing corruption. Does the name Platini ring any bells?
posted by The Arizonan - Sunday 16th February 2020, 11:33 PM
I agree that there is a duopoly involving Real Madrid and Barca in Spain. The Spanish authorities seem determined to support that because the clubs stand as proud national icons. But I cant see any comparison to QPR. The British authorities are more disposed to ensuring competitiveness and impartiality. The amount of money in the industry here is testimony to their success. Perversely, if foreign investors move in, attracted at the thought of buying a leading brand name and confident of being able to use their muscle, they find after all they have to play by the rules here. (End by standing and playing National Anthem.)
posted by peterjeremy - Monday 17th February 2020, 8:24 AM
What success would that be? How did it all work out for Bury, or are they just collateral damage?
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 2:57 PM
The success as evidenced by the Premier League being the best, the most sought after, the most watched. Football is a market though, subject to the usual forces of supply and demand. The amazing thing is how many clubs stay afloat, and how few bankruptcies there are. Occasionally, you must expect a team like Bury to get buried (geddit?)
posted by peterjeremy - Monday 17th February 2020, 11:22 PM
So Bury is collateral damage then, sacrificed on the grand alter of Premier League earnings for the want of a handful of pocket change. Lets hope such luck never comes our way. The Premier League, for all the PR spin, is sclerotic and moribund and is seriously damaging the English game at all levels from grassroots to the cannon fodder that comprise two-thirds of the PL teams. It's nothing to be proud of.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 11:59 PM
Bury is sacrificed because no one other fan, entrepreneur or philanthropist wants to put any more money in that blackhole. If you want to, Arizonian, you go right ahead. Meanwhile, another club with a few more fans will be able to move up the league ladder.
posted by peterjeremy - Tuesday 18th February 2020, 10:51 PM
posted by
the eal arch bishop (Guest)

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posted on
Sunday 16th February 2020, 1:38 PM

This tonking has been on the cards for weeks now, we are scraping through just,so many games we are told how lucky we were plenty of the ball no penetration !!!. So now its happened what next Derby! bit of a conundrum suppose like us who will turn up?,to many more games like saturdays and we will drop out of top six easy , so many knocking at door.We stil have no back up for mitro no decent keeper to speak of a mid/f thats loosing the plot , does parker really have a clue? we are about to find out.
So what if we drop out of the top six? We are so woefully underprepared for the Premier League that another season at this level could, in my humble opinion, be a godsend. Next season we should be in better shape, or, at least, Parker should be.
posted by Rm (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 1:43 PM
Rumours are that mitro can go if we don’t go straight back up. Catastrophic imo. Hopefully just rumours.
posted by David (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 2:02 PM
David does not matter if in contract or not been loyal to us if don’t go up and bigger club comes in and he wants to leave got to let him and build again
posted by Badger (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 3:12 PM
I agree Rm. We need another season in the Championship under the same manager. Consistency is the key. Even though we’re still third we are struggling. Mind you the way some people are reacting you’d think we’re third from the bottom!
posted by Tom (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 3:15 PM
Absolutely right RM thanks for that. With our current squad and set up, the prem is the last place we want to be next season. You all have to remember, this squad, including our new players, we’re colossal failures in that division last term. They’ve proven to themselves at this stage they can get back there, but the reward would actually be a total curse. Another year of slaughter. I’m sure there’s a name for this psychological affliction but for now we can just go with gutless. We need to start over from top to bottom. None of these guys have the heart, let alone talent.
posted by Californian - Sunday 16th February 2020, 5:02 PM
No heart or talent Californian' what do we do with the likes of Mitrovic if we don't try? It is not just about the players, Can Parker coach our out of sorts bunch? We already know that half our squad wouldn't be good enough in prem. The idea is to attempt to get there. What is the point and why bother turning up for say Derby County next week then? We might has well accept losses and consolidate in division for next season. Parker can stay on and learn how to coach properly and we can all be happy with this? 'No'!!! If we go with that attitude to Brentford, we would be shamed because they will go for it. This is the life' we should go for it and it never stops until you win the premier league. One step at a time, we don't stall because we think time isn't right. If we do gain promotion then we consider the next step and i imagine that will be spending 100 million plus to go on again. We know that the likes of Norwich will come back down along with maybe Villa, thats life and it sucks sometimes. The paying fans want to see progression, forget the bullcrap that we are not ready. This Fulham team is under-performing for one reason or another and we need to get to the bottom of it. Trust me' we don't want the likes of small Brentford pushing past us in the queue because it would be shameful. The way how some peoples attitude is going, we might as well let Mitro go if we don't try for promotion, because we sure as apples won't keep him happy in this division...
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 6:32 PM
No chance of staying up with Khan junior in charge of all things football. For reference see last season and this year's January window.
posted by The Arizonan - Sunday 16th February 2020, 6:36 PM
Would agree we need another season in the championship, we are simply not ready for promotion . Whoever goes up this year will be relegated by December if not earlier . Wolves and Sheffield Utd have been exceptions in last few years everyone else has struggled . Wolves bought wisely and Sheffield Utd are a real team unit , we are light years away from that . I would rather see us go up prepared . We are in a false position currently .we need to build a team and if that means losing a few our our stars at the season end so be it .
posted by Davidk (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 6:40 PM
Owen, not only do we know our squad wouldn’t last a minute in the prem, the squad knows it. What’s their inspiration to push on knowing they’ll all be dropped and pushed aside if they go up. Secondly, you want TK throwing around another 100 mill? We should consolidate our young talent, develop a new identity, enjoy the second division and in a few years, we’ll go for it again.
posted by Californian - Sunday 16th February 2020, 9:56 PM
FcUk me, last week you lot were gloating about automatic promotion, now the Championship is the only place for us.... seriously?
posted by Fred (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 2:15 AM
Promotion can't be avoided Fred, unlike relegation. I think we'll go up this year but wholesale changes would be required to keep us there. Were we to play the youngsters more we would probably weaken our promotion chances for this year but would have a stronger core for promotion the year after. All depends what the club's strategy is and we're not privy to that.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 4:03 AM
I’m not sure I agree with you there. He has a 5 year contract and if it wasn’t written in that he could leave if we fail to get promoted, I assume We would do everything in our power to hold onto our prize asset. That’s the whole point of a contract. But there’s a clause (apprently) that we cannot stand in his way.
posted by David (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 11:05 AM
Well, you can't hold on to a player whose heart is set on leaving. If its got to that point it becomes a matter of mazimising the return.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 3:02 PM
The decision on Mitro will come down to where we stand with FFP rules, nothing else. We go up, he stays. We stay down, what is our three year debt load and what do we do to balance the books and avoid sanctions
posted by Californian - Monday 17th February 2020, 4:51 PM
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Old Grief (Guest)

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posted on
Sunday 16th February 2020, 1:28 PM

Bookies have stopped taking bets on Brentford winning at the Cottage
Funny all this bravado from small Brentford still got more points than them
posted by Chief (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 2:30 PM
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Chief (Guest)

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posted on
Sunday 16th February 2020, 9:58 AM

Nobody saw that result coming, all I see is all the toys coming out the parm, dreadful conditions which Barnsley dealt with far better than us! Parker got it wrong tactically but point the finger at those overpaid underworked prims dona players. Even the usually faultless Hector struggled out there. All the criticism aimed at Parker should be thrown at those who underperformed on the pitch. We’re still 3rd and realistically we’re end up in the playoffs and probably won’t go up. Sacking him and getting in some foreigner jumping on the gravy train would be a disaster so calm down and keep the faith! Nucleus of team nowhere’ near capable of going up!
I am very calm founded in 1879 FA cup 0 League cup 0. Great football under Tigana and Jokanovic, great service from Roy Hodgson to stabilise in Premiership. I want promotion, to play against the best, to improve, so we can attract better players, both young and transferred. New stand being built, the chance is there. Why spend tens of millions of pounds on players and have a manager with no experience. Find a manager who has done it before to get you up, then sack him if you can find someone better. The problem with this club is a word called Fulhamish, it allows for a defeatist attitude.
posted by denny (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 10:30 AM
Best post of the 'er' Decade denny. Depth of knowledge and wisdom is a wonderful thing...
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 12:26 PM
Good post,I want to play against the best too!apart from play off victory and 75 cup final and our europa trip also a few lower league championships we’ve done alright for a relatively small club. Like anyone who attended yesterday’s awful performance on a truly terrible day don’t let these players escape criticism,that’s my point
posted by Chief (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 12:33 PM
Unbelievable that folks are calling for Parker to go. Have I missed something here? We're third in the division, we've beaten some good sides, we're playing decent football, we're on a roll and with a fair wind, will reach the play-offs comfortably. Let's celebrate. Yup, yesterday was grim viewing, but I think Barnsley's industrial style was better suited to the conditions than ours. Plenty of sides around us are having bad days, that's the beauty of this league. The only consistent thing about it is its inconsistency.
posted by Bacchus (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 12:40 PM
Keep the faith Chief I know as do others that your comments are accurate and reasonable even others do not share our view.
posted by Ken44 (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 12:50 PM
Good post I don’t want Parker sacked , l have backed him and team all season, but that was very bad even with conditions not one player played well. Even when we came down under mad German all ways could say Sidwell gave his all. But we are 3rd Parker a Young Manager who l like where not ready to go up. Let the Stadium get finished which is great for club.we have good owners who back there managers with money, in good hands
posted by Badger (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 1:01 PM
I hear you Chief but the point is now, what do we do in our situation with our current crop of players? Stevie Gerhard is lambasting is players at the moment and he needs to be careful that statements about bad performances don't go way over the top. How does Parker deal with Hector and Rodak who had a nightmare of a game? It is all about experience and i don't think that Parker knows what the next moves should be. On top of everything, we supposedly have a team that maybe can gain promotion. We doubt those statements that the pundits and football people, in general, are spouting. Mitrovic is on 20 odd goals now and he is looking more frustrated about the service he receives, especially from Josh Onomah. Can Scott Parker coach Onomah and tweek his flaws? There are small details in his game that many decent coaches can iron out, but all this takes time. Look at our position in the table, we are in an envious position which all ambitious teams crave. What do we do now? We can all sit back and give Parker more time and take the wins,draws, and losses. Why not brake protocol and take that chance, why get a more experienced manager in now! It wouldn't be the biggest mistake from a small club that occasionally punch above their weight. My main point is, if we stay as we are now and we miss out on promotion, will we keep Mitrovic beyond this season, not to mention your Hectors etc? Scott Parker will most likely be sacked if and when we fail to get promotion anyway because there is not much more he can do to motivate this squad of players. The risk for a change of management now is not the greatest risk to our Fulham. Fulham will survive with or without Parker, a Slavisa come-back, or anyone appointed. Derby County up on sky next week! We had one of our best games against them back at the Cottage. Can we turn it around again at Pride Park? That will be a acid test for [Parker because they don't lose many at home. If we beat them, that will be a great acheavement from Parker to turn it around and no doubt that the remainers will say, 'i told you so' Thats football in a box i suppose...
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 1:20 PM
Owen you are so far up your own backside it is unreal Parker by all accounts was a model professional as a player and as I have said in a post above beware what you wish for.
posted by Ken44 (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 1:26 PM
Chief, I think you will find, if you have read the posts at the start of the game, I was deeply concerned about Barnsley and Cauley in particular.
posted by bigboy4650 (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 3:30 PM
Think our problems are more Tonyish, Shadish & Tony's bitch Parkerish than Fulhamish at present.
posted by Ollie (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 4:47 PM
Never saw it coming Chief? Bottom of the league team comes to play an inform Fulham at home and we get thrashed. This is the very definition of being "Fulhamish"... as it was in the begining, is now and forever shall be, down the World's End, Amen.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 2:04 AM
posted by
KUNYE (Guest)

previous posts

posted on
Sunday 16th February 2020, 12:22 AM

PARKER all those who read my comments know my feelings about Parker,and that goes back a long way.lets face facts he would be a disaster managing in the premiership, if we perchance, should ever get there. Keep him here to the seasons end and get someone in early who could stamp his authority on the team.I feel there will be some good managers available come May,it may be a long shot but i have a feeling Eddie How could become free as it seems the he and Bournemouth seem to becoming a little disillusioned with each other
After watching yesterday's pitiful performance, I seriously don't want us to be promoted this season, as we would hardly win a game up in the Premier League, and it would probably be an even worse showing than last season. It's obvious now to all and sundry that Scott Parker will never ever make a good manager/coach, so it's time for him to move out, although I'm sure that the Khan's will keep him in his job until the end of the season, as to sack him now would probably make them look really stupid. The other thing of course is that we need to have the new stand completely finished before we are promoted, and another season in the Championship will not harm us at all, providing of course a new experienced manager is put in place, and we get rid of our deadwood players, such as Kamara, Mawson Christie etc, in bring in some new blood who would be prepared to work hard for the club.
posted by Makden Mick (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 8:52 AM
Do hope you are wrong Kuyne, Parker now seems to be picking teams to match opposistion ie Kamara against Millwall leaving Odoi out yesterday. Seem to remember Jokanovic set his stall out, letting other teams worry about us. The issue is can we get a new coach in, who may get the bounce we need, will the owners see the need to do so and is there anyone out there. I feel we have the players properly motivated to gain promotion. Jokanovic is the obvious choice, would he return, would the owners ask him. Houghton is available presumably. As a Fulham fan since 1954 we have to want promotion so badly it hurts, there appears to be lots of posters on here who are worried about defeats in the top league week in week out, and would rather stay where we are. Typifies the the ethos around this club. Pathetic.
posted by denny (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 9:08 AM
The reality is that there isn’t a single team in this division that will last more than one season in the Premiership
posted by Rm (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 9:26 AM
Denny, I think that a lot of our supporters are thinking ahead, as to what would happen to us if we gain promotion somehow this season, as it could be a disaster. Look how both Norwich and Villa supporters were so exited at being promoted last season, and now are now having to endure a miserable season in the Premier League, and they will probably both be back here in the Championship at the end of the season. Sheffield United, I must admit is a real surprise package, as I thought they would do worse than the other two. This is possibly one of the worst Championships for a long time, and whoever goes up will struggle badly, so I hope that it will not be us on this occasion, but next season, maybe another story.
posted by LTS (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 9:34 AM
Sheffield United top half, Aston Villa may survive and league cup final. Norwich still playing well and competing. Its all in the mind, you have to fight for what you get, not stroll around thinking you're great. FFC reflect their support.
posted by denny (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 9:38 AM
Like your thoughts about Eddie Howe being our next manager Kunye. The problem is and will always be would any potential manager put up with "orders from above"
posted by Dave (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 9:56 AM
Agree with a lot of what you say MM,savethe "dead wood players "you outed did not start yesterday.and one came on when the game was over.I can only assume the others are o.k,dispite being on the field for this disaster .I think the team is too comfortable,and thus its down to Snotty to wheeled the big stick,and remind them no player is too good to be dropped for slack and slovenly play.
posted by v.r.bedley (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 12:46 PM
posted by
OWEN (Guest)

previous posts

posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 11:37 PM

I will no doubt get some serious abuse more than ever for calling out for Slavisa, but it all makes perfect sense in a situation. Slavisa did get us promotion and before us, he did the same for Watford. Admittedly, the man has a lot to prove concerning the premier league. Let us worry about those details after he gets Fulham promotion wants again. Our Serbian talisman Mitrovic might just step up another level with the return of father Slavisa. I have no doubt that Mitro will have Slavs phone number and i would bet 2 matchsticks that they still stay in contact. A man with a tarnished reputation ripped to shreds and no doubt hungry to prove that he can cut it with the big boys will be chomping at the bit to try again. What have we to lose now? The Khans can well afford to give Slavisa another chance until the end of this season at least. Our squad is one of the highest revered in this division and we are seriously slacking in the skill department or lack of trying? no doubt also that our current line-up is better than Slavs team that he inherited from the Khans. We are looking more embarrassing the more this season goes on. Slavisa has proven that he can knit a unit together and our main worry is concerning the prem. Let's cross that bridge when we come to it, and save what still remains of our season. SLAVISA JOKANOVIC' WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU??? Give Parker the big boot and heave-ho, and bring in Penelopy or Pereria or whatever your name is? You know you want to, so come back and prove your self!!!!!!!
Why would Jokanovic, or indeed any other manager, come to a club where Khan junior runs the show? Parker isn't going anywhere so get over it.
posted by The Arizonan - Saturday 15th February 2020, 11:59 PM
No way parker is ,and was slavis apprentice
posted by KUNYE (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 12:07 AM
Are you serious?! No club would change their manager at this stage of the season and sitting 3rd! Why would the owners take such risk and if they did, 95% of the fans would call them crazy and would be slaughtered if they are then not promoted! Have a bit of common sense pls.
posted by John (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 12:26 AM
John, in answer to your question I am pretty sure Middlesborough sacked Gareth Southgate when they were in a similar position a few years back.
posted by bigboy4650 (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 2:55 AM
We need a manager who will get the squad to play a style that they are comfortable with. And even if we did change now there would be a period of time for the squad to get used to a new system. You can have any manager and any style you like but if the players don’t put a shift in it won’t work. Maybe Parker should concentrate more time on fitness and not the boring passing game he seems to be obsessed with. If he goes at the end of season then get a Manager who demands hard work from everyone at the club. We still have a good chance of getting up, if we go up with this lethargic bunch of spoilt bottlers then we will have another nightmare in the prem. For us to get an experienced manager would mean the Khans allowing him to have control of all things to do with players. I can’t see this happening
posted by Brian (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 8:38 AM
I would just like to point out to some who hold a different view to my own that when Sir Bobby Robson was learning his job as a manager he was sacked and went on to be very successful so be wary of what you wish for. P.S sacked by Fulham
posted by Ken44 (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 12:58 PM
In this era of the best managers ever' from abroad and here, i can't even imagine that Scott Parker will trump Bobby Robson, Mourhiho, Guardiola, Andselloti, etc. This time and era has seen the best there is. I would argue that in times past, put these guys up against English managers, it might have been a different story regarding competition. Jose Mourhinho mopped up titles because he moved into a void with not much more competition than Alex Fergeson and Arsen Wenger. Mourhinho will not be pulling up many trees this time soon now, the best there is, is out there now. Scott Parker join the queue, a very long one i imagine. As long as Adrians Wall....
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 7:39 PM
Adrian who?
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 17th February 2020, 4:06 AM
posted by

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 11:06 PM

I don't think we are going to have to meet up for the playoff final after all and I don't mean auto promotion either.. :-)
Don't fret, it's just one game. Head up to the Newport Arms with Nick and have a Tooheys on me.
posted by The Arizonan - Sunday 16th February 2020, 12:02 AM
Parker this week do some arse kicking, and a bit of advice for our next game bring in Stansfield, O Riley, and La Torre,watching today game Woodrow showed what a lazy b.....d mitro is.
posted by KUNYE (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 12:31 AM
Yes disappointing but a way to go yet. I reckon a flogging was better than an unlucky one nil loss. Hoping a wake up call and a bounce back on Friday.
posted by Oz nick (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 1:33 AM
Yes arseononian, it was only one game....ONE LESS being the operative words ya fool, HAHAHA!!
posted by Just BEE yourself (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 3:22 AM
Hi BEE. Tell your mum I think I left my shoes under her bed. Thanks.
posted by The Arizonan - Sunday 16th February 2020, 4:58 AM
Watch out Ari, if that was 11 years ago you could be his old man.
posted by Hints - Sunday 16th February 2020, 7:33 AM
Or her old man !
posted by Ted (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 8:22 AM
Ari , how much did Mrs B charge , she used to be cheap as chips when she was putting it about around Isleworth and Hounslow .
posted by Paul (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 8:40 AM
Bed ? It was more like the toilets in the Princess Royal , which is one of those pubs on the corner of griffin park .
posted by Scott (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 8:45 AM
Woodrow is the kind of striker we'd love to have. His second goal, tight angle and the way he left Hector for dead, was a thing of beauty. Mitrovic is a lummox, effective yes, reliant on strength, but essentially feeds off scraps. The closest we have to someone that can turn defenders is Caveleiro, but he only really performs in one game out of every five. Can we have our Cauley back please?
posted by Bacchus (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 1:35 PM
When Just Bee posts his drivel on our site. Don't bite,just don't bother to respond - His little brain thrives on winding us up so if you simply ignore him he will soon tire and probably target QPR !
posted by Dave (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 1:36 PM
It's why I do it ya mugs and you all bite!!
posted by Just BEE yourself (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 6:47 PM
JB , seems your the one that keeps biting , being a slapper I bet your mum does some biting , lol
posted by Ted (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 7:16 PM
Hmmm. More than several teeth missing, as I remember.
posted by The Arizonan - Sunday 16th February 2020, 11:38 PM
KUNYE.. Glad it's not just me that thinks Mitro is a lazy player. 20 minutes on the pitch and he goes into walking football mode.
posted by St George (Guest) - Monday 17th February 2020, 8:45 AM
posted by

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 10:04 PM

What was he thinking?
general over all he has saved us many times , at end of the day we never scored against the bottom team with -18 goals and the worst goal scorers in the league RODAK is not the problen
posted by d (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 10:16 PM
Admittedly Rodak had a shocker today but he has generally been superb for us.I think we can forgive him on this one occassion.
posted by GEZZA (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 10:27 PM
Yes, you can heap blame on Rodak for today's performance, but for some unknown reason, instead as looking as safe as houses as usual, today he looked like an amateur Sunday morning keeper. Unbelievably bad. I was not only shocked at the result, along with most of us, but I didn't even stay to the end, and luckily I was able to get away before the traffic built up, and what a nightmare to get parked as well. To drive all the way from Sussex to watch that crap, made me even more angry. Someone posted on here that we wouldn't get more than 7 points from our February fixtures, and I laughed about that forecast, but I'm not laughing now, as he could well be right. Forget automatic promotion, it's not going to happen, and the way we played today, we will be lucky to hold on to a top 6 spot, and why worry anyway, as we will never ever get to Wembley again this season, as for me today showed us up to what we really are, a team of individuals going absolutely nowhere under Scott Parker, as I know believe that his time has come to move on without him, and plan for next season in the Championship now.
posted by A C (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 11:37 PM
posted by
bigboy4650 (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 9:59 PM

At 3.10 with the score at 0-0 I posted that Barnsley could prove to be a thorn in Fulham’s side and Cauley had a point to prove. When I returned from my sun lounger I was surprised to discover we had lost by three goals. I was a supporter of Cauley when he was at the club and asked for him to be given time. I was informed he had already been given sufficient time but he was a player who needed handling with care and encouraged to understand what was required of him to make the grade. I suspect that in two years time he will make a polished striker and be sold for a good profit. It is with sadness that write this and gor whatever reasons we are not good enough to return to the Premier although we might just get there by default.
posted by
Badger (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 9:08 PM

Not one player in first11 played well from start to finish at least KAMARA gave it a go have ground out some good points away wasted by some bad mistakes at home. It’s rubbish blame all on Parker and say we have best players in Championship we have not, confidence is low from going down players we signed Reid we down with Cardiff so did Arter . Love McDonald much to slow but no excuses for today not ready to go up none look Hungary enough
confidence is low that's just ridiculous one defeat in ten of two good results played shocking in first half ,second half better the manger chooses tactics he gives them motivation or meant to Barnsley out played us in every way with desire and passion and belief which all comes from the manger ,so don't say its not the mangers faults
posted by d (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 9:41 PM
We will finish outside the play off places. God help us.
posted by Jim (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 9:59 PM
Losing to the bottom team 3:0, will destroy our confidence.
posted by Jim (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 10:00 PM
I agree but did we deserve to win no who is fault players manger , the amount of goals we score is embarrassing ,we have had a few good games that's it do we deserve to be in top two no
posted by d (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 10:12 PM
Losing to the bottom team ? TWICE
posted by KUNYE (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 12:09 AM
posted by
Davidk (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 8:08 PM

We were 2nd best from start to finish . Barnsley adapted to the conditions , had a game play that worked brilliantly . We were poor all the way through the team . We only seem to play one way , we cannot change which is a fault with the coaching . There seems to be no confidence , we have two seemingly fast wingers who rarely drive forward , they frequently get to the line then double back and lose the ball . No leadership , maybe Cairney would be a better if he was relieved of the captaincy although I continue to think it is part of his contract - if he plays he has to be captain, no wonder the Barnsley fans - who were good throughout were chanting “ can we play you every week “ . Out of 10 , no one player would rate more than two today . We are third because the league is so poor this season , no one looks even remotely premiership class .
I would not call it a poor league I think it's a brilliant league where it is proving, on the day any body can win just study the results over the past few weeks .
posted by Worple (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 9:41 PM
posted by
willie2B (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:56 PM

I've twigged why Parker is manager. Not gifted but very cheap. A return to the EPL cannot happen with this set up. And do the Khans want that? Doesn't look like it to me. Look at WBA and Leeds to see the management needed to succeed.
I agree with you. Parker came out with the usual bullshxit after the game. Pure amateur
posted by Jim (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:58 PM
posted by
Jim (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:47 PM

When was the last time we really outplayed a team? When was the last time we scored more thank; let alone three. We are a one trick pony and we have been sussed
Should read. When was the last time we scored more than one; let alone three?
posted by Jim (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:48 PM
posted by Just BEE yourself (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 8:23 PM
Justbeefu#kingstupid- I know you're obsessed about Fulham because we are a much bigger,more successful club than little Bentford but I suggest you actually look at the Championship table.
posted by GEZZA (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 9:17 PM
posted by Just BEE yourself (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 3:25 AM
justbeefu#kingstupid-Supporting little Bentford must be so frustrating for you.Come on,admit it,fess up-you would rather support a much bigger club like Fulham.Why else are you so obsessed with us.
posted by GEZZA (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 8:33 AM
According to earlier posts , Mrs B is a slapper, well known in Hounslow.
posted by Guy (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 11:43 AM
JIZZA, you're doing that BITING thing again, ya really are my favourite windup at the moment!! HAHAHA
posted by Just BEE yourself (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 6:49 PM
And your our favourite wum , slapper , lol
posted by Scott (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 7:17 PM
Justbeefu#kingstupid- Its pretty obvious that you really want to support Fulham,but you should stay loyal and support little Bentford. Bentford are a cute,little outfit-of course they will never win anything but you should never switch clubs.
posted by GEZZA (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 10:53 PM
posted by
Alan (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:01 PM

Where are all the pro Parker fans now . The fans that have been attending matches know that he has been clueless all season . I am a season ticket holder , I have been to all the home games and quite a few of the away matches and with the exception of a couple of games I have left the ground disappointed . Parker has turned a good squad of players into a shambles , most players now lack confidence in themselves and their team mates , all the new players this season started well and have gone backwards and as for Parker’s favourite , Onomah he can control the ball further than I can kick it . Cairney looks like he doesn’t want to be here , Mitrovic gets no support , it is wrong from the top down
We are third and 3 points off second! Amazing what a clueless manager can do! Your decent manager would do a Klopp in this league I guess!
posted by John (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:05 PM
John Do you go to games or are your comments based purely on results . We have underperformed in most games , we are third because we have a squad of very good players and a premier league striker who is the divisions top scorer and luckily the rest of the league is made up of inconsistent poor sides . Parker has turned a good squad into a shambles of a team
posted by Alan (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:13 PM
We were discussing who were the worst team we had seen at the Cottage this season at half time . The conclusion we came to .......Fulham
posted by Alan (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:17 PM
We are Fulham. This result was totally predictsble. We've been doing this since forever. It's part of our DNA. Still alone in third.
posted by The Arizonan - Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:18 PM
It wasnt parker who gave away penalty it wasnt parker who came running out of his area We are still 3rd get over it
posted by Fulham tel (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:27 PM
It wasn’t just the goals , we were totally out played by the worst team in the league . Our Manager didn’t know how to counter it ......again
posted by Alan (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:31 PM
Khan’s please get us a professional manager. Parker is an enthusiastic amateur at best
posted by Jim (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:41 PM
You can’t lose home games and get promoted
posted by Jim (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:42 PM
parker out Barnsley bottom -18 LUTON second from bottom 3 goals let in so 6 goals let in 2 bottom teams parker out
posted by d (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 10:38 PM
Alan for the record I am a season ticket holder and go to some away games, including Millwall. Yes, we’ve been shockingly poor in the last two games and since 35 mins against HTAFC and if we were to judged Parker on these two games he should be sacked. Would you sack both Leeds and West Brom managers? They been very poor too. My point is not whether Parker is a great manager or not but we are 3rd and still have a great chance on promotion, if this is your club would you take a risk with a new manager now! Cos not! We’ve played bad football latterly but we also played some beautiful including the game against middlesboro! Just because someone has different view to you pls don’t assume they are armchair fans!
posted by John (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 12:34 AM
I refer to my post in another thread above re Sir Bobby Robson and wonder like yourself John if some people posting on here actually go to games.P.S I am a season ticket holder who could not get to the game yesterday as the rail line from East Grinstead was closed.
posted by Ken44 (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 1:09 PM
posted by
d (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 6:57 PM

GONE MISSING HOME LOSSES AT HOME FOREST-HULL-BRISTOL CITY-READING- BARNSLEY . no idea on any think sp clueless today embarrassing
6 goals let in two bottom team
posted by d (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 10:40 PM
posted by
Will (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 6:50 PM

For over 100 yrs + to give the fans somthing to shout about!! Don't give up I'm sure your great great grandkids will be rewarded. As for me FFC will grab a auto promotion spot hmmm.
Very trying. 'Twas ever thus Will and yet here we still are on the banks of the lovely Thames. COYW.
posted by The Arizonan - Saturday 15th February 2020, 8:42 PM
Well said Arizonian we need common sense and reason not irrational and illogical comment generated by one bad result.
posted by Ken44 (Guest) - Sunday 16th February 2020, 4:33 PM
posted by
Dan Gleebals (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 6:45 PM

What a back to front he is
posted by
John (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 5:58 PM

I know Rodak messed up big time today but I won’t criticise him as he’s been brilliant all season! But I don’t understand why we started with Sess. The defence look nervous whenever he plays on the right. He loses his players constantly. Said a million times - he’s not ready. We should have stuck with Odoi!
Where's Chris of jokes when he's most needed ?
posted by Dave (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 6:06 PM
Just thought, him and his ten brothers were in action at Craven Cottage! today !
posted by Dave (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 6:12 PM
It’s a great point, John. And it is DEMORALIZING to a team when a manager trots out players who don’t deserve it. Sess and Onomah better than Odoi and Decordova-Reid or StefJo? No way. Those two would be fine in a mid-table club with no promotion hopes. But it saps team spirit, and trust in the manager,to play with guys you know are second-best. Look at what happened when we started Seri every week. The players are like WTF?! I guarantee if you polled all the players privately on the best XI, neither Onomah or Sess would make it.
posted by Drago (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:08 PM
posted by
v.r.bedley (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 5:56 PM

Did not go today for various reasons,so would like to know others opinions of the players
They should all be dragged in tomorrow, and made to watch it frame by frame. The entire performance was appalling
posted by Keetch54 - Saturday 15th February 2020, 6:12 PM
C Woodrow 9.5
posted by Will (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 6:17 PM
It was that bad we left at 2-0. Soaking wet and not being entertained and if they played all week we would not have scored. Hope the website admin don’t embarrass the club and ask for a man of the match because they were all awful. Blame can be put on Rodak but at least two goals down to Parker “be brave” and play out from the back tactics. Very disappointing.
posted by MST (Moderator) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 7:05 PM
I left also at 2-0 first time ever 15 minutes to and I have been going since 1961. The whole thing was a disgrace .
posted by Keetch54 - Saturday 15th February 2020, 9:32 PM
Not quite as uncomfortable as you poor soaked supporters but I also gave up at 2-0. I got up at 2am to see that nonsense, not sure I'll be doing that too often again this season.
posted by Hints - Saturday 15th February 2020, 10:30 PM
posted by
Angry Bloke (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 15th February 2020, 5:26 PM

Eff off you wonky faced tugger. NGE
IT WAS BARNSLEY! Top notch outfit, bottom of the table but took 6 points off FFC. What else do you need to know?
posted by MC (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 5:42 PM
As I said in the past....Where is Lady Penelope when we most need her?
posted by MC (Guest) - Saturday 15th February 2020, 5:44 PM

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