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Charlton 1 Fulham 1 - Minute by Minute

last updated Sunday 09th September 2001, 11:48 PM
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Fulham line up;
Edwin Van der Sar,
Steve Finnan, Andy Melville, Kit Symons, Rufus Brevett,
John Collins, Sean Davis, Lee Clark, Sylvain Legwinski,
Louis Saha, Luis Boa Morte

16:02:00 The Ref blows for the game to start and of they go - COME ON YOU WHITES
16:05:51 Early Fulham probe is broken up by Charlton
16:07:12 Throw on to Charlton down near our goal and Rufus Brevett puts it off for a corner to Charlton
16:08:04 Charlton take the corner but it is a poor effort and Fulham clear up field
16:08:29 Edwin Van Der Sar gets his first touch as Andy Melville knocks it back to him while breaking up a weak Charlton attack
16:09:37 Fulham holding the ball in the mid field with John Collins passing forward but Charlton intercept
16:10:31 Rufus Brevett makes a rash tackle but the Ref lets it go with just a free kick. Fortunately Charlton can't do much with the opportunity
16:12:03 Fulham still to settle down to their normal passing game
16:12:38 Edwin Van der Sar makes a poor kick out but again Charlton can't use it and Rufus Brevett sorts it out.
16:13:49 Charlton pick up the ball in the midfield when a Louis Saha pass goes wrong. Charlton pass forward to Powell who runs on to the ball and crosses in to Bartlett who has a free header.
16:17:08 Owwwww Bartlett heads wide. The first chance to Charlton.
16:17:36 Fulham now go on the attack and Louis Saha has a chance to shoot but his effort is blocked.
16:18:11 John Collins has the ball and he passes to Luis Boa Morte who taps it back to Louis Saha just outside the area. Louis shapes up to shoot
16:20:32 Ahhhhhh Louis Saha shoots well wide but at least the boys are on the attack.
16:25:05 Owwwww Louis Saha runs on to a forward pass beating the whole Charlton defence.
16:25:37 The Keeper rushes out and collides with Louis kicking him high on the thigh and the ball rolls toward goal
16:26:34 Ahhh the ball goes just wide. The Ref says ...... yes thats right nothing. Their Keeper is so professional that he accidentally kicks our star striker in the chest as he prepares to score.
16:29:48 Fulham controlling the game now with the majority of possession
16:31:05 Fulham set up an attack again after the Ref went blind and gave a throw on to Charlton.
16:32:25 The move ends with the ball going to Sylvain Legwinski who shoots from 30 yards
16:32:58 OOwwwww just over the bar
16:33:13 Oi Louis Saha is assaulted from behind and the Ref just gives a free kick.
16:35:10 The ball goes to John Collins but the move breaks down
16:38:37 Charlton counter attack and the ball is crossed into the Fulham area by Powell towards Bartlett. Andy Melville tries to stop the cross and turns it into the Fulham goal for the first goal unfortunately to Charlton
16:41:53 Fulham press up field after the kick off and win a corner.
16:42:30 The corner is taken but Charlton clear
16:43:10 Sylvian Legwinski runs forward with the ball leaving the Charlton for dead he shoots.
16:44:13 Ahhh the shot is blocked but now it drops to Luis Boa Morte. He shots and YEHHHHHHHH right through the Charlton defence and it is 1-1
16:46:13 Fulham pressing up again with Luis Boa Morte. He holds the ball and then puts the ball right in front of Louis Saha who runs on and shoots.
16:47:36 ahhh it goes wide
16:47:50 The ball falls to Steve Finnan who runs into the Charlton area
16:48:58 ahhh he loses the ball
16:49:16 Ohhhh Sylvain Legwinski has a great shot blocked following a great save by the Charlton keeper against Luis Boa Morte
16:50:52 Fulham win a corner and Luis Boa Morte takes the kick but Fish clears
16:51:32 There goes the whistle for halftime with the score drawn at 1-1. Jean Tigana is going to have to have a word about concentration in front of goal
17:08:09 The Super Whites are the first out for Jean Tigana's 50th game in charge
17:08:48 Off we go for the second half
17:09:26 Charlton win the ball and they go on the attack a cross comes in but Charlton can't do anything with it and Edwin Van der Sar cleans up
17:10:24 Fulham go forward passing the ball from, Louis Saha to Luis Boa Morte but Charlton intervene and it goes off for a throw on
17:12:46 Free kick to Fulham outside the Charlton area
17:14:00 Charlton set their wall up with Lee Clark trying to mix it. The ball hits the wall and goes off for a corner
17:15:13 Lee Clark takes the kick and it swings in bouncing around in the area. Bartlett for Charlton manages to clear with an acrobatic scissors kick
17:17:21 Charlton mount a counter attack and the ball drops in the area to Robinson who has his shot blocked by Steve Finnan and a corner to Charlton.
17:19:51 The ball comes in but Edwin Van der Sar copes with the resultant shot easily
17:21:04 Owwwww Lee Clark passes to Louis Saha who passes on to Luis Boa Morte who shoots.....
17:22:00 Just wide
17:22:06 Fulham break up a Charlton counter attack and the ball is passed up to Legwinski who is blocked by Brown but the ball drops to Luis Boa Morte but Charlton clear
17:24:49 Lee Clark goes off for Steed Malbranque
17:26:30 Steed is in the action early with a shot that just goes over the bar
17:26:54 Charlton push the ball up towards the Fulham area but Edwin Van Der Sar comes out of his area to make a triangle with Rufus Brevett and the ball is passed up field
17:32:19 Charlton win the ball in the midfield and press forward and John Collins then wins the ball. What!!! The Ref says John Collins fouled the Charlton player and gives a free kick to Charlton outside the Fulham area
17:34:02 The ball is passed to the wing and a a cross goes in but Edwin Van der Sar rises and collects the ball with ease
17:34:43 Malbranque jinks up the wing near the Charlton area and gets a cross in but Brown for Charlton puts the ball off for a corner
17:36:43 The ball is sent in but Charlton clear
17:36:57 Sean Davis is on the ball and the ball goes to Legwinski who passes on to Rufus who knocks it forward into the box to Luis Boa Morte.
17:36:59 Boa Morte spins and shots owwww just past the post
17:40:32 Louis Saha is coming off for Barry Hayles
17:40:55 Charlton punt the ball up the field. They pass the ball to the edge of our area and Van Der Sar comes out but can't hold it. Fortunately the ball runs off for a goal kick
17:42:41 Edwin Van Der Sar kicks the ball long up field but Bazza Hayles can't get to it.
17:43:21 John Salako, the one who missed the goal at Manchester, comes on for John Bartlett
17:44:27 Good forward pass for Fulham to Luis Boa Morte who checks and passes across the Charlton area to Bazza Hayles. He passes on to Sean Davis who shoots .... well wide
17:46:44 The game is a very bitty with Fulham lacking the energy to break to make the last ball count
17:49:14 Luis Boa Morte is brought down for a free kick near the Charlton area. The ball is sent in but the Ref says Luis Boa Morte is offside
17:50:03 Freekick to Fulham in a good position. Sean Davis steps up and curves the ball in towards Sylvian Legwinski who rises to head it
17:52:19 Kiely also rises and collects the ball with ease
17:52:45 The board goes up and there are 4 minutes of extra time
17:54:02 The Ref is not doing well with a number of questionable decisions against Super Fulham
17:55:22 Fulham press up and John Collins sets Sean Davis up for a shot on goal....
17:56:12 Sean shoots ahhhh the Keeper blocks it
17:56:35 There the whistle goes and Fulham have drawn 1-1 away at Charlton after having most of the game and chances
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