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Ref Wiley to boss Newcastle game

last updated Wednesday 19th March 2008, 10:19 AM
Alan Wiley - Burntwood, Staffordshire.
Referee Alan WileyNot only is Alan Wiley a referee, but is also a part-time policeman which should endear him to the Premiership League crowds. Making his Premiership debut in the 2000/01 season, Wiley kept a low profile and avoided any controversial decisions.

He worked his way up the through local leagues to the Football League in 1991, joined the Premiership League list as a linesman in 1994 before becoming a fully-fledged top-flight ref.

Ref Wiley has been one of the better refs to look after Fulham in recent times unfortunately he has not been a lucky ref for Fulham as in his 20 officiations in Premiership games Fulham have won 5, drawn 5 and lost 10. To be fair 11 of his 20 games were away fixtures and, of course, we are not known for our courage on the road. Of the 11 away games Fulham have won one, drawn 2 and lost 8. That means of course that of the 9 home games we have won 4, drawn 3 and lost 2.

Ref Wiley has issued 60 yellows in the 20 games with 28 going to Fulham players. There have been just 3 red cards with only one going to a Fulham player.

Newcastle versus Fulham has been bossed four times by Mr Wiley, one home and three aways, of which The Cottagers have won one, drawn two and lost one. The win was the single home game.

Referee Stats - 2007/2008

Ref Wiley is blowing his whistle more than his Premiership referee mates and when he whistles he is also more likely to give a yellow card. In fact so far this season he is busier than he has been since he first became a Premiership ref.

Fortunately Ref Wiley is well below average in terms of red cards and penalty decisions. Someone must have spoken to him about penalties because last year he gave 13 penalties in comparison to the one this season.

Mr. Wiley's Av Premiership Ref
Total Match Avg Pos Total Match Avg
Games 22     16  
Fouls 609 27.7 4th 388 24.8
Yellows 78 3.5 7th 52 3.3
Reds 1 0.0 13th 3 0.2
Penalties 1 0.0 17th 4 0.2
Fouls per Yellow - 7.8 11th - 7.5
Homer? (2007-2008)
Total Home Away Total
Games Fouls Yellow Red Pen Fouls Yellow Red Pen Fouls Yellow Red Pen
22 307 36 1 1 302 42 0 0 609 78 1 1
50% 46% 100% 100% 50% 54% 0% 0% - - - -
Premiership Average
16 49% 43% 53% 66% 51% 57% 47% 34% 388 52 3 4

Ref Wiley has managed to whistle for virtually the same number fouls for home and away squads.

His yellow card decisions are more likely to go against visiting players but at least not as bad as most of his mates.

Previous Fulham games what was refed by Alan Wiley
22-12-2007 Premier Fulham 1-1 Wigan 0y 0r
Bookings: None
The first game after the sacking of Lawrie Sanchez.
17-01-2006 FA Cup Fulham 4-3 Leicester 1y 0r
Bookings: Bocanegra (62,f) (Fulham)
The one when Montella came on to score twice in 10 mins to bring us level.
18-11-2006 Premiership Man City 3-1 Fulham 2y 0r
Bookings: Thatcher (Man City) Volz (Fulham)
23-08-2006 Premiership Fulham 1-1 Bolton 3y 0r
Davies, Diouf, Nolan (Bolton)
After a run of quiet games Ref Wiley blotted his copybook with a questionable penalty decision in favour of Diouf of Bolton. Our boys were very angry with Wiley.
15-03-2006 Premiership Liverpool 5-1 Fulham 2y 0r
Bridge, Brown (Fulham)
14-01-2006 Premiership Fulham 1-0 Newcastle 3y 0r
Bookings: Legwinski (Fulham) Carr, Clark (Newcastle)
26-09-2005 Premiership Tottenham 1-0 Fulham 3y 0r
Bookings: Diop, John, Knight (Fulham)
10-09-2005 Premiership Newcastle 1-1 Fulham 5y 1r
Bookings: Bowyer, Clark, Faye, Parker(sent off 83 second yellow), (Newcastle) Bocanegra (Fulham)
23-04-2005 Premiership Chelsea 3-1 Fulham 2y 0r
Bookings: Terry (Chelsea) John (Fulham)
04-12-2004 Premiership Norwich 0-1 Fulham 4y 0r
Bookings: Helveg (Norwich) Bocanegra, Cole, Volz (Fulham)
Against Norwich the Canaries' keeper trying to deal with a long ball into his area, under pressure from Volz, collected the ball on or near the ground. He then slid out of the area still holding the ball in clear view of linesman and Ref Wiley. No action was taken
30-10-2004 Premiership Fulham 2-0 Tottenham 1y 0r
Bookings: Bunjevcevic (Tottenham)
28-02-2004 Premiership Fulham 1-1 Man Utd 4y 0r
Bookings: Davis (Fulham) Brown, Forlan, van Nistelrooy (Man Utd)
The game where Saha returned to Fulham getting a draw for Man Utd, van der Sar appeared to stick out his arm and send Saha tumbling to the turf in the box but Ref Wiley decided nothing wrong had happened, O'Shea also escaped penalisation when he pulled McBride down just outside the box and van Nistelrooy got booked for coming on to the pitch, off the subs bench, to join in a spot of aggro.

24-11-2003 Premiership Fulham 2-0 Portsmouth 3y 1r
Bookings: Schemmel, Sherwood, Stone, Berger (sent off 82)(Portsmouth)


12-04-2003 Premiership Liverpool 2-0 Fulham 3y 0r
Bookings: Heskey (Liverpool) Boa Morte, Wome (Fulham)

11-01-2003 Premiership Bolton 0-0 Fulham 3y 0r
Bookings: Charlton (Bolton) Finnan, Sava (Fulham)
Facundo Sava found the net for Fulham but his effort was wrongly ruled out for a non-existent infringement.
21-12-2002 Premiership Newcastle 2-0 Fulham 2y 1r
Bookings: Brevett, Van der Sar Wome (sent off 66) (Fulham)
Pierre Wome was dismissed for a bad challenge on Andy Griffin in the 66th minute.
17-08-2002 Premiership Fulham 4-1 Bolton 3y 0r
Bookings: Melville (Fulham) Mendy, N'Gotty (Bolton)
Ref Wiley immediately pointed to the spot when French international Youri Djorkaeff was clumsily challenged by Cottagers centre-back Alain Goma and Michael Ricketts sent Edwin van der Sar the wrong way.
08-04-2002 Premiership Newcastle 1-1 Fulham 1y 0r
Bookings: Robert (Newcastle)

02-03-2002 Premiership Fulham 0-2 Liverpool 5y 0r
Bookings: Boa Morte, Brevett, Legwinski (Fulham) Hyypia, Wright (Liverpool)
Fulham thought they should have been awarded a penalty two minutes after the interval when Luis Boa Morte went down under a challenge from Xavier. But instead of pointing to the spot, referee Wiley booked the Portuguese international for diving, to the fury of the home fans. At the time it seemed a poor decision as Xavier had been leaning on Boa Morte with his left arm. With the aid of t.v. footage it was clear that a penalty should have been given but Wiley choose to let the decision stand rather than withdraw the caution.

30-01-2002 Premiership Ipswich 1-0 Fulham 3y 0r
Bookings: McGreal (Ipswich) Finnan, Goma (Fulham)
15-09-2001 Premiership Fulham 1-3 Arsenal 7y 0r
Bookings: Boa Morte, Legwinski, Symons (Fulham) Keown, Lauren, Parlour, Vieira (Arsenal)
02-12-2000 Division 1 Preston 1-1 Fulham 5y 0r
Bookings: McKenna, Rankine (Preston) Boa Morte, Brevett, Saha (Fulham)
No games with Fulham
18-08-1998 League Cup Cardiff 1-2 Fulham 1y 0r
Bookings: Symons (Fulham)
10-01-1998 League One(Old Div 3) Wrexham 0-3 Fulham 5y 0r
Bookings: Wainwright ,Ward (Wrexham) Coleman, Freeman, Hayward (Fulham)
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