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Fulham striker Rui Fonte stars against Burton

last updated Monday 22nd January 2018, 3:52 PM

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Fulham striker Striker Rui Fonte
Fulham striker
Rui Fonte
Rui Fonte
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Fulham striker Rui Fonte was the star of Fulham's first half against Burton.

Two goals accompanied by clever dummies and blood and sweat battling, the Portuguese forward looked the total package.

The 27-year-old moved from Braga in the summer and had only one goal before Saturday but his performance showed that his training ground work with Stuart Gray is paying off.

Fonte said: "At the beginning players are excited and they might perform well but sometime when you don't perform well that's when you need to keep your head balanced.

"Me and Abou [Kamara] struggled a little bit but now we're getting more involved in the game. They're used to it and their getting us more involved - that shows us the team is developing which is a good sign for everyone.

"I try to be balanced as I am in life. So in football I know what i am capable of doing so I just keep on working.

People are helping me to settle, my teammates, Stuart stays with me every day working on my game so it's just believing in myself and i know what I am capable of.

"Of course, Saturday we show the work we do during the week so to come here and get the two goals I want to show them what I am capable of yes.

"My last team was similar in a different shape but we had a couple of chances as well, we just need to be around and be ready for it. That's why I've been doing with Stu and working on my game to try and be ready."

Fonte is enjoying playing in a Fulham side with quick movement and attacking thrust and believes that the whole squad is ready for the promotion push ahead.

He said: "It's excellent because you get involved in the game. Playing up front on my own you need to choose wisely when to link up because you need to be around the box and around the goal but yeah it is amazing to have the dynamics we have.

"He [Oliver Norwood] shows everyone he's ready to be in the team. Everyone knows what to do when they're on the pitch and I think that shows that everyone is ready to get their opportunity and show what they're capable of."

Source Scott Trotter at GetWestLondon

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