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Chairman Al Fayed to help smaller clubs

last updated Monday 21st May 2001, 6:48 PM
Fulham Chairman Mohamed Al Fayed
Fulham Chairman Mohamed Al Fayed
Fulham Chairman Mohamed Al Fayed has revealed that he will use his new role as a Premiership chairman to try and help smaller clubs.

The Craven Cottage supremo wants to see more money filter down to the lower leagues and will attempt to enlist the help of other chairmen to help him in his quest.

"I will go to as many Premiership meetings as possible," said Al Fayed.

"I will be new blood around the place and I intend to make my mark in the chairman's office in the way Fulham have on the pitch.

"There are billions coming into the game through TV but not enough money is passed down.

"There needs to be real encouragement for the big boys of the game to help others who are struggling.

"More financial aid should be given to the First, Second and Third Division clubs because they are the fabric of our national game.

Al Fayed took charge of Fulham shortly after their promotion from the third division and knows what it takes to thrive in the football world adding:

"There must be around 80 per cent of lower-league clubs who struggle to make ends meet and who are begging for hand-outs, just like Fulham in the past. If I had not rescued Fulham then they could have closed.

"This is the game of the masses, a game for ordinary people, not just the rich, and I think that some of the Premiership chairmen should realise that.

"That is why I intend to enlist the support of other chairmen to help the smaller clubs."
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