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CoJ (Guest)

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posted on
Sunday 20th October 2019, 10:29 PM

Sod it, was so p!ssed off yesterday that it has taken me all day today to sort out & order my tickets to Boro. In for a penny.....
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Rob Clark (Guest)

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posted on
Sunday 20th October 2019, 9:34 PM

If FFC is to succeed only winning will secure access to the Premiership. Current Excuses are not Acceptable. The power of the players at FFC are sufficient to obtain promotion. My concern is the development of the defensive tactics at FFC have not seemingly to have improved and we let in goals at late stages in the game. I may well be wrong with my thoughts regarding this message however my team FFC do not seem to have a reliable defence since Brede Hangeland and Aaron Hughs formed a great partnership alongside our goalie Mark Schwarzer. My thoughts are, for a team the size of FFC if you do not have a good defence, you rely on the strikers to score more goals than you let in. I understand and it is obvious, if a game is nil-nil which I would hate, a point would still be secured. Letting in goals only means we have to chase the game either for a draw or hopefully a win. In my opinion the Defence at FFC needs to be the main focus for FFC's future success.
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The Arizonan

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posted on
Sunday 20th October 2019, 9:33 PM

One of the things I like about this forum is that it's relatively broad church, mixing football with jokes and banter, especially from those who have an ancestral claim to the borough. This approach now seems to be under attack by moderators being "corrected" by agenda politics and the overwhelming need to be seen as politically correct. A non-moderated board would be much preferable to one dictated to by those of the social justice warrior brigade who have an inferiority complex manifested as a right to be offended. So, I ask again and for the second time; what is the moderation protocol for this board? If the current moderators would enlighten me I would appreciate it so I can make my own decisions going forward. If they feel imposed upon by the need to be politically correct in all regards then they sould resign their commission else I must assume they are in agreement to the censorship currently being demonstrated.
'It does not take many words to tell the truth' By Chief Sitting Bull' The truth is 'Chief' we should be bossing this division. If Parker isn't up to the job, he must go period!!!!!! 'Inside of me there are two dogs. One is mean and evil and the other is good and they fight each other all the time. When asked which one wins i answer, the one i feed the most. 'By Chief Sitting Bull' Chief' let's man-up, and put more fight into this division. Fulham are the best, so do let's show more fight!!!!
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 10:09 PM
Sorry, this one was for the Chief' You're all deluded below...
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 10:11 PM
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John (Guest)

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posted on
Sunday 20th October 2019, 3:55 PM

To all the deluded fans that have slated Scotty for our defeat yesterday, Forrest have just lost to Wigan. It shows no result is a forgone conclusion this season.
No delusions of grandeur John. We think we are the best' we are the best!!! Parker get with the program or go go!!!
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 4:08 PM
We can be like a Rolls Royce it’s just that our Chauffeur is not too good.
posted by Gaz (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 4:17 PM
There is one thing for sure no club in Championship is ready for Premiership this season and Premiership not all its cracked up to be
posted by Badger (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 4:22 PM
Badger, exactly!! I don't get the obsession with the Prem, get promoted, worry like hell if you're going to stay up. Then maybe once every 5 season get excited at just scraping into the top half
posted by John (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 4:37 PM
Why are we fearful of the prem? We should man-up and want to be there. We beat Villa in play-offs, and didn't show enough guts to stay in prem. Look at Villa now in the prem. They are not perfect but they are giving it a better go than we did. Matt Targett scored for them to win. We Shoulda' Coulda' Woulda!!!!!
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 5:06 PM
So right John,every time we lose people calling for Parker to get fired,who else is out there,who else could do a better job,he knows the club,the players and did captain his country he’s still learning.
posted by Chief (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 6:09 PM
Parker out ASAP , he hasn’t got a clue .
posted by Tim (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 7:34 PM
So Tim sack Parker,replace him with who? Maybe sack new manager if we lose a couple more games? Get real!
posted by Chief (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 9:03 PM
Under Parker we have lost to the current bottom 2 teams so , chief , it’s you who need to get real , he was rubbish as a player and this has carried on in management .
posted by Tim (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 10:01 PM
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John (Guest)

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posted on
Sunday 20th October 2019, 2:17 PM

Parker in one week. Parker our the next! Actually Parker out when we lose a game. Parker in when we win. Depending how other teams are doing if we draw Parker doing ok! Make up your mind mate!
So Parker lacks experience and needs a mentor. Was Ranier inexperienced as well? Fact is the team is just average and until we get a reliable defence and another goal scorer things will not change. Sound familiar?
posted by willie2B (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 5:35 PM
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Rich of Cambridge (Guest)

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posted on
Sunday 20th October 2019, 12:46 PM

Well, its good we have a Manager that is honest but bad that we did not sign some defenders in the summer who can defend. I'd put Mitrovich at the back unless he scores more goal. Yes, you say I'm made do not forget how Norwich and Manchester United used Dion Dublin!
Coach clueless, as I said weeks ago ,so plan b, sounds familiar!!. Still only 6 point behind leader ,third best attacking team and defence not bad , but I think it will get worse as the games pile up , oh yes why was my post to ari removed? just praising the Arizona panhandle and such ?.
posted by the real arch bishop (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 2:01 PM
Saw it Bish and replied. If we have a new posting protocol tham MST needs to explain it and the reasons why.
posted by The Arizonan - Sunday 20th October 2019, 3:28 PM
How can we have the third best attacking team. P12 W 5 D 4 L 3. And dont blame the back line. If the front line was doing there job which they aint we would be better of.
posted by geezer (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 3:45 PM
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Fulham Supporter (Guest)

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posted on
Sunday 20th October 2019, 10:44 AM

SP should put his hands up and say he got the team wrong . The back 4 was wrong and it is now obvious Reed and Arter can't play in the middle together they get in each others way . On Wednesday let's put Odoi Mawson Ream Bryan as the back four and ask them to try and stop the other side scoring a tough ask I know !
The problem is we didn’t have a back four. We had 3 at the back and were expecting Cavaleiro and Knockaert to defend. The only reason these two reason these two excellent players are here is because they cannot defend when required, especially at top level! As I said many times the root of the problem goes back to not buying a right back since we sold Fredericks!! Three at the back away is a big big risk! Parker will learn!
posted by John (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 10:55 AM
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geezer (Guest)

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posted on
Sunday 20th October 2019, 1:04 AM

We dont have a team that others envy.It aint Scotts fault. Its the window lickers that pick him. As per the previous four managers. The owners dont have a scooby about the game. So get real we aint going any where.
Everyone goes somewhere Bruv, though not necessarily in the right direction !
posted by John (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 11:11 AM
Patker will learn !yes at our cost
posted by KUNYE (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 12:37 PM
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Chief (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 19th October 2019, 10:15 PM

Can’t believe all these negative comments about Parker and Fulham stoke beat top of the table Swansea last week 1 off day won’t kill us
Then why did Parker opt for a 3 at the back away from home? Naivety!!
posted by Liam (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 12:01 AM
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bigboy4650 (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 19th October 2019, 8:12 PM

Two days ago i read Parker stating Stoke were no pushover and their position belied the ability of their squad. Almost every week he is negative before the match and this must impact on the players and it shows. For goodness sake Parker stop being negative and putting the frighteners on our team. Start learning but preferable with a non-league club.
You are so right, I have often thought that. I noticed that before the Reading and Charlton matches, he was almost putting the frighteners on both the team and us fans, saying how good they were, and how hard it would be fore us to win. The same pre-Stoke, and that almost puts us down before the game starts. Alright we won at Reading, but I reckon that Sutton United would have beaten them that day. I'm feeling really down tonight after today's showing, and I feel almost humiliated with the result. I haven't had my doubts about Scott Parker until after both the Charlton and today's games, and I have coming to the conclusion, that even a half decent manager, would be winning matches with this excellent squad of players, and with the low standard of the teams in the Championship, we should be in the top 6 at least. Sorry but Scotty must go now, before the horse has bolted, as they say.
posted by Malden Mick (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 8:26 PM
Parker is correct in stating that Stoke are no pushovers, and i would like to add that they are at home advantage and not long been a premier club. Parker also would know from the Charlton game that more and more clubs will come on to us and we are sussed out. The one important detail is, 'Can Scott Parker counter-act this? Tactically no! Experienced he is lacking. Do we have the patience to learn and wait for his revolution? 'It's a 'No from me!!!
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 8:38 PM
How is that negative? Saying there no push overs? What did u expect him to say? That they were push overs and we would do a number on them? No manager would say that as look what happened after 90 minutes! They beat Swansea last time out and they were top then so he was right they are no push overs. Bad day all round but not too bad as no one really gained much ground
posted by Paul24FFC (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 9:02 PM
Paul24FFC, you are right to say that nobody made much ground up on us, because they didn't win either, but Leeds and WBA did, and we are therefore losing ground already. Surely if we had won today, we would have made up ground. When the likes of QPR and Charlton are above us in the table, with quite ordinary squads, it is disgraceful that we are sitting in the middle of the table. Yes I know that there are 26 more games to go, so there is plenty of games and time left, but at the moment our form is very worrying, if we really intend to have a go at promotion this season. We really do need to go on a good run from now until Christmas, or we can forget being challengers for this season.
posted by A C (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 11:54 PM
I fully understand AC and yes it was a bad result and the draws before hand not so good either. We do need to string a run of wins together to catch up but we're not too far off so I'm not too worried yet. I just didn't understand the comments saying Parker was too negative before the game and as per my post you can see why! Anyway on to the next game. COYWs
posted by Paul24FFC (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 9:34 AM
posted by
OWEN (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 19th October 2019, 8:04 PM

I didn't see this game and maybe i shouldn't comment. I just think we should look at our options earlier than Xmas, if we want to keep up with the top 6. I cannot think of anyone better qualified and ready to go now more than Slavisa Jokanovic. He knows the club inside out and our guys upstairs might be on board with this suggestion? Slavisa didn't have the firepower Scott Parker has at his disposal. All the remainers who would like to see Parker keep on till xmas will need to consider this detail'. If we don't gain promotion, will players like Mitrovic, Cavaliero, and a few other loan players stay another year in the Championship with Fulham? I very much doubt it, and maybe better now to call Slav back? Or we wait and see how many points we squander or pick up under Parkers win some, draw some, and lose some system. All in favour of Parker, we are due a win Wedsnesday, 'whoopee dooooo!!!!!!!!!!
I watched the game. Just like all games after international break, we don’t look as sharp and our tempo and speed is at least half yard short! I like slavisa but I think we need a stronger motivator manager! Our fundamental problem is we still haven’t got a decent right back. Why else did the fxxked we play 3 at the back!!
posted by John (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 8:22 PM
Felt sad and bitter reading that left-back Targett scored the winner for Villa. Charlton hammered Derby 3.0, which shows that they are better than people think. No excuses for recent prem boys Fulham. Parker has enough talent in our squad but sadly, he is inept tactically. I hope the board reacts sooner rather than later!
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 8:49 PM
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Pez (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 19th October 2019, 6:37 PM

Great having lots of possession and all but teams like Barcelona think outside the box and we ain’t Barcelona. They force all youth teams to play the same system to integrate into the first team. They also ‘rondo’ over and over and over again until they are bored of passing accurately. I doubt any of our players stay behind to work on extra training. Probably straight home to the bookies or the PlayStation. There are teams working harder than us with less quality, so frustrating
posted by
raymond of Croydon (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 19th October 2019, 5:40 PM

This team has lost another 3 points despite of having over 70% possession. We are dropping points galore at home. I have come to the conclusion that we aint going anywhere this season. We have Luton at home on Wednesday and really if we drop points here we can really say goodbye to a top 6 finish. What is wrong at this club? Middlesbrough away next Saturday, I shudder to think what the result will be.
It will be one goal scored and two goals conceded
posted by Jposeph (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 5:47 PM
Nosey Parker! Resign Now!!
posted by The Zambian (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 6:28 PM
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M (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 19th October 2019, 5:26 PM

Parker must GO.
Parker. He comes cheap what do you expect? He is young and wholly inexperienced. He needs 10 years in the managerial game to marinate. What we need is someone with pedigree. A soulless pragmatic German like that guy for Southampton. Every time I read this forum its supporters bitching about our shortcomings myself included. Its been established that our fancy-pants style of play is easy to dissect by any manager with half a brain. Parker needs to be inserted in vat of oil or atleast made into pies. Nice guys finish last.
posted by Vin (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 5:58 PM
hassenhüttl is austrian! hardly soulless, excellent manager.
posted by will (Guest) - Sunday 20th October 2019, 10:05 AM
posted by
Joserph (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 19th October 2019, 5:19 PM

Will someone tell Fulham what a clean sheet is. Another game played, more goals conceded So it goes on...
posted by
Peter G (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 19th October 2019, 5:00 PM

Parker go now before it to late
We are just not learning. Too slow and no cutting edge, despite having the players that have pace and proven goal scoring ability. So blame is firmly with inept coaching and tactical acumen. Parker your inexperience is becoming glaringly obvious and a real problem to our successful progress. See QPR got another result with a team of players on paper not one would get in our team but a manager who has experienced this league before.
posted by Joka’s Revenge (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 5:11 PM
Official stats : Fulham have had so far 6091 passes which is 1257 more than our nearest rivals 75% within our own half what use is that. We are tenth in division through Parkers lack of tactics, he has only one game plan,.and our goalkeeper cant move the ball out more than ten yards before he wants it returned .PATHETIC ,if we do not address this system 10th position will be our highest achievement this season
posted by KUNYE (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 5:12 PM
In my opinion QPR have the best manager in this division,so impressed with his managerial CV i put a wager at the start of season to get them premoted, odds 30 to 1,sadly to say looking good.
posted by KUNYE (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 5:18 PM
where is the pace, that is what we are short of 10 passes to gain 5 yards. top teams 5 passes they are on the edge of the box
posted by hartopp (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 6:03 PM
posted by
Sherry green (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 19th October 2019, 4:59 PM

Sack Parker before it to late
Owen Sherry is slagging your king.
posted by geezer (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 5:07 PM
posted by
Jim (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 19th October 2019, 4:56 PM

No surprise
posted by
bigboy4650 (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 19th October 2019, 4:04 PM

Same old story. Possession but no end result. For goodness sake wake up and bring Kamara or Tony khan on before it is too late
Tony Khan ?
posted by GEZZA (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 4:54 PM
2-0 game over and we seriously need to move Parker out of the hot seat. Keep him at the club to learn his trade but we need an experienced manager who can play to our strengths.
posted by MST (Moderator) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 4:55 PM
80% of the game. Trouble is its all in our half. Still carnt put a ball over that little white line.
posted by geezer (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 5:00 PM
posted by
Impartial (Guest)

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posted on
Friday 18th October 2019, 8:24 PM

Looking at tonites game why ent we storming this league. Parker plays to slow that’s why idiot!!
Agree impartial' we should be storming this league. We are unbeaten now in so many games and we can push on with a win against Stoke. Give Scott Parker the benefit of the doubt and let's see if Scotty can tactically manoeuvre a win against a good ex prem side in Stoke.
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Friday 18th October 2019, 9:11 PM
Scots doing ok
posted by Badger (Guest) - Friday 18th October 2019, 11:03 PM
Is that the the real Impartial?
posted by Baz (Moderator) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 8:42 AM
80% possession and mot a single shot!
posted by MST (Moderator) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 3:45 PM
posted by
OWEN (Guest)

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posted on
Friday 18th October 2019, 7:04 PM

Scott Parker has made some comments on Charlton doing a job on us with the high press and aggressive tactics which made life difficult for us. I expect that from most teams who have done their homework on Fulham from now onwards. We play exciting, attacking, and expansive football, but we have our weaknesses and we all know what that is. Joe Bryan has featured in every game so far and that was pointed out by some well known experts. Bryan is attack-minded and he holds the ball well. Maybe Scotty can spot some gaps what we can address now, and find some extra cover when needed behind Joe Bryan. Bryan is not our greatest defender when losing the ball and he does occasionally get caught out, but not the only one. Make no mistake, Stoke will not be a pushover, and why should we expect them to roll over. Stoke will get their act together sooner rather than later, and i expect that this recently fallen premiership side to find some consistent form. The table is showing a false position for Stoke and their win against Swansea could be the start of something for them. We have the tools in the box to win this away game, but we need to work hard to do this. A quick start and a consistent tempo going forward is what is needed, and tactics will play a part if we are to win. Keep in mind that our strongman Mitrovic has featured for his country, and maybe at some point in the game, he will show some fatigue. Scott Parker will need some bravery and brains to know when to sub, and who will replace Mitro if nessesary. Bobby Reid is in excellent form, and maybe he could slot into that central striker role? Whatever the tactics, it would be nice for Parker and Stuart Gray to engineer an away win at Stoke and put on display some intelliget thinking. COME ON YE FULHAM' We can do ourselves a favour tomorrow...
We really need some pace on the break Owen. In fact we need the acaisional break rather than the oh-so-pretty but oh-so-slow build up that end's up going nowhere
posted by The Arizonan - Friday 18th October 2019, 7:51 PM
We really need some pace on the break Owen. In fact we need the occaisional break rather than the oh-so-pretty but oh-so-slow build up that ends up going nowhere. We might try some "route" running as per American Football where the ball is released often before the receiver has changed direction and looked for the ball. The QB knows what the receiver is going to do before the ball is thrown.
posted by The Arizonan - Friday 18th October 2019, 9:13 PM
Agree Arizonan' we need plenty of pace and to cut out that slow play at the back which is heart-stopping. If i was a ref, i would book Bettonelli every time he slows the game down. Bettonelli needs to switch on more and it will be interesting to see Parkers tactical prowess. This Stoke away game will be a good test for Fulham.
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Friday 18th October 2019, 9:22 PM
Hold the presses! Owen.....I agree:)) particularly with regards to Betts, I’ve always been a fan of his but his time wasting is really annoying and counter productive........eureka!....mobility scooters! that’s the solution.
posted by Mortlake (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 7:49 AM
Mortlake' i am sort of mystified how i managed a reasonably sensible post? It is one of those moments when you question 'why' how' did i pull that one off. I was worried about Arizonan's state of mind for one minute, or 'er' 1 hour? 'acaisional?' That whiskey and rye' followed by a swift workout on a running machine did the trick. If ever i want some advice for a swift hangover, Arizonan is my go-to therapist.
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 11:56 AM
Pity Fulham lack all three
posted by Joseph (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 5:44 PM
Owen I just knew you had it in you, keep th faith:)))
posted by Mortlake (Guest) - Saturday 19th October 2019, 7:03 PM
posted by
geezer (Guest)

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posted on
Thursday 17th October 2019, 7:20 PM

Now they are changing games. Leicester at home to Liverpool boxing day. Thought s;;t sky were bad enough.
Was it not on Boxing Day anyway ?
posted by Tim (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 8:17 PM
Yes, but 8pm ko is ridiculous.
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 10:18 PM
Why would that bother you if you’re an FFC fan? Just think, in a few years you’ll be able to buy Gary Linekar’s suit whilst VAR is checking a goal and have it delivered by half time LOL.
posted by MST (Moderator) - Friday 18th October 2019, 6:02 AM
Is there such a thing a smug fit? I am sure that would be the size of his suit! I will be off to Luton in the car on Boxing day, but not sure if the missus would appreciate it if it was an 8pm ko though! Surely 8pm on Boxing Day is sacrosanct? How on earth can you watch football when Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music will be on?
posted by Chris of Jokes - Friday 18th October 2019, 10:30 AM
I can understand fans complaining as they only see inflated salaries from the tv money. I don’t understand why premier league clubs are complaining! They get so much money from TV - probably something like £10m a match from Amazon. So stop complaining if they want the TV money!
posted by John (Guest) - Friday 18th October 2019, 11:13 AM
posted by
MST (Moderator)

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posted on
Thursday 17th October 2019, 4:46 PM

Owen if we ever needed one of your long, war and peace type, posts it is right now mate ;0))
Nooooo! It surely hasn't got that bad! Only joking Owen, go for it fella!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Thursday 17th October 2019, 4:52 PM
Is today Maunday Thursday?
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 17th October 2019, 6:52 PM
posted by
Chris of Jokes

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posted on
Thursday 17th October 2019, 4:20 PM

I was listening to Richard Osman who was on talksport at lunchtime, and he said that the aim is promotion, but the irony is that being in the Championship is so much more fun than being in the Premier League. I kind of agreed with him.
Me to
posted by Badger (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 5:23 PM
And me !! Only downside to being in the championship is there is no limit on ticket prices for away games
posted by Staines not so massive (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 6:34 PM
I must admit that I am really enjoying the Championship, but it is a very awkward situation really. As an ardent Fulham fan I want them to win the league or be runners up, but I don't want to be back in the Premier League, so I can't win can I ?
posted by Malden Mick (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 6:47 PM
Unfortunatley turkeys voting for xmas !!!! More fun in this league but we need to aim high
posted by Len (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 8:01 PM
So we aim for fourth place? There is real sense of excitement when we beat one the big boys, who remembers beating Man U away, it was like winning more than a game however rare it was. And then just being in the Prem the club name was known for being in the Premier around the world.
posted by BAZ (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 9:44 PM
Agreed Baz, on balance I would rather be in the Prem, I guess it's the irony of enjoying winning more games vs all that comes with being in the Prem. I hope we go up, but would hate to go through what we went through last season again.
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 10:23 PM
The point is if and when we do get to the premier league we need to be so much more prepared to contest with the big boys than we were last time around.Bournmouth are a good benchmark for us but I noticed the gap between the 2 leagues grows every year,noticed how much more physical and well drilled premier league clubs are. The likes of Brighton,Palace,Watford,Southampton,Newcastle are always in danger of relegation so the trick is not to finish 4th from bottom but aim higher like Wolves,so unless our squad improves dramatically we’re much better off in the championship and actually go to any match with a realistic chance of winning.
posted by Cheif (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 10:27 PM
Cheif, I do realise that you must know how to spell your name, assuming you are older than three, but cheif is not spelt cheif it's spelt CHIEF, but if you are happy with cheif then who am I to comment...
posted by Marbella White 1 - Friday 18th October 2019, 6:25 AM
every club should have ambition, and I cant believe fulhams is to remain in the championship. yes, I know its a lot less bother on many fronts ,but there are some clubs similar in size in the premiership at present so that should be this seasons aim,or any other, for that matter.
posted by zambesian (Guest) - Friday 18th October 2019, 2:02 PM
Pointless listening to what Richard Osman has to say!
posted by John (Guest) - Friday 18th October 2019, 7:08 PM
posted by
pointless. (Guest)

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posted on
Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:54 PM

Regarding the odd ball on the underground train to day, does he know there is a live rail at side of carriage?lucky he came of on platform side, but how long before some one gets killed? most people are on there side but have to go to work to pay bills and feed familys,so , do we assume they all have private incomes?who is paying them if not?. What might be a good idea if they built a boat and sailed across to india for example, then chained them selves to the 9am out of Mumbai along with another 20,ooo who do it every day sitting on the top, but do remember these guys are experts,all the protesters would have is a five quid padlocks from halfords holding them on ,now that would go viral. Plus do the luvvies cummberbum, and emma (do you think im funny)Thompson realise if they get a criminal record for protesting they cannot enter the usa?.no more films in Hollywood.
Are most people on their side? The people I discuss it with are definitely not. I would say that most poeple have empathy with the cause but not the application.

Perhaps I'm wrong?
posted by MST (Moderator) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 3:33 PM
Glad the footie will shortly be back, hopefully these pages can concentrate on the " important things" instead of the other subject!
posted by John (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 4:08 PM
Christ John you need talk!
posted by Marbella White 1 - Thursday 17th October 2019, 4:24 PM
If they was that concerned as stated above maybey there protests should be made further afield ( by sailing boats. Of course )
posted by Len (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 8:05 PM
Never meant on the side of protesters but of climate change in general,so as I said who pays these people there wages?.Most cant afford to protest if they wanted to.
posted by pointless. (Guest) - Friday 18th October 2019, 1:44 PM
posted by
Chris of Jokes

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posted on
Thursday 17th October 2019, 12:37 PM

Politics and a gag at the same time! When asked about the abusive language and racism from Bulgaria, Diane Abbott replied "He's not my favourite Womble."
There are three men on a boat. A Macedonian, a Bulgarian, and an Albanian. Satan shows up and tells them that he will kill them if they can't throw something he can't find into the ocean. The Albanian throws in a grain of rice. Satan jumps in the water and comes back with the rice after a few hours. He kills the Albanian. The Bulgarian throws a grain of sand into the ocean. After a few days, Satan retrieves it and kills the Bulgarian. Satan looks expectantly at the Macedonian, who then proceeds to throw an Alka-Seltzer into the ocean...
posted by Marbella White 1 - Thursday 17th October 2019, 12:57 PM
I wonder if this one will get a reaction from some people on here! I'm fat, but I identify as skinny, therefore, I'm TRANS-SLENDER!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:11 PM
Gotta pick my battles
posted by Ashamed (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:13 PM
Go on, admit it, you laughed didn't you?
posted by Chris of Jokes - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:14 PM
Unfortunately no. But contrary to popular belief I do have a sense of humour and I do not spent my life campaigning for equal rights.
posted by Ashamed (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:22 PM
Go on then, tell us a joke.
posted by Chris of Jokes - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:25 PM
Not too sure about this one: Most women want a guy who is sensitive, caring and attentive. Unfortunately, for women, most of these guys already have a boyfriend. Now I think that’s quite amusing. Joke no. 2. In Alabama, they changed the drinking age to 31 years. They want to keep alcohol out of high schools. That could I guess be construed as racist, I thought it was just innocent banter. Anyone in from Alabama, if so I live in the Forest of Dean?
posted by Mortlake (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:26 PM
Was a bit worried when my mate sent me a text during an earthquake that said. Off to see PSYCHO THE RAPIST. Took me a while to realise he meant Psychotherapist!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:29 PM
I hate autocorrect, it always makes me say things I didn't Nintendo.
posted by Ashamed (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:30 PM
posted by Chris of Jokes - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:31 PM
Finally, I make someone smile.
posted by Ashamed (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:33 PM
Smiling is good for the health and it is less effort to smile compared to frowning. Let's hope our team keeps us smiling for the rest of the season!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:38 PM
CoJ they do sometimes play like a joke but that doesn't make me smile one jot lol
posted by Marbella White 1 - Thursday 17th October 2019, 3:05 PM
Agreed MW. Here's another one. It's a 5 minute walk to my local pub, but it's a 35 minute walk back home, the difference is staggering!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Thursday 17th October 2019, 3:26 PM
When I was younger I felt like a man trapped inside a woman’s body . Then I was born , lol .
posted by Tim (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 6:24 PM
By hystericalectomy?
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 17th October 2019, 8:06 PM
The trick with pubs is to have your local uphill from where you live.
posted by BAZ (Guest) - Friday 18th October 2019, 11:30 AM
Hills ? Not where I live !
posted by Norfolk Enchants (Guest) - Friday 18th October 2019, 1:13 PM
posted by
Chris of Jokes

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posted on
Thursday 17th October 2019, 11:03 AM

http://bullsnews.blogspot.com/2019/10/throwback-thursday-fulham-4-1-hereford.html I do and I was in the Hammy End, very nostalgic!
100% I was also stood in the Hammy end at the back of the bottom tier.
posted by MST (Moderator) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 11:09 AM
OMG forgotten about this..I was in Hammy just left of green pole 3rd dude on right (Bay City Roller-ish looking)
posted by Marbella White 1 - Thursday 17th October 2019, 11:26 AM
I was only 8 so my dad (rip) used to park me at the front of the Hammy and stood with his mates just to the left of the goal as you look at it half way up. Happy days indeed!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Thursday 17th October 2019, 11:28 AM
God, I bet I knew your dad CoJ lol
posted by Marbella White 1 - Thursday 17th October 2019, 11:37 AM
He was Fulham born and bred and he loved telling me about Haynes and going to the Brunswick Boys Club. Top bloke and miss him dearly. Went to his last game in 2016 when we sadly lost him, but the memories stay with you!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Thursday 17th October 2019, 11:43 AM
RIP to your dad, I lost mine December 17, 1974 3.10 pm - you never forget do you?
posted by Marbella White 1 - Thursday 17th October 2019, 11:46 AM
Never MW, but the memories are all happy. The times seemed gentler in those days too despite hooliganism being rife. You could play out in the street until dark, no mobile phones etc. Hey, I am all for progress, but nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia now and then!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Thursday 17th October 2019, 11:50 AM
You never forget , but some of us me included cant remember who the hell he was, he walked before I was born, but still had a lovely guy who took me to cottage every week from 1948, then I took him when his health got iffy in 53 till I was sixteen in 55,happy day standing underneath the cottage.
posted by the real arch bishop (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:27 PM
My son also spent many happy times at the Brunswick, along with teddy mason from clem atlee ct and some other oiks who I forget early 70s.
posted by the real arch bishop (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:30 PM
Happy days. Stood hammy end back of lower tier in line with the riverside touchline, where we always stood. What a player George Best was. Brilliant,
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 17th October 2019, 5:34 PM
Ari shame a lot of our younger fans could not see the likes of best law charlton. Greaves. Moore in his prime countless others pre prem days sorry much more fun them days presume that’s why I don’t have the same enjoyment these days ( rose tinted glasses but life seemed better in them days
posted by Len (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 8:22 PM
Bronswick Boys Club,joined in the earlt 1950s most probably knew your dad,those were great times
posted by KUNYE (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 10:39 PM
posted by
Karsten (Guest)

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posted on
Wednesday 16th October 2019, 8:48 PM

My friend is a good FCK supporter and was at the derby match v Brondy..big news here was that Fernando Torres was there in directors area with Brondby Chief Executive..my friend knows I like Fulham and said the guy a few along from Torres looks a lot like Matt OReiley..have to say it does..probably just visiting but hope it does not mean he's off.. it does look like him though and I know hes Danish and Norwegian too..any news? Here is the link https://footy.dk/esport-nyheder/2019/10/07/undrede-du-dig-ogsa-derfor-var-fernando-torres-pa-brondby-stadion-2/
Nothing like a good FCK I say...
posted by Marbella White 1 - Thursday 17th October 2019, 9:28 AM
Leave Felicity Kendal out of this. She's the old man's squeeze.
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 17th October 2019, 6:58 PM
Felicity Kendal, a pair of wellies, and a bunch of new potatoes picked from the allotment. I can see the attraction in my mind but lose the wellies...
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 7:32 PM
What perversion had you in mind for the potatoes?
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 17th October 2019, 8:08 PM
hA' hA', 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach' and all that. I was thinking of the good life when our lady of leisure Felicity was mentioned. I sort of remember the comedy topic was allotments? They were great days for comedy shows like that one without all the swearing to get laughs.
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Friday 18th October 2019, 6:23 PM
posted by
John (Guest)

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posted on
Wednesday 16th October 2019, 2:04 PM

They still have some decent players but they are in a bit of a mess! Reminds me of Fulham when we got relegated the last time. They won their last game. They will be motivated to beat us. We need to put them back in their box quickly on Saturday. I reckon if we can score in the first 20mins - we will win comfortably! Otherwise, i think some of their players like Allen will step up! Coyw
It will be a cold night up north and we will need to get off the block and keep that good tempo up from the last game. My slight worry with Mitrovic is that he won't be as sharp as he could be, especially after playing for his country. If Mitro is having a mare? Parker can always slot in Bobby Reid more forward? We have enough players in our weaponry to shuffle here or there. It all depends on Parker maturing his tactics? Joe Allen is a good player for Stoke, he would fit in at Fulham nicely...
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 5:49 PM
Up north?? Are you minlandsist Owen?? Stoke is in Staffordshire which is classed (just about) as midlands ;0))))
posted by MST (Moderator) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 5:58 PM
Owen /john Stoke are bottom of the table and only won one game.
posted by geezer (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 6:13 PM
Ooops' Stoke just up from Derby. Mst' i got my geography mixed up there. Still cold though...
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 6:28 PM
MST when you get past Watford going up north !!!!!! If not geographically l
posted by Len (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 9:02 AM
Ha ha for you maybe Len but I live in Gloucestershire so I guess I live oop narf as well LOL:0)
posted by MST (Moderator) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 4:38 PM
That’s funny enjoyed that is stoke east of you. !!,,
posted by Len (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 8:28 PM
Mst Gloucester That’s M3 from Richmond presumably ???
posted by Len (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 8:32 PM
M3 runs from Sunbury on Thames to Southampton , you need a satnav !
posted by Tim (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 8:48 PM
posted by
Ollie (Guest)

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posted on
Wednesday 16th October 2019, 1:52 PM

According to Claudio Ranieri, FFC ( Tonee Khan ? ) recruits players according to algorithms. If that's true, how the flying friar tuck did they get Kamara ? Pseudocode perhaps ?
Too many unconditional branches Ollers.
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 3:32 PM
The thing about Kamara is, you never know what you are going to get, but when you do get it, it is generally rubbish!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 4:41 PM
Kamara was bought in money ball stats. Div 2 France. Ran a lot and scored goals. The money ball analysis doesn’t have a twat factor.
posted by Phil (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 11:54 PM
Only the guys that were running it had it, and in spades ...
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 17th October 2019, 2:13 AM
Careful Ari, please use the word shovels!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Thursday 17th October 2019, 9:40 AM
Yeesss. I got into a spot of bother with Boeing for using the term "male and female connectors", which they now retro-refer to as "male and female connectors". They also banned mention of a "Flip Chart" which a Filipino engineer I was working with thought was hilarious. Not so much PC from them these days as the MAX problems lumber on and the 737NG "Pickle Fork" problem brings more groundings.
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 17th October 2019, 7:05 PM
Players by algorithms? Who worked the maths out with algorithmeth 'Siri' 30 mill, and the other high cost failures? 'Kamara' 5 million and not even much of a dent on Fulhams financial books, did not blow us the premiership. One missed penalty and a punch-up does not even put a dent to the antics of George best and Rodney Marsh. I would agree though that Kamara has less ability than our famous Bestie and co, and improvement from Kamara needs to come forth. At only age 23 or around therish, there could still be time for Kamara, time will tell...
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 7:27 PM
Yes Owen, but is he coachable? He's quick and can confuse a defence because they don't know what he's going to do, but most times he doeasn't seem to know either. Might be worth a run as a sub if he can temper his undoubted enthusiasm with a decent end product. Could be a good antidote to the high press if the ball over the top is released early (and that's a big if).
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 17th October 2019, 8:15 PM
Ari' it's a long whole season. If we pick up injuries, it might be the old fashion hump-ball over the top for Kamara to run on too. Hey' we are giving Parker ideas and tactics galore here, and its all for free. 'Parker' write this down quick!
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 9:28 PM
posted by
Chris of Jokes

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posted on
Wednesday 16th October 2019, 10:48 AM

I don't usually contribute to all of the stuff that is non football related (other than throwing the odd or bad joke on here from time to time). However, I am determined to have the last word on all of the discussions, debate, threats and insults. So here is goes. "zyzzogeton". Now let that be the end of it!
Can’t argue with that
posted by Badger (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 10:52 AM
Yeah, but is that a "remain" zyzzogeton or "leave" zyzzogeton ?
posted by Ollie (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 11:47 AM
It's not from these shores so totally neutral and ambivalent on the subject. Now leaf it out!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 12:03 PM
No need to be leafist Chris, I'm left feeling a bit "nettled" by your reply, to be honest.
posted by Ollie (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 1:35 PM
Oh stop vining Ollie. That's me done with this thread as I have exhausted all my possible puns, so going to branch off into a different direction.
posted by Chris of Jokes - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 3:28 PM
You wood, woodent you
posted by John (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 3:51 PM
Treemondous, now you have joined in!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 4:08 PM
Barkin mad, the lot of you.
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 4:16 PM
Sapping my energy this is now.
posted by Chris of Jokes - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 4:33 PM
This board has turned into a tree ringed circus.
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 4:53 PM
Paddy ordered tree surgeons to sort out his rotten oak and three doctors turned up!
posted by Chris of Jokes - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 5:07 PM
The following is a true story that I decant with extreme trepidation that some key board warrior doesn't come and start lecturing me that I'm Irishist ;0):

I travel to Ireland regurly for work as I am responsible for our operation there as well as the UK and on this particular occasion I was staying in the Clarendon in Dublin. I don't usually eat breakfast (no I'm not breakfastist either) but on this day I fancied the works as I was not going to have time for lunch.

Any how, I went to the restaurant and it was a buffet style but there was a cook/chef behind serving on to your plate. I chose what I wanted but I'm not a fan of grilled fresh tomatoes so I asked the chef if they had any tinnned tomatoes and to my delight he said yes sir and took my plate out back to the kitchen to fetch some.

Imagine my surprise when he returned with two fresh tomoatoes nicely arranged on my plate that had simply been thinly sliced.

I looked at my colleague (who by the way is from Galway) and we just burst out laughing. I've been telling that story now for a long time but just thinking about it again makes me giggle. To make it even crazier, the chef was Polish LOL.
posted by MST (Moderator) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 5:56 PM
Should have stayed at the Shelbourne. Much classier.
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 6:01 PM
So Chris, were those the tree fellas I saw?
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 6:03 PM
Dat dey were to be sure Ari. I am a quarter Irish before I get slaughtered by whomever deems that as offensive!
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 6:36 PM
Was one called Ashamed & the other two, Gerald Fitzpatrick & Patrick Fitzgerald by any chance
posted by Ollie (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 6:56 PM
Paddy Ashamedown , wasn’t he leader of the Liberal Democrats !
posted by Mike (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 7:04 PM
Which quarter of you is Irish Chris? Hopefully not the top half.
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 7:47 PM
The drinking quarter Ari.
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 8:03 PM
Yes well, I'm half Irish and that's the drinking half alright.
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 8:23 PM
It's the most important and best half Ari!
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 8:50 PM
posted by
John (Guest)

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posted on
Wednesday 16th October 2019, 7:31 AM

While i would agree he is one of the best motor racing drivers we ever had or even the world has seen, I never liked him much. He’s arrogant and a bit of a hypocrite. He says he love the country but then he moved to Switzerland so while he earns £50m a year, he’s paying no more tax than anyone of us in here! Is that love for the country! What’s the latest Instagram post I hear that he’s lost the will to live because we are killing the world! Really?? If he’s that serious, join the extinction rebellion! Formula1 burns more CO2 than any other sports I can think of. Jumbo jets flying thousands and thousands of tons of equipments around the world 26 times a year! Get rid of his private jet! Why people feel sorry for him that he could really be considering taking his own life I cannot understand. Lewis, get real! you don’t need sympathy! If you are serious about the world - do something about it and starting with yourself! Rant over!!
Hamilton hypocrite like the protesters !!!!
posted by Len (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 8:29 AM
Whilst I agree withn the first part of John's post about LH with him being probably the greatest ever F1 driver (but, time will tell on that) he then lobs in several curve balls with an over-excited rant about where he lives (er, Monaco not Switzerland btw), Co2 emmissions, cost to the planet of Jumbo jets flying around, and then suggesting that if he cares so much he should join extinction rebellion. WTF!!?? Yet again this MB is being hijacked by those who seem to get a stiffy by wittering on about all subjects other than..... football. May I suggest if people want to have a rant then f*ck off to Facebook, create your own tree hugging /dolphin saving group where I'm sure all your sycophantic followers would be pleased to agree with you, pat you heartily on the back and thereafter you can all wallow in a quagmire of self-congratulation and righteousness. Stoke 0 Fulham 3 for what it's worth.
posted by Marbella White 1 - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 9:39 AM
posted by
#ChrisFromCornwall (Guest)

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posted on
Tuesday 15th October 2019, 1:28 AM

posted by
Len (Guest)

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posted on
Monday 14th October 2019, 9:08 PM

Mitro s on fire !!!!!
its good to see him prove all the moaning doubters on this site wrong, especially the one who wanted him replaced by gayle and rondon- where are they now?.
posted by zambesian (Guest) - Tuesday 15th October 2019, 10:25 AM
Always moaners Len Alan Clarke scored for fun for Fulham when l was kid bloke behind me shouted he was rubbish every week
posted by Badger (Guest) - Tuesday 15th October 2019, 10:43 AM
Sorry, that may have been me Badge ;)
posted by Marbella White 1 - Tuesday 15th October 2019, 12:46 PM
Mitrovic replaced by Gayle and Rondon? Who is that man??? I demand you come forth from out of the shadows with a swift apology, how dare you! Are you insane!!!!
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Tuesday 15th October 2019, 5:41 PM
Alan Clarke good player left us for a very good Leeds team not universally liked but they had some great players and like a lot of great teams you could probably name the majority of them some of our older fans will remember the likes of bremner Collins hunter. Madelay never made many friends but certainly made there mark
posted by Len (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 8:39 AM
We sold him to Leicester !
posted by Joe (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 9:31 AM
owen, I cannot tell a lie,-it was kunye!.the one who is a great admirer of our reserve keeper. says it all.
posted by kilroy wazir (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 10:53 AM
Forgot that funny can’t recall his time there thought he went staight to Leeds
posted by Len (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 8:37 PM
posted by
MST (Moderator)

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posted on
Monday 14th October 2019, 1:18 PM

Looking forward to the game at Stoke on Saturday before the bad weather draws nigh. Anyone whose been there will know it's the second coldest ground in the country (Barnsley being the coldest). My opinion only of course ;0).

Wouldn't it be Fulhamish for us to go and lose up there though? Hopefully we will pay them due respect, play our "A" game with fast flowing footy and score a hatful. You never know, we could be top of the league come 5 O'clock :0).

Can't wait to get the boring internationals out of the way and get back to a decent league programme and this board full of FFC banter ;0).

Anyone been to colder grounds in England I'd be interested to know?
Oldhams ground , Boundary Park is the coldest by a long way , although never been warm at the Hawthorns .
posted by Massa (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 1:33 PM
Try sitting in the riverside on a January night .
posted by the real arch bishop (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 1:38 PM
You wait until the Riverside is demolished and the wind comes off the Thames mid winter. the Cottage will be like an ice box.
posted by Keetch54 - Monday 14th October 2019, 5:04 PM
posted by geezer (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 5:24 PM
posted by Pete (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 5:59 PM
Norilsk United...Brrrrr!
posted by Mortlake (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 8:15 PM
Hartlepool away cold January day,looking out at the North Sea,Andy Cole played that day remember meeting didi David Hamilton on the local train. Never been so cold at a game!
posted by Cheif (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 8:53 PM
I’ve been to all 6 games away to Hartlepool and not one of them , if my memory serves me right , was played in January .
posted by Alan (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 9:09 PM
Your right Alan,November 91 lost 2-0 was still bloody cold though! How do you remember that stuff?
posted by Cheif (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 9:42 PM
I also remember talking to David Hamilton on the train , heard he was in 1st class so popped along for a chat , he was knocking back the red wine like it was going out of fashion , lol .
posted by Alan (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 9:51 PM
Mansfield on Boxing Day was probably the coldest I have been at a football match with nothing open because it was a holiday...
posted by Hints (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 10:33 PM
Went to the old goldstone ground one midweek night was a bit bleak ( and we lost I think!!!!
posted by Len (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 8:41 AM
Went to Brentford for an early Kick off seem to recall we waited for a while to kick of while pitch defrosted another night at Fulham freezing cold the away team stuck in traffic seemed like we waited an hour for them to arrive would not happen now anybody remember ??
posted by Len (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 8:46 AM
The game at Fulham was , I think , against Oldham , and yes , that cold wind that night went straight through me , and it was about an hours delay . The game at Brentford was the 3-3 draw , again I think .
posted by Pete (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 9:35 AM
I remember the game against Brentford, not only was it freezing cold, but we threw away a two goal lead after passing them off the pitch. scotty, ken atombomb and cliff carr, if I remember, netted for us, we wore a grotesque red and yellow strip, which some joked was our jelly trifle kit! the year was 1987.
posted by zambesian (Guest) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 11:04 AM
Thanks for that sometimes you remember things and think did that really happen !!!! as I say doubt it would happen now
posted by Len (Guest) - Thursday 17th October 2019, 8:41 PM
posted by
Cheif (Guest)

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posted on
Sunday 13th October 2019, 4:58 PM

See Claudio just landed a lucrative 2 year contract with Sampdoria who are currently bottom in Italy. How does that happen? After his disastrous time with us he’s not much use in a relegation battle,maybe he’ll prove us all wrong.
True half his CV is a touch iffy, but i think that his time at Chelsea is worth a 2nd look, and his winning the league with Leicester might be the deal-breaker.
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Sunday 13th October 2019, 7:05 PM
Owen- he’s like a load of people you meet in a trading environment- get the market right once, and dine out on it for the next 20’ years.
posted by Keetch54 - Sunday 13th October 2019, 9:38 PM
Does it really matter where the tinker man ends up? He's history to FFC now and he only ended the debacle, he didn't start it. I have no idea nor care what Sampdoria are paying Ranieri but I'm sure they think he's worth it, the same as our Board.

You like the bible Owen so you will probably identify with the phrase take the plank of wood out of your own eye before taking the splinter from someone else's ;0))).
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 14th October 2019, 8:11 AM
Goodness MST, how prophetic not heard that one!!:)
posted by Marbella White 1 - Monday 14th October 2019, 12:32 PM
Prophetic or paffetic? LOL
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 14th October 2019, 1:20 PM
Who the hell comes up with these daft sayings? cant be cotj.
posted by Albert rn (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 1:40 PM
It's in the bible as previously indicated ;0). Used to be in the Boys Brigade. My dad thought the scouts and cubs were a fascisit youth army so would't let me join ;0))).
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 14th October 2019, 1:48 PM
Didn't know the Boys Brigade had an awkward squad.
posted by The Arizonan - Monday 14th October 2019, 4:04 PM
MST ,I know its in the bible, but were did it come from ? who wrote these words of wisdom?.Please don't tell me you know the bloke .lol
posted by Albertrn (Guest) - Tuesday 15th October 2019, 3:13 PM
God wrote those words, Albert. I know some people might have a laugh about this stuff, but we sure used to be a lot better growing up and taking part in a Christian assembly at school back in the 70's. Yes i got the cane for being rude and disobedient to mt elders, but life back then was better for kids especially at school. Was not in the boys scouts, but had friends who were. We all had swiss army pen-knives which we used to whittle and shave sticks and we even learned to start a fire from tinder wood etc, which was all good harmless fun. The moment we all started to weird out about religion and Christianity, was the fall of this country full-stop. Now we listen to a 16 year old 'Greta Thunberg, who no doubt lived in a God-less household, and who tells us that the world will end in 8 years which is bull-crap. She is telling all the idiots who will take in the bullcrap, to go vegan? My take on that is to sometimes eat vegan and to eat some meat sometimes. In other words, eat a balance diet which God intended. This is all i want to say on this subject because we have a game against Stoke Saturday. Let's get back to some football reality and Impartial and Kunye moaning about something Fulham!!!!!!!
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Tuesday 15th October 2019, 8:44 PM
LOL Sorry Albert, I can't remember. I just have loads of those kinds of quotes in my head because I was indoctrinated with it in my formative years. It was probably from the New Testement and quoted by Jesus but perhaps google it ;0).
posted by MST (Moderator) - Wednesday 16th October 2019, 8:39 AM
posted by
Rich of Cambridge (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 12th October 2019, 5:29 PM

Harvey poor lad has just been banned for two weeks for posting something nasty abour Harry Kane. Naughty boy. Mail today states Liverpool prodigy, another typographical error! Fulham prodigy who sodded off as soon as he could to Anfield. By the way are we all at Fulham still waiting for the cheque in payment for his services? It did not happen on Friday night against the Czech's because Gareth underrated them, when we should all admit that they have had a very good international side for some years. There you are lads a post where I did not even bemoan our dreadful defence!
Old news it happened months ago idiot!!
posted by Impartial (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 5:49 PM
ROC - If that statistics forum you are supposed to oversee and edit is as accurate as half of your posts on here , then God help.
posted by Keetch54 - Saturday 12th October 2019, 7:53 PM
I like your posts Rich. Don’t worry about what others say.
posted by BAZ (Guest) - Sunday 13th October 2019, 5:27 AM
England lost because we are a team of runners and kickers. We've forgotten what 'beat a man using skill' means. That's because nobody in the team can do it! BORING!! Rather watch Fulham.
posted by fulham sddict (Guest) - Sunday 13th October 2019, 11:03 AM
posted by
geezer (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 12th October 2019, 11:52 AM

Some thing very good to watch on the box these dark nights. French crime drama with sub titles. Now in its seventh series. Give the first one a spin you wont be disappointed. Its on BBC FOUR.
He's right with this one - cracking series if you can live with the sub-titles (or speak French!!)
posted by Ragnor (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 4:11 PM
posted by
Me (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 12th October 2019, 10:34 AM

Who shot griezman ????????
posted by
John (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 12th October 2019, 9:14 AM

Uk will be only Wales and england in 10 years time!!
Does it matter
posted by Badger (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 11:36 AM
bollocks to brexit
posted by jimjo (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 3:08 PM
Sooner we get out the better .
posted by Matt (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 7:54 PM
The sooner we get out of the EU the better off we will be.
posted by Smith (Guest) - Sunday 13th October 2019, 5:22 AM
The most important detail Boris should ensure is that Britain is not held to ransom and if a deal is possible? We don't give control to euro beurocrats. Important to stand on your own feet and only do deals that suit and benefit Britain. Idiots here who are crying for a beloved Europe, nobody will be crying over Britain. Anyone who believes that there is a golden utopia over the borders of europe should go and give it a try? Germany is stumped, their wonderful cars and engines that they make, and they are the best of the best, they won't sell anymore. Diesel engines are the best there is but they are dead! The French don't really like us and they will continue pushing people they don't particularly want to deal with in our direction. Look out for more rafts and make-shift boats coming in our direction and the French authorities looking the other way. There is a good bible saying that each and everyone should show kindness to one's neighbours which really means be kind to everyone else besides your neighbour next door. If anyone is daft or brave enough to still make the dangerous crossing, Britain 9 times out of 10 do treat everyone kindly which say's a lot for this country. Put things into perpective folks, we are a very decent and kind country which say's a lot to the questions asked, Why do people want to come to England? England and English people are decent. Not so much the rest of europe. Will we survive with or without Brexit? One hundred per cent 'Yes'!!!!
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Sunday 13th October 2019, 3:37 PM
Owen the Diesel still has a long life to go yet. This country does not have this electrical capacity to cover all our needs. The government not long ago passed a bill to build five mini power plants. Because with the older power stations are coming to the end of there lives. And we wont be able to produce enough power to cover whats needed .Also you say us English are decent people and that rest of Europe aint. Have you ever lived abroad or work there for a time. [Exclude your two weeks in Spain]. Free loaders come here for an easy life with all the benefits they can fiddle. And change our English culture. And did you vote in or out . And thats why millions voted to come out of the EU. More than those that didnt bother to vote or who did vote.
posted by geezer (Guest) - Sunday 13th October 2019, 6:12 PM
Geezer' i didn't vote, but i believe we should stand on our own feet and be self-sufficient. Unfortunately, there are too many free-loaders swanning about and not contributing to our economy. Nothing we can really do about that now, but we can plug some gaps by adopting an Australian and part Canadian system now. Our 2 World wars has not produced many decent young folks now who will stand up. I am truly disappointed in one of our main hopes for the future in Mr Dysun who wimped out of an electric car project. I agree he was a few years late coming to the table on that one, but to give up on it like that speaks volumes.
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Sunday 13th October 2019, 6:28 PM
Owen Dyson did what a lot of English companies have done. And go overseas its cheaper. Dont believe what our feather in the cap jump on the band wagon brown envelope job of politicians tell you. Always question what they say. Never at face value.
posted by geezer (Guest) - Sunday 13th October 2019, 7:52 PM
How many times “ 2 World wars ?” Its all history and bollocks. You werent around and neither was I - its 100 and 70 years ago. “ Bring back the British Empire ‘ - defeat in WW2 would have left 300 million in it in India alone let alone Australia , Canada , half of Africa and the Caribbean. But they have all buggered off and the Empire is no more. So all us contemporaries are going to do is do what we have done as a nation of pirates , and go home draw up the drawbridge, and having pissed off our biggest market ( who dont need us ) and expect them to fall over us to trade. Unbelievable
posted by Keetch54 - Sunday 13th October 2019, 10:01 PM
The EU sell more to us than we sell to them, if they don’t want that trade it is up to them. I for one do want to be one of their states being told what to do, I would prefer a smaller place, these giant counties are not good places to live. Stay a smaller country and do what we want to do. Stay in the Commonwealth with our real friends.
posted by BAZ (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 5:26 AM
The EU is trying to take part of our country from us, how could anyone prefer to stay tied to those sort of countries?
posted by BAZ (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 5:29 AM
1. The EU does not sell more to us than we do to them (silly uninformed statement really) we sell 100 times more to Europe than we buy but we should be worried about both because our free tade with the rest of the world is also negotiated by the EU and when we come out that means ALL imported AND exported goods will be subjected to WTO duty. Then you'll discover what our £xb per anum pays for! you will pay 20% more for imported goods and our exports will be uncompetitive. Or do you think things will just carry on as they are LOL?
2. The UK has representatives in the EU council that form part of the Bureaucracy mentioned and is complicit in settinf the rules and laws
3. It is not Europeans who have developed our culture it is immigrants from the Far East and the Caribbean and coming out of Europe will change nothing in that direction.
4. Diesel is still the cheapest form of energy and will be around for hundreds of years yet.
5. The French have the largest refugee camps in Europe with at least 1,000 times more people than make it to the UK every year

As previously indicated, give uninformed people a vote (regardless of which way they voted) on somethiing as important as Brexit and you wind up with the mess we now have! We only have ourselves to blame.....
posted by MST (Moderator) - Monday 14th October 2019, 9:40 AM
We've given Brexit a good going over during the past three years. Wouldn't have thought a single one of us has changed their minds Sttill think Boris will be hard pushed to get a deal passed The dopey Lib Dems we know will be100 percent against whatever he puts to them , Labour , almost as looney will also vote it down - maybe a few of their MPs who represent the Northernparts of Britain who heavily backed Brexit feel they can accept it ifs a decent deal. This of course means that the Torys must back the PM to the hilt.whist its not easy to vote for something you don't believe in, I would remind them it was their choice to have a referendum, the fact the result was huge shock doesnt alter fact that if democracy is to be upheld we have to leave..And can you imagine if the result had gon the other way they would have said " the majority voted to remain get over it"
posted by John (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 2:46 PM
There is a certain Mr Steven Turner from Surrey. That is taking Nissan to the smalls claims court. Over a Nissan leaf 30kwh car. That does not reach it assured mileage of 155 per full charge.But he carnt get better than 86 to 114. Because Horiba Mira.Says that the unrealistic conditions that the tests performed under ie in air temperatures of 23c with out A/C or heating etc.means that tests can be overestimate range by up to a third. Cars are put on a rolling road in perfect conditions at spot on 30mph.
posted by Geezer (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 6:08 PM
MST you don’t seem to know what is going on, in the common market days you would have a point but not in these days of the EU super state where the UK is just a region to be used, Greece has been screwed by Germany and Germany would do the same to us(and to France who are their lapdogs). When they feel like it they would find a reason to make the clothes you sell illegal and replace them with German makes. You seem to be motivated by money but I am more concerned with our children’s future and our freedom. It was Blair that caused this problem when most other EEC countries had a referendum but he would not allow us one because he knew which way it would go. You can stuff yourself saying I make silly comments.
posted by BAZ (Guest) - Tuesday 15th October 2019, 6:57 AM
Baz, I didn't mean to offend you so apologies for that however, I am not confused about what is going on and I am not motivated by money although I am seriously concerned for my livlihood and that of my family's. Iam not retired for a long time yet and I need my job as I will not get another like it at 61 years of age. There are many people who work for overseas companies in the same position becuase who do you think owns our utilities, our car manufacturers, our mobile phone networks, even our choclateers

Maybe you should ask the majority of youngsters who voted to remain why they chose to do that or listen to the vast majority of big businesses, finaciers and financial commentators who KNOW it will be a disaster leaving the EU because hoping that all will be fine once good old blighty rules the waves again is nothing but a pipedream I'm afraid.

We'll see I guess but I am extremely pessimistic for the future of everyone in this country and not just money motivated......
posted by MST (Moderator) - Tuesday 15th October 2019, 8:30 AM
MST i work with a lot of kids. And they dont have a clue about about life in general. Some i work with are as thick as to short planks. Have no common sense what so ever.And have to keep telling them what to do all day. Other wise they just stand there gormless. They are very good a playing killing games etc. As you are in management do you not fear what the future workers are going to be like. At seventy one i close to jacking work in. But fear what is coming up behind me. And many people of my age at work agree with it.
posted by geezer (Guest) - Tuesday 15th October 2019, 9:25 AM
I have to say Geezer that my experience is completely different to yours with young adults (16 - 21). The youngsters that I have had the pleasure to meet, seem to be very switched on and know exactly what they want from a career and life in general. I occasionally talk in sixth form colleges and universities (that used to be Polys) and I am always refreshed with the engagement that I get and I always come out of these seminars learning a thing or two myself.

I'm not doubting your experience at all but we are obviously mixing with different demographics and you can't tar everyone with the same brush because there are no doubt, mature adults who could be described similar to your portrayal of the kids you've met.

The long and short of it for me is that there should never have been a referendum and if there was it should have been after the options had been debated at length and options agreed with the EU beforehand so that people were much more informed and everyone knew what the REAL consequences would be when they did vote. Right now whether you voted leave or remain you will definitely not get what you voted for so no one will be happy and the country will be far worse off as a result.
posted by MST (Moderator) - Tuesday 15th October 2019, 9:41 AM
MST agree with you about none of us will get what we wanted. But for me it put the wind up the politicians. And hope it will change things in this country for a long time to come. People have now noticed we have a voice.
posted by geezer (Guest) - Tuesday 15th October 2019, 10:30 AM
With age comes wisdom, for some of us anyway. The schools for some time now are socialist brainwashing centres.
posted by LOR (Guest) - Tuesday 15th October 2019, 7:16 PM
posted by
John (Guest)

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posted on
Saturday 12th October 2019, 8:48 AM

Not really a rugby fan but I can’t believe if a world game in the World Cup is cancelled due to weather, the result is assumed nil nil! In this case Scotland could be knocked out because of Weather! How fair is that?? I always think football should adopt some of the rugby etiquette! Maybe not!
Doesn't worry me one jot they're only sweaty socks
posted by Marbella White 1 - Saturday 12th October 2019, 9:24 AM
what a shame if scotland were to be knocked out ah ah they want their independence from Britain okay why not give England the vote to see if England wants scotland to be part of Britain that way their independence would be assured.Billy
posted by billybee (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 10:42 AM
Just something else for the Jocks to whinge about. Them’s the rules they signed up for, don’t see anyone else moaning. Just adds to the chip....aaah.
posted by Realistic (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 12:38 PM
They will always be part of Britain as it's a geographical area, I think it's the UK you are talking about or, in this case the DK: Disunited Kingdom.
posted by Fred (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 9:40 PM
Scotland would have been knocked out by the girls jap rugby team, they are just not good enough. I reckon the Formula 1 will skate through and continue through. Money wins over monsoons, earthquakes, and any other natural disasters. Bernie Ecclestone would have a fit if the race is cancelled...
posted by OWEN (Guest) - Sunday 13th October 2019, 1:23 AM
Owen I watched the Scotlnd - Japan game didn't see many Girlies in the Japanese side !
posted by John (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 2:54 PM
Apologies Owen, having re read you letter think you thought even a Japanese girls woul have beaten them
posted by John (Guest) - Monday 14th October 2019, 2:59 PM
posted by
bigboy4650 (Guest)

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posted on
Friday 11th October 2019, 9:41 PM

What a disgrace. Like watching Fulham's defence. Attack inept and Kane cannot score, apart from penalties, and should be dropped. Once again Sterling was our best player.
No intensity from the first minute onwards, Czech Republic deserved the win. Luckily we are still top with a game in hand. Thought chillwell and and Alexander-Arnold would have been better. All the danger seemed to come from mistakes from our full backs
posted by Pez (Guest) - Friday 11th October 2019, 11:37 PM
Quick mention of griezman tonight for France, he done an Arter and went down three seconds after being fouled. But because he’s a big name everyone milks him like a cow where as our our player gets booked
posted by Pez (Guest) - Friday 11th October 2019, 11:40 PM
Sack Southgate! Get rid of all the players! Lol
posted by Cheif (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 8:41 AM
Bit hysterical:))
posted by Mortlake (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 12:13 PM
I watched the first half, and ten minutes of the second, in the hope the game could not be any worse than the first half. Thats when I switched off with the score 1-1. I still don't know the final score, but from this post I see we lost, so I did the right thing. Will I watch on Monday. Surely it can't be as bad as this one,can it?
posted by Alicante Bert (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 9:58 PM
I wasn’t far behind you Bert, pretty lack lustre stuff!!
posted by Mortlake (Guest) - Sunday 13th October 2019, 8:28 AM
posted by
Social Observance (Guest)

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posted on
Friday 11th October 2019, 9:36 AM

Who would ever have though that footballer’s lifestyle choices could be shown in an unfavourable light? Ye Gods! Such class!
GAGS! We need some to lighten this board ;0))
posted by MST (Moderator) - Friday 11th October 2019, 4:29 PM
Two hunters are comparing their stories. One says, “I once shot a wild boar so big they had to come get it with a tractor!”

The other scoffs, “Ha, I once shot a bird so big, 357 people got out of it when it hit the ground.”
posted by MST (Moderator) - Friday 11th October 2019, 4:33 PM
Boy complains to his father: You told me to put a potato in my swimmingtrunks! You said it would impress the girls at the pool! But you forgot tomention one thing!

Father: Really, what?

Boy: That the potatoshould go in the front.
posted by MST (Moderator) - Friday 11th October 2019, 4:36 PM
So, two blokes in Arizona go on a long camping trip. After a week of each others company, and with nothing new to talk about around the camp fire, they decide to split up for the day so they would have something to discuss over dinner. Well, said one after they'd finished their meal, I struck out to the North. The scenery up that way is spectacular; gentle meandering streams, masses of wildflowers in the meadows, herds of whitetail deer and antelope with their newborn calves grazing peacefully while trophy bucks galore stood guard; Bald Eagles and Orioles in avian abundance; it was a magical hike and so rewarding. I had a great time. How about you? I headed south, said his friend and the trail was interesting enough but after about five miles I came across a railway and, lo and behold, tied hand and foot across the line was a naked blonde. I quickly cut her lashings with my Bowie and carried her off the track into a grassy dell under the shade of a big oak tree where we lay back and had sex all afternoon in all positions and embracing all our wildest and most perverse inclinations. Wow, said his compadre, that sounds fantastic. Everything huh? Did you get a blow job? No, said his friend, sadly I couldn't find her head.
posted by The Arizonan - Friday 11th October 2019, 5:15 PM
American tourist golfer is in Ireland and decides to have a round a the local town club. He reckons he is the best golfer around & very confident. He says to the club captain. I would like to play your best player. That would be Mickey Delaney he replies, Mickey, this fella want to challenge you to a round. Okay Mickey says, meet me here tomorrow at 9, but I might be half an hour late. The next day Mickey arrives at 9 and wipes the floor with him so the American is smarting a bit so challenges him to a game the next day. Okay says Mickey, 9am again but I might be half an hour late. 9am Mickey is there again but with left handed clubs and wipes the floor with him again. The American says, yesterday you beat me with right handed clubs & today left handed, how do you choose which clubs to use. Mickey says, if the missus is lying on her left in the morning I bring the left handed clubs & if on her right side, the right handed clubs. What if she is on her back? Asks the yank. I'll be half an hour late says Mickey!
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Friday 11th October 2019, 6:44 PM
Seamus is going arpound knocking on doors looking for casual work. I've got a job for you, said one bloke, my Rolls needs cleaning inside and out; the things you'll need are in the stable block. A few hours later, Seamus knocks on the door again and pronounces the job finished, as indeed it was and immaculate in all respects. I found these in the boot, he said holding up two tees, what might they be for an all an all? Ah tees, said the bloke, they're for putting your balls on when you're driving. Holy Mother of God, said Seamus, doesn't Rolls Royce think of everything.
posted by The Arizonan - Friday 11th October 2019, 8:36 PM
Woman is playing a round of golf, when she's stung by a bee. On seeking medical advice the doctor enquired where she got stung "Between the first and second hole" said she. "Well," said the doctor "to avoid this happening in future, you may want to think about widening your stance"
posted by Marbella White 1 - Saturday 12th October 2019, 9:29 AM
Oh dear how to f++k up a gag. That should of course read "narrowing your stance". LMFAO :))
posted by Marbella White 1 - Saturday 12th October 2019, 11:25 AM
Yeah, a bit rough.
posted by The Arizonan - Saturday 12th October 2019, 4:48 PM
LMFAO? Sounds like one of those minority groups that are taking over the world!
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 5:29 PM
Yes, and not in a fair way ...
posted by The Arizonan - Saturday 12th October 2019, 6:29 PM
posted by
geezer (Guest)

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posted on
Thursday 10th October 2019, 7:45 PM

I thought we has a two way extradition with them. We have sent two people to them over computer fraud. They even went to court to stop it but lost. But now some diplomats wife from the yanks kills a bloke on a push bike goes back home and wont be coming back. And looks like she will get away with it. Now will this government scrap the order. Or is it what the yanks say Dont do as i do do as i say. And they go around the the world preaching the rights and wrongs to other people.
Americans will strenously defend their own Geezer, while actively pursuing who they deem as malfeasants in other countires. 'Twas ever thus. The UK should never have agreed to extradite the persons you mentioned so the fault, in the main, lies with Westminster and non-accountable ministers. However, it's not a tit-for-tat situation. She shouldn't have left the country and was badly advised so to do, ruining her reputation and her husbands career and denying the greiving family an explanation and an apology. Shameful she should act that way but the only way she'll show up in an English court is if she returns voluntarily.
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 10th October 2019, 8:18 PM
The trouble is, once someone claims diplomatic immunity it threatens the ethos and integrity of the whole process if the US gave her up and it would then be difficult to see where that would end - especially in times of conflict.

Of course it is not right that someone can "alledgedly" take another's life (however accidental) and then not face an investigation at the least but regretfully there's much more at stake here internationally and diplomatically.

Hopefully the lawsuit that the lad's parents take out against this woman will throw further light on the matter and if she is found guilty then they get what they are hoping for friom the action they're taking.
posted by MST (Moderator) - Friday 11th October 2019, 10:09 AM
posted by
Friends of Fulham (Guest)

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posted on
Thursday 10th October 2019, 4:39 PM

A roundup of all your Thursday Fulham News 10/10/19 https://www.friendsoffulham.com/forum/index.php?topic=73026.0
posted by
Drago (Guest)

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posted on
Thursday 10th October 2019, 3:56 PM

Between Kebano, Christie, and KMac we have three proven Championship players who could probably start or be key subs for a dozen clubs in this division. You’d have to think we’ll be able to sell and offload those wages — I’d trade all three for Freddo or a Prem caliber right back. Same with De La Torre and O’Riley. We should do those boys a favor and get them playing for Stoke, Wigan, etc. And take that money and invest it in our back line.
I don't remember any player called assets at Fulham
posted by mrdumb (Guest) - Thursday 10th October 2019, 6:09 PM
Hans Offmier-Assets; Bundesliga. He's a keeper.
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 10th October 2019, 8:21 PM
"He's a keeper" -
Double entendre' Ari?? LOL
posted by MST (Moderator) - Friday 11th October 2019, 1:13 PM
Of course, and a clean one too ...
posted by The Arizonan - Friday 11th October 2019, 3:51 PM
Am I not right in thinking that Freddo let his contract run down, so he could go on a free transfer, deny Fulham a transfer fee, and increase his earnings. I think hell will freeze over before he returns to Fulham.
posted by Alicante Bert (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 10:11 PM
posted by
T.no (Guest)

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posted on
Wednesday 09th October 2019, 8:49 PM

I have read on several posts concern that when we go up we will again have to do without this seasons loanees. On the player profiles,ffc apparantly have an option to keep all 5. Can anyone elaborate on this.
T.no you must have been on your hols mate. The club have the loanees under contract to become permanent at the end of the season at the club's discretion at a transfer fee already agreed. If they don't work out they return to their parent club. Lessons have been learnt from last seasons recruitment debacle, for which the club should be applauded (and that's coming from me for Christ's sake).
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 10th October 2019, 12:27 AM
Yes, lessons learnt and Tony Khan, despite his previous failings must be congratulated for pulling this off on all the loan players! It’s a win win situation for Fulham. Let’s try to get promoted first!
posted by John (Guest) - Thursday 10th October 2019, 8:38 AM
All of our loan players have a good amount of Premier League experience. I can not fault the recruitment policy this season (though an extra two defenders would have been nice). If we do get promoted, I can't see any reason why we wouldn't sign the players (who would have been a part of the club for 12 months) on a permanent basis. At any level of football, consistency can play a huge advantage in performance.
posted by Dan (Guest) - Thursday 10th October 2019, 10:19 AM
Well, we're off to a good start in the January window having already signed Hector. Wonder what he does all day? Badger?
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 10th October 2019, 8:23 PM
Has a coffee with Lysander, when he’s not fighting Greeks.
posted by Mortlake (Guest) - Saturday 12th October 2019, 6:37 PM
Thought that was Mitrovic?
posted by The Arizonan - Saturday 12th October 2019, 9:55 PM
posted by
Rich of Cambridge (Guest)

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posted on
Wednesday 09th October 2019, 7:03 PM

Rumour has it that Mark Hughes is set to become the next Manager in for a short while at Reading FC. Three managers sack in two days what are the chances Scott Parker will still be team manager at Fulham FC at the end of the season?
He'll be there. Can't see any reason to change him and the Khans have other fish to fry right now. I think he's doing OK. Cue fish jokes ...
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 8:26 PM
Mark Hughes! Not sure if they’re ambitious enough for him,lol Scott Parker ? No complaints from me,unlike all the other so called Fans on here questioning him every game.
posted by Chief (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 8:34 PM
Parker Out! Cheif you spelled your name wrong..
posted by Fred (Guest) - Thursday 10th October 2019, 8:07 AM
I have to say, I'm not convinced by Parker. He was a relatively uninspiring player, and I feel he may be the same as a coach. Give him until the end of the Christmas period and see where we lie.
posted by Dan (Guest) - Thursday 10th October 2019, 11:38 AM
dan; I cant agree with you less. scott parker was a player who inspired wherever he played, and we got some good service from him over the seasons he played at the cottage. whether you like or dislike him or his approach, he is getting it right, and forget all the talk about the sack . he should be judged by how we end the season, and unlike others, I am confident he will deliver.
posted by zambesian (Guest) - Thursday 10th October 2019, 2:08 PM
Having watched Scott Parker. More closely don’t agree with your assesment certainly made his presence felt when he played for us not the best at going forward. But very steady in midfield areas and not afraid to go in where it hurts !!!!
posted by Len (Guest) - Friday 11th October 2019, 12:54 PM
len, agreed dan, not agreed. I was always a bit wary of him after he injured jimmy bullard at Newcastle a decade ago, but he was quite a presence in the time he played here.
posted by kilroy wazir (Guest) - Friday 11th October 2019, 3:58 PM
On the Kamara football programme the following day after that match, Chris Coleman said that he couldnt talk more highly of Scott Parker who came in the Fulham dressing room at both half snd full time to see Bullard and the medical staff. Bullard went on record after saying the incident was a complete accident and in no way Parker’s fault. It must have been bad however, as Collins John took one look at it and threw up.
posted by Keetch54 - Friday 11th October 2019, 5:31 PM
posted by
Chris of Jokes

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posted on
Wednesday 09th October 2019, 4:46 PM

To the person who stole my glasses. I will find you, I have my contacts!
Didn't see that one coming!
posted by John (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 5:27 PM
Wine,beer or champagne glasses? I my view they just need washing up. Seen it before many times it is never clear though.
posted by Ted (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 6:14 PM
John sounds like you’ve had too many Tikka Masalas to let that one off! Blimey!! You need help but don’t listen to Dr Fawkes, Guido is full of Bullsh*t.
posted by Hughin Best (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 6:30 PM
Don't need help mate, but I will look into it !
posted by John (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 6:56 PM
Sounds like you’re already doing that from your previous posts....head in your ar8e.
posted by Del (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 7:27 PM
Hey John. I guess some fell on stoney ground. Let's see if they eventually get it but it doesn't look promising ...
posted by The Arizonan - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 11:18 PM
Guess your right mate, I'll see if I can make it a bit easier for them !
posted by John (Guest) - Thursday 10th October 2019, 9:22 AM
John mate, not sure if you could have made it easier. Oh will you can lead a horse to water....
posted by Chris of Jokes - Thursday 10th October 2019, 10:07 AM
Tried my best Chris, it's difficult to get through to some pupils !
posted by John (Guest) - Thursday 10th October 2019, 5:43 PM
Especially those in the cornea of the Hammy End.
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 10th October 2019, 8:26 PM
Or The Riversight. Oh dear that's the best I can come up with. Very poor.
posted by CoJ (Guest) - Thursday 10th October 2019, 10:15 PM
Twenty lashes for you.
posted by The Arizonan - Thursday 10th October 2019, 11:02 PM
Perhaps it's time to put a lid on this
posted by John (Guest) - Friday 11th October 2019, 1:43 PM
I'd be dilated to do so ...
posted by The Arizonan - Friday 11th October 2019, 3:55 PM
Your jokes are so cornea it's lacrimal so iris dew in the name of the law. Pretty poor huh!
posted by MST (Moderator) - Friday 11th October 2019, 4:28 PM
That one brought tears to my eyes.
posted by The Arizonan - Friday 11th October 2019, 8:42 PM
posted by
John (Guest)

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posted on
Tuesday 08th October 2019, 9:42 PM

As far as I read from the press there’s no stipulation on the period of extension the prime minster must request. What stops him from requesting an extension of just 1 day? He compliant with the benn law surely! Anyone know??
Whatever Pariament say about us not leaving on the 1st August, won't matter if the EU don't give us any more extension. Nothing is settled any more than it was a couple of years ago. Whatever happens, there is nothing we can do, so forget about it.
posted by Alicante Bert (Guest) - Tuesday 08th October 2019, 9:49 PM
Just stop paying them until the EU come up with some sort of idea
posted by Staines not so massive (Guest) - Tuesday 08th October 2019, 10:09 PM
1st of August ????
posted by Keetch54 - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 8:04 AM
The EU can say all they want about not giving extensions; it's all rhetoric because they cannot lawfully refuse. It is the UK that have sacked the EU not the other way around and the decsion is entirely in the hands of the UK Parliament. The period of extension is the only thing that has to be agreed by the EU not the extension itself.

To answer your question John, if BJ asked for one day and there still was no deal after that period he would have to ask for another extension and another and so on until a deal is struck. The Benn ruling does not allow for a "no deal" period.

Commentators that I speak to agree that the most likey outcome next week is an extension until the end of January but who really knows.....
posted by MST (Moderator) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 8:16 AM
I find it difficult to believe that if we can't come up with a solution to the " leave" problem after three years we will suddenly do a Tommy Cooper and produce one out of the hat
posted by John (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 9:22 AM
Hopefully we won't leave ;0)))......
posted by MST (Moderator) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 11:26 AM
....On a serious note the obvious solution is put the border down the Irish Sea for customs and divide from the ROI in political separation.

Simples but the DUP won't have it!! Can't blame Boris for this one :0(.

posted by MST (Moderator) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 11:28 AM
Funny you should be " hopeful that we don't leave" - not like you at all !!!!!!
posted by John (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 12:05 PM
I do not know the answer . No one knows for certain what will happen if we remain or leave with out a deal, I just wish people would give there opinion and not say it is a fact in. Remain isn't a option to many people are not happy with our current set up with Europe and just leaving is not a option for the same reason. A Election and one side getting a majority of 30 seats + will sort this out one way or another but I suspect we already know how that would go.

posted by Tezza - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 12:32 PM
bcoloxs to BREXIT
posted by jimjo (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 1:38 PM
Just to cheer you up Gina Miller is about to impart her unbiased view on Brexit - enough already!
posted by John (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 1:53 PM
Well done Jimbo you almost managed to spell it right !
posted by Dave (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 1:57 PM
If I spell it correctly it will not be published.I only do so as a protest as this is supposed to be a football forum not a right wing TORY broadsheet
posted by jimjo (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 4:38 PM
So why do you keep banging on about brexit jj if it’s , as you say , a football forum ?
posted by Mike (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 5:14 PM
John your subject heading ‘How to exit Euro in the next month’. Euro? We never went into the Euro you dumb ignorant ass. If you can’t get the basics right to start a discussion don’t bother and as for the rest of you none of you picked up on that shows your ignorance, you better stick to football or are you brain dead on that as well.
posted by Del (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 7:13 PM
If you mean the eu , we joined on 1st January 1973 !
posted by Paul (Guest) - Wednesday 09th October 2019, 8:27 PM
The EU was formed in 1993.
posted by The Arizonan - Friday 11th October 2019, 3:58 PM
@jimjo you are right, I initially started posting on here as a wind up, hence the moniker. I was a long time lurker who enjoyed reading the football chat. I became increasingly concerned by the tone of posts in a number of areas (one of which has been deleted - I won't bring it up again!). So I started to stir the pot. I'm a left leaning, pro-EU FFC fan and I'm under 40, with enough life experience and nous to be tolerant of all walks of life without actually being a 'snowflake', though I enjoyed being labelled as one due to the juvenile streak that I have and love of a good wind up. I think getting back to the football is what I'd like to see, I've gone beyond just trolling now and think the quality of this board is suffering. Less politics and more long-winded but wildly optimistic rants from the sublime @OWEN is what I'd like to see. COYWS!
posted by The troll (Guest) - Friday 11th October 2019, 7:17 PM
Aaaargh, the "Snowflake" thing. Sadly, it's our local town and has become a byword for wets of all descriptions. Maybe we'll change the name to something more manly (like Remington or Colt). If you don't believe me Google it.
posted by The Arizonan - Friday 11th October 2019, 8:49 PM

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