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Bullard embarrassed over injury

last updated Wednesday 25th March 2009, 2:11 PM

Former Fulham  midfielder Jimmy Bullard
Former Fulham midfielder
Jimmy Bullard
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Former Fulham player Jimmy Bullard has admitted he was left embarrassed after picking up an injury just 30 minutes into his Hull career, but he is counting down the days to his return.

Bullard was heralded as the man to revive The Tigers’ flagging fortunes when signing in January, but he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury on his debut for the club.

The midfielder says six months on the sidelines is not a concern, having spent the best part of 18 months out of the game through injury earlier in his career, but it was a devastating blow when he learned of the extent of his problem.

"Whichever way I looked at it the situation was a killer for me, especially having just signed for Hull City and played less than half a game," Bullard said.

"I was embarrassed to tell you the truth but no matter what anybody out there thinks, I had proved to myself that the knee was solid after the previous injury.

"I'm on countdown mode already though. Being out for 16 months was just too long and I couldn't do that again - I'd have to go away somewhere and forget about football - but six months is easier to deal with and I've done a month of that now.”

Bullard is hopeful of playing a key part for Hull next term, but will not make the mistake of rushing his return.

He added: "When I say six months, that's the average recovery time for an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction but I haven't really put a definitive time frame on being fit again. If it's earlier than that then great, if it's later then so be it.

"Myself and the medical staff are just taking a day at a time and we'll see how things progress. I'm off the crutches now which is a big step for me and I'll just keep setting little goals to aim for."

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